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This Just In … Request for Bibles and Gospel Tracts for Prison Ministry

***UPDATE:  It’s now Monday 1-29-24, hundreds of people have read this post. Not one person has contributed to this kingom opportunity to put the WORD of God into the hearts of these waiting prisoners.

The ministry is in possession of the name and address of a specific chaplain who is requesting King James Bibles and the ministry books. Also sister Karen Cochran has been in communication with a jail chaplain who is in need of King James Bibles and the ministry books. This doesn’t include the need we currently have to send fresh supplies of ministry books, etc., to the several ministering disciples we supply across our nation.


“Good morning Todd. Please I need Bible tracts and Bibles for my prison ministry and evangelism. Hope you remain blessed.” Vivian


Hi Vivian
Due to the gross lack of financial support, unable to help, unless someone miraculously sends a larger sum of money. Here are the print ready tracts pdf’s attached….
In Christ

Please pause and pray for sister Vivian and the prison ministry outreach she is invovled in. Thanks.

By the grace of Jesus Christ, we are going to continue to labor in the work of Christ, every single morning, afternoon, and evening 365 days per year, regardless (1 Corinthians 9:16; 15:10).

Jesus is Coming.

Jail/Prison/J6 Ministry Outreach

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