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Charles Finney’s False Gospel

Charles Finney taught a False Gospel

— SAINTS, Charles Finney denied Christ’s sacrifice in his teachings and was a false teacher. Yet, many today in our midst are following his heresies.

Unless you personally understand God’s Word which contradicts these evil, Christ-denying teachings, you will not know you are being beguiled by the modern teachers who promulgate these heresies and are leading many astray (2 Peter 2:1-3).

Beware of the false teachers in our midst today who have taken up Finney’s diabolical, “damnable heresies.” (2 Peter 2:1-3) Mike Desario, Jessie Morrell and Kerrigan Skelly are two of the many false teachers who instead of studying only Scripture, have wasted their time learning the heresies of Charles Finney!

“BEWARE of false prophets”! (Matthew 7:15)

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Editor’s Note: The shocking quotes from Finney in this post overwhelmingly prove he was a vile false teacher – a heretic who openly denied Christ’s atonement to be sufficient – “It is finished” (John 19:30)

Beware of False Teachers:
Charles Finney Taught A False Gospel!

Charles Finney is thought of by many as a powerful Evangelist whom God used to bring revival, a new awakening, and to get tens of thousands of people saved. Think again! His own writings show us that he was a false teacher and evangelist who proclaimed a false gospel!

Here are some quotes from Finney’s “Lectures on Systematic Theology” in which he teaches his heresies:

1. “Several theologians have held that regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit alone … but I might just as lawfully insist that it is the work of man alone.” (Charles Finney, ‘Lectures On Systematic Theology’: Abridged Edition, p. 224)

2. “The doctrine of imputed righteousness, or that Christ’s obedience to the Law was accounted as our obedience, is founded on a most false and nonsensical assumption/” (Charles Finney, ‘Lectures On Systematic Theology’, Worcester: 1851, pages 320-322)

3. Christ “could do no more than justify himself. It can never be imputed to us … it was naturally impossible, then, for him to obey on our behalf.” (Ibid.) This doctrine “of representing the atonement as the ground of the sinner’s justification has been a sad occasion of stumbling to many.” (Charles Finney, ‘Lectures On Systematic Theology’, p. 732)

4. Salvation “is not founded in Christ’s literally suffering the exact penalty of the Law for them, and in this sense literally purchasing their justification and eternal salvation.” (Lectures On Systematic Theology, p. 747)

CHARLES FINNEY is pictured here and his modern followers look just like he does – they have no joy which can only come and WILL absolutely come to all who truly know Jesus (Galatians 5:22-23) …. Listen to Paul: “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and JOY in the Holy Ghost.” Romans 14:17 … When you encounter a man without authentic joy, be sure that you’ve encountered a counterfeit! “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, JOY, peace …” Galatians 5:22-23

— If righteousness is not imputed, 1) The LORD lied to us, and, (Rom. 4), 2) It then has to be earned by the individual fallen man/woman and that is impossible (Isaiah 64:6, etc.).

In his corrupted efforts to expose Calvinism’s obvious heresies, Charles Finney established yet an equally deadly falsehood when he denied imputed righteousness taught in Romans 4. Finney sought to correct Calvinism’s false teaching of “total depravity” where they taught that man has no personal will, no ability to respond to God’s requirement and call to repentance and faith. In attempting to correct this error, Finney erred by denying the biblical doctrine of imputation or transference of Christ’s righteousness – accessed, received by faith, not works (Romans 5:1). The word impute simply means to reckon or to account Christ’s righteousness to the account of all who repent and place their faith in Christ, the one Redeemer.

The Bible uses the word “imputed” and so to say otherwise is to contradict Holy Scripture (Romans 4). If justification is not imputed, accounted from God to man via the perfect sacrifice of Christ alone, then it must be earned or merited by sinful man, which is impossible. I suppose you are a finney-ite. Charles Finney was a fraud, a false teacher. 

Finney was clearly teaching “another Gospel”, and that brings us to the warning of the Apostle Paul, “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other Gospel to you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8-9; 2 Corinthians 11:2-4)

By this Scripture, Charles Finney is “accursed.” He is by no means a Born Again Christian! Instead, he is a  “tare among wheat”!

Yet, modern day church leaders speak highly of Finney. Jerry Falwell said Finney “was one of my heroes.” Dr. J.D. Packer said, “Charles Finney, revivalist extraordinary, was a great man…” Billy Graham said, “Finney’s life and commitment to Christ come alive through the pages” (of his memoirs).

The fact that Finney is extolled by modern day church leaders demonstrates how far, despite all the Bible study aids available, the church has deviated from the plumbline of the gospel.

Editor’s Note:
Finney is now dead. Yet, his false teaching live on through ungodly men who are preaching this false gospel and are therefore “accursed.” (Galatians 1:6-9) In their inordinate lust for what they deem as “revival,” there are many today, especially the street preacher cult, who have wasted their time studying Finney instead of the LORD’s Word. They are convoluted, delusional, and greatly deceived as they spread their wares to many. Many are being misled by this system of Christ-denying lies.  In fact, when refuting their self-righteous Finney-ite lies, of lately I’ve been accused by these people of espousing and spreading calvinistic lies. To underscore just how off base these accusers are, here’s a book I’ve written utterly destroying (with Holy Scripture) the justification of all sin and dismantling every part of the cancer of calvinism …I don’t believe there are even 10 men on this planet alive today who more severely despise the diabolical evils of calvinism! Yes there is no justification of sin and yet only CHRIST – JESUS ALONE – can deliver us …and He says it’s through the grace and faith of Christ and therefore a daily cross walk that sin is conquered!!!! Otherwise one is an absolute blasphemer who denies Christ!  Lie of the Ages!

Among the false teachers who peddled Finney’s diabolical lies, are: John Moore, Jesse Morrell, Mike Desario, Sandra Hooper, and Kerrigan Skelly.

Not only are the false teachers of this ilk ugly and nasty in spirit, they are downright prudes with no trace of divine love or concern for others. Beware!

Beware of the Finney cult … they are peddling his Christ-denying (antichrist) heresies today. Charles Finney was a false teacher who denied the atonement of Christ and imputed righteousness.

Holiness? YES! But not by way of the flesh! Galatians 3:3 What they will say is that you are justifying sin when all you are doing is preaching the biblical truth that only CHRIST can initially and ongoing deliver and save us from sin! … see the links I’ve included below:

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The following is from Phillip R. Johnson:

“Charles Grandison Finney was a heretic. That language is not too strong. Though he excelled at cloaking his opinions in ambiguous language and biblical-sounding expressions, his views were almost pure Pelagianism. The arguments he employed to sustain those views were nearly always rationalistic and philosophical, not biblical. To canonize this man as an evangelical hero is to ignore the facts of what he stood for.

See, for example, Lecture 16, “Moral Depravity.” Finney rambles on about “physical” vs. “moral” depravity for several pages (nearly 5 in the Bethany edition) before he ever cites a single verse of Scripture. All his polemic about “physical depravity” is wasted anyway, because not one of Finney’s theological opponents ever argued that human depravity is a physical issue. Again, in the whole of Lecture 10 (“What Constitutes Disobedience to Moral Law?”) Finney cites snippets of only two verses of Scripture—a total of eleven words quoted from the Bible in the entire lecture. Many—perhaps most—pages contain no Scripture references at all. By contrast, the typical evangelical systematic theology textbook contains dozens of references per page. The whole point of “systematic theology” is to start with Scripture and systematize a point-by-point comprehensive theology. A sound systematic theology is therefore biblical to begin with. By contrast, Finney constructed a philosophical system based on legal and logical arguments and relying more on his own instinct and speculation than he did on the Bible. Notice that Finney confused the very terms he was ostensibly keeping distinct, essentially admitting that he regarded the believer’s obedience as a ground of justification.”

Mike Desario Exposed

RESPONSE (from a person formerly influenced by Finney-ite doctrine):

Todd, I have to agree with you on this, even though I still believe there are some good biblical messages preached by Charles Finney. He wasn’t off on everything. I am glad you are sounding the alarm. Lately I have been thinking a lot about this whole subject. Charles Finney’s interpretation on the atonement does not bring peace to my soul but only causes confusion and produces joyless religion. And I know I will be misunderstood here by some. Even though I followed the message of “stop sinning”, and did not turn back to sin again, I felt completely depressed. And I know some will say, that proves that I didn’t really turn away or had godly sorrow that will produce that salvation in me, but that is not the case. JESUS is to be found! Shouldn’t he be the Object of our faith and not “stop sinning”? He is the One that my soul seeks. Who else can give peach and power but Him? I say this: If any person turns away from ALL sin with all his might, his being and power, with all the faith that he could possibly acquire, and continues to walk in that victory for years without stumbling once, yet will he not have true peace and biblical assurance because Jesus is not the focus. That person has come in another way. He is a thief. He never entered through Jesus. John Wesley said, when speaking about man’s condition and sin, that he who believes not that man is born spiritually dead and blind, is but still a heathen himself.” Lourens

Hi Lourens. Thank you for your input. This poison is like arsenic …. takes one drop to kill us …. 1 Cor 5:6 and Gal. 5:9 … just “a LITTLE leaven leavens the WHOLE lump.” Study Col. 2:18-19 – THIS is not sinless because it’s pure soul damning idolatry – “If any person turns away from ALL sin with all his might, his being and power, with all the faith that he could possibly acquire, and continues to walk in that victory for years without stumbling once, yet will he not have true peace and biblical assurance because Jesus is not the focus.”

Charles Finney: False Teacher

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Charles Finney: False Teacher

“Salvation is the Work of MAN!” – Charles Finney

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