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New American Standard Version “Bible” NASV Catastrophe Exposed

Here’s a typical example of someone who has bought lies and is now bearing false witness by spreading those numerous falsehoods spawned by evil men and the Catholic church in their attack upon the LORD. People like this are fed these untruths by warlocks who claim to be “scholars.” Here’s a recent conversation I was engaged in…


“God word is in the original scriptures and the NASB is the closest we have to scripture today . Today Christians idolized king James who was a claimed many to be a homosexual. No where in scripture do we find the name king James . There is also many problems with the king James Like 1 John 5:7 which wasn’t added to the year 1500 and is not found in original manuscript. The king James is more or less a Catholic Bible handed down to you. God has preserved His word through the Hebrew language not the English language which continues to change, the Hebrew language hasn’t change in thousands of years. Today we have better technology, more evidence including 5,800 manuscripts the Dead Sea scrolls found in 1949. We need to stop worshipping a book because Gods word is living.”


Sadly, you are merely regurgitating what someone else said and is against the facts. Please take a look at the following verses in the NASB vs the KJB. Shocking: Matt 17:21 is removed from the NORTH AMERICAN SINNER “BIBLE” … Romans 8:1 is chopped in half, the BLOOD of Jesus is removed from Colossians 1:14…. that’s just a fraction of the corruptions in the NASB. Are those who read the KJB “Worshipping a book” or are they adhering to truth? The greater danger is what we see in you – a man claiming to be saved by Jesus who defends Satan’s attacks on Jesus. 

There is no proof that King James was a sodomite. The antichrist Catholic church is the originator of the lie that says King James was a homosexual. They hated King James because God used him to bring the Bible to the people and when the people have the Bible, they see the Roman cult for the Christ-denying, works-based antichrist system that it is.

Again, I conclude that any person spreading the lies of the devil is doing so because he is a child of the devil, the father of lies (John 8:44). Was King James a Homosexual? Was King James a Homosexual?

The dead sea scrolls changed nothing and only confirmed the KJB to be God’s Bible. WHAT ABOUT THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS? 

You are simply copying and pasting from the devil’s agenda material…. time for you to man up in true repentance and when you do, you’ll cease defending the works of Satan while claiming to be following Christ. You are a child of the devil.

Are those who read the KJB “worshipping a book” or are they adhering to truth? The greater danger is what we see in you – a man claiming to be saved by Jesus who defends Satan’s attacks on Jesus. Are King James Bible believers idol worshippers?

People who read the new version “bibles” have no idea that they are actually reading Vatican corrupted and controlled “bibles”…and yet they join in on Satan’s attack on God and defend these atrocities against the LORD. Isn’t it time you man up and get a real Bible and ditch the sissy “bible”? The New Versions are Vatican Corrupted and Controlled Bibles 

Did you realize that the head editor of the New American Standard Version “bible” recanted, denouncing his involvement, and fearing for his own eternal soul? See and hear him, his own words here.

Groundless People with No Integrity Toward nor Fear of God are Often Heard Saying Things Like….


“But the King James Bible has errors too!”


The KJB is the preserved Word of God according to the fulfillment of His prophecy in Psalms 12:6-7. Show where the KJB has errors? Stand behind what you speak, or recant… and repent before God of bearing false witness.

More on the Bible Versions Issue here.New American Standard “bible” Busted | Defend Your New “bible” Version Here

Call me whatever you wish, I could care less….. While you make erroneous assertions, while you bear false witness, I simply ask for the facts: WHERE O WHERE is the BLOOD of Jesus in Colossians 1:14 in that NASB “bible” you are promoting, defending, and bidding God speed to? WHERE did it go?

WHERE did the second part of Romans 8:1 go?

WHY did they remove Jesus’ words in Matthew 17:21? The whole verse was removed! And, you going to go silent when brought to account for what you stated?

Time for you to repent and cease bearing false witness.

God gave no man permission to remove or add anything from his Word and all who participate in such have their names removed from the book of life – Rev 22:18-19

Keep in mind that the King James Bible uses the word “fornication” and not “sexual immorality” like the new versions which can be manipulated and redefined by sinful men. Let’s use the King James Bible saints, not a cheap counterfeit.

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New American Standard “bible” Busted

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