Counter-Intuitive Warfare

The Enemy is Destroyed Daily by Taking Up the Cross Daily. Ephesians 6:12.


by Travis Bryan III

We do not war according to the flesh!  2 Cor 10:1-5.

We love and kill the enemy by letting him kill us.  Heb 2:14.  We trample on him by letting him trample on us.  Isaiah 63:1-6; Rev 19:13, 15; 14:19, 20.  We are angry and violent against the enemy by loving, absorbing, without retaliation, his anger and violence against us!

We judge the enemy by letting him judge us.  John 12:31, 44-50.

We strip and spoil the enemy of his goods by letting him strip and spoil us.  Col 2:14-15.

We bind Satan, the strong man, by letting him bind us to the cross.  Matt 12:29.

The cross is our divine counter-intuitive weapon.  The cross reverses the enemy’s wrath back on his own head.  Ps 9:15-16; Rom 12:17-21.  There is power in the cross against the enemy.  1 Cor 1:17-19, 23-24.  We “resist not evil,” absorb his blows and thereby defeat him.  Matt 5:38-48.  Our weapon is to love and absorb, not perpetrate, blows.  Absorbing extinguishes the blows and the smiter of blows.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  1 Pet 4:8.

We destroy the enemy daily by taking up the cross daily.  Eph 6:12.  

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