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Pop Star Speaks Out About Her Abortion Regret: ‘I Have a Grammy, But None of It Will Bring My Children Back’

Kaya Jones Speaks

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by Mike Landry, The Western Journal

As a singer, songwriter, producer, record label-owner and Grammy award-winner, Kaya Jones has accomplished much.

But an ongoing heartbreak was having two abortions, she told those assembled for the Walk For Life West Coast in San Francisco on Saturday.

“I come from an industry that promotes abortion,” the former Pussycat Dolls star stated. “It is not something that is unspoken.

“If you want to have a baby and you want to be a recording artist and successful, they encourage that you abort,” she said.

Jones recounted how she started her career at 13 and signed with Capital Records at 16 and “was told that I needed to look the part, be the part, and ultimately was to ‘sell sex.’

“Be visually stimulating to men,” is how Jones recalled her instructions from the record label. “Be visually encouraging to young girls — that this is what you should be, and this is what beauty is.”

“Nothing could have been further from the truth,” Jones told the gathered pro-life attendees.

She had her first abortion at 16 and did not tell her parents since their consent was not required. “You don’t need consent to kill a child,” Jones said.

“It harmed me, and I felt as though someone took something that belonged in my body,” Jones recalled. “I remember waking up and feeling like someone took my rib or my kidney, and it was never going to come back.

“Indeed it wasn’t. I don’t know the death date of my first child, and I will never know the birth date. And there’s no grave that I can go to to mourn the death,” she tearfully said.

By 19 Jones was in the Pussycat Dolls, a group that sold millions of records, and she was at the pinnacle of success.

At that height of fame, she again got pregnant. “This time I was told to get rid of it.”

“That’s what was told to me when I said I was pregnant,” Jones said. “It’s your career. Or your child.”

She chose the career.

Going from the place where she had the abortion to a rehearsal, Jones said she was bleeding as she danced and sang all day and eventually was hemorrhaging.

Two days later Jones performed in Las Vegas before 23,000 people in an event live streamed to 33 million worldwide.

Still suffering from the effects of the abortion while performing, Jones said, “As I continued to lose my baby, standing in the audience … there were two little girls in the front row that the Lord used to speak to me that day.

“The four-year-old looked at her mother and said ‘[Gasp] Mom, she’s a Pussycat Doll!’” Jones said. “That conviction from out of the mouth of babes hit me to my core.

“There was nothing that was beautiful about me in that moment. I was losing my child, and I had a responsibility to children and young women around the world.”

Jones realized at that moment she was celebrating the wrong things. “This is a lie.

“There’s nothing beautiful about it, no matter how much money you may have, no matter how much fame you may receive, no matter how many records you might sell … I have a Grammy, but none of it will bring my children back.”

Issues surrounding abortion ultimately are spiritual, according to Jones. “I know many people don’t want to talk about the darkness of abortion; they just want to sugarcoat  — ‘Oh, hey, it’s just a clump of cells. It doesn’t matter.’

“It does matter. There’s spiritual ramifications.”

Jones said she has had to deal with serious depression and anxiety and things people don’t want to talk about. There are mental issues because, she said, “You killed your baby.”

Jones ultimately turned her talk toward God. “Millions of babies have been aborted, and our world would be a better place if they were here,” she said. “But I have a feeling God is going to bring so much life into this planet starting this year because of the overturning of Roe versus Wade.”

In the course of her speaking, Jones made reference to apparently off-camera pro-abortion protesters who were nearby and called upon her listeners to pray for them.

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