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Want to see your marriage improve immediately?
Each (husband/wife) prayerfully reads 1 Corinthians 13 KJB each morning. Boom!!! Guaranteed blessings.

Prepare to be a disciple and husband/wife who pleases God by …. seeking God. Pouring into your wife/husband. Cherishing her/him as Christ does the members of the body of Christ (Ephesians 5:25-33). Read Philippians 2:3-5 each morning prayerfully.

Divine priorities:
1. Make Jesus your world – “first love.” (Revelation 2:4-5)
2. Then your wife/husband. Pour into her/him – with heart attitude, words, time, and actions. As far as people God, she/he’s your ultimate priority.


1. Pray Together Always….
2. Read The Scriptures Together Always….
3. Go On Regular Date Nights….
4. Hide Notes In Secret Places….
5. Go To Bed At The Same Time….
6. Listen To Music Together share Ear-Buds….
7. Buy Him Gifts He Will Love….
8. Revitalize The Romance With Intimate Dates….
9. Wear Shirts That Tell The World You Love Your Spouse….
10. Praise Your Spouse To Other People….
11. Read A Marriage Devotional….
12. Sleep In His T-Shirts….
13. Renew Your Vows Privately With Whispers & Memories….
14. Renew Them Publicly With Cake & Bubbly….
15. Go Away Together At Least Once A Year….

For Women Only:
16. Hang Pictures Of The Two Of You Around Your House….
17. Make His Favorite Dessert….
18. Make Sex A Priority….
19. Spend Time Apart Occasionally….
20. Learn To Enjoy Something He Loves….
21. Surprise Each Other….
22. Meet Him At The Door….
23. Text Each Other From Across The Room….
24. Set Reminders On Your Phone To Remember Him/Her Throughout The Week….
25. Call Him Right Now & Tell Him You Appreciate Him….
For Men Only:
26. Leave Work On Time & Come Home Early….
27. Engage Every Day In Meaningful Conversation….
28. Compliment Each Other….
29. Take One Day A Month To Make Your Spouse Your Total Focus
30. Avoid These Words “You Always” & “You Never”….
31. Kiss Every Day….
32. Find Tangible Ways To Serve Your Mate Without Complaining
33. Forgive Quickly….
34. Be Honest….
35. Get On The Same Page: Plan Your Budget Together….
36. Look Your Best As Often As You Can….
37. Guard Your Marriage….
38. Laugh Together….
39. When You Are Together-BE TOGETHER ((Take A Break From Phones, Technology, etc))….
40. Tell Her She’s Pretty, Especially When She’s Not Feeling It….

Both Of You:
41. Make Each Other Breakfast In Bed….
42. Do Her Chores For Her….
44. Get A Couple’s Massage Or Host Your Own Privately….
44. Dance Together Soft Music ((Both Of You Alone)) Or Rocking Music With The Kids….
45. Exercise Together, Hikes, Bike Riding, etc….
46. Choose Not To Be Annoyed By An Irritating…. Behavior/Disappointment From Your Spouse….
47. Thank Your Spouse Often Even For The Least Reason Or Gesture….
48. Lay In Bed Together & Stare Into Each Other Eyes Without Talking….
49. Learn Something New Together ((Take An Art Class, Cooking Lessons, etc))
50. Leave A Sweet Comment On The Facebook Wall….
51. Support Each Other’s Goals….
52. Bring Flowers/Gifts ((Even When She Says They Are Too Expensive))….
53. Wear Something Your Spouse Loves….
54. Share Furniture Sit In His Lap….
55. Fight For Your Marriage….
56. Make A Point To Eat Dinner Together Most Days Of The Week
57. Never Let Your Spouse Feel Like They Come Second Place To Your Career Or Any Other Thing….
58. Talk About Your Vision Aspirations…. make sure these are 100% biblical.
Be Supportive Of Each Other And Dream Big Together to be used more mightily of God!!!!
59. Maintain A United Front As Your Motto: Meaning Me & you Against The World….
60. Speak Well Of Your Spouse….

Remember your Spouse Rocks Even when They Don’t At The Moment!!!! ^___*

Marriage for God’s Glory

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