SELF-serving wolves like Osteen, Prince, and all the other WOF and NAR heretics have deceived millions who refuse to read God’s Word for themselves. The version of Christianity they give is a lie, a complete misrepresentation of Biblical Christianity.   MOST men who are called pastor today are not possessed by the holy fear of the LORD, arebought and paid for by their salary, and are little more than goat entertaining ear-tickling real estate managers – which is exactly what the Holy Spirit foretold of this last hour (Matthew 7:15; 24:11, 24; 2 Timothy 3:13; 2 Peter 2:1-3) BOTTOM LINE: Those who refuse to obey Christ by laying down their lives in this fleeting world are being misled by the “MANY false prophets” Jesus told us would invade Christendom in the final hour (Matthew 7:15; 24:11, 24, etc.). Eternal hell irrevocably awaits all who aren’t denying self, taking up the cross, and following Jesus DAILY! Heresies have a divine purpose. Did you know that? Read 1 Corinthians 11:19. A wolf is someone who is of Satan and doing his will while claiming to be representing Christ. See 2 Corinthians 11:12-15.

MOST of the men we call pastor are nothing more than the very devouring wolves Christ and His apostles so often warned us to “beware of.” (Matthew 7:15; 24:11, 24; Acts 20:27-32; 1 John 4:1, etc.). It is utterly heartbreaking to see just how ungrounded so many of these people are who flock to see and support these “many” scam wolves. To start a “revival,” all you need to do is get a slick-sounding guy who sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, play some good music in the background, and WHAM you’ve got a “revival.” Regrettably, most people who claim to be Christians don’t even know Acts 17:11 much less use it to discern. Do YOU know what that truth says? Have you memorized and put it into use daily, or, will you be deceived and damned also? “AMERICAN CHURCH…SHEEP FILE IN LIKE CATTLE TO SLAUGHTER. ‘PASTOR’ TICKLES EARS & ENTERTAINS! THEY PAY FOR ENTERTAINMENT and GO HOME.” Martin Banner