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IF the man you call pastor is not openly, boldly exposing the myriad of wolves IT'S BECAUSE HE IS ONE! PWT is the apostolic model (Colossians 1:28). PWT = Preach WARN Teach. PROTECTION is not possible without warning.  BE CAREFUL! IF you dare obey Jesus and warn the wicked, they might repent and get saved! What are we afraid of? - What's the worst that can happen? Warning is a manifestation of the LORD's love protecting His sheep for whom He died! Satan's deceit is seen in those who pretend to be loving while covering for Satan's agents. Beware.  IF YOU SUPPORT a man who refuses to speak THE WORD OF GOD (KJB) straight - in it's raw form - you are part of the problem, bidding Godspeed (condoning) to an enemy of Christ, and you are going to receive the same damnation! Read 2 John 7-11.  Time to repent and get on the LORD's side before it's too late!  WARNING is an integral part of New Testament Christianity! Are you warning saints and sinners? IF a man posing as a representative for Christ is not doing ALL 3 of these, he's a bona fide wolf: The moral coward who refuses to warn is of the enemy. PWT = Preach WARN Teach - Read Colossians 1:28. If warning is evil, you've just called Jesus, Paul, all the prophets and all the apostles of Jesus false.

An Angry Man In Hell