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WARNINGS About the Catholic Church REMOVED by Billy Graham! [video]

Billy Graham Warning: Billy Graham is said to be “the greatest false prophet in New Testament history.” He was a mason. Pure evil.

“The well known Bible Handbook that was published by Dr Henry Halley was a classic masterpiece on the history of the Bible. In that book which took years to write was a section on “Church History” which included the wicked history of the Roman Catholic Popes and the Papal persecutions. According to a book entitled “Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidden Agenda” by Dr. Cathy Burns, the Billy Graham ministry purchased the RIGHTS to that book and then REMOVED that whole section from his own CRUSADE edition of that Handbook. Mrs Halley said that ther husband worked on that book for years and NEVER would have allowed that to happen according to this book by Dr Cathy Burns . . .”

“One of the most troubling problems within the church today is the unwavering loyalty to a ‘christian’ personality rather than to Christ and His Word. The unwillingness to test every man’s teaching with God’s Word, coupled with a stubborn lack of discernment, produces fertile ground for deception to flourish.” Evangeline DiChristi

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