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The Power of the Printed Page

The Printed Page

Author: The late Henry Einspruch

The printed page is indeed a powerful tool. If it has the right message, it will lead its reader to the truth. If not, it will lead its reader astray.

Here is what a gospel tract can do.

  • Is never tempted to compromise.
  • It is never discouraged.
  • It is never impatient.
  • It is never forced on anyone.
  • for it speaks only when it is read. It works by day and/or night.
  • It never becomes tired.
  • It can go where a visitor is not always welcome.
  • It can be read over and over.
  • It can be a source of comfort.
  • It can create an interest in the Gospel and open doors of opportunity to lead an inquirer to know and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

Did You Know?

1. If one thousand people would each distribute just fifty tracts each week, in one year over 2,750,000 tracts would be distributed.
2. If one person would be saved for every one thousand tracts, 2,750 souls would be won to Christ in one year.
3. Less than two minutes per day, per person, is required to distribute this many tracts.


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The Persistence of One Child

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