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Luxury and Lukewarm Lies [podcast]


Are we trying to save America, the American way of life, so we can continue to live lukewarm Laodicean lives – so we can extend our luxurious living and continue on our way to hell (Revelation 3:14-22). What matters to us – the temporal or the eternal, the kingdom of this world or the eternal kingdom of Christ? What matters is clearly revealed in where we put our treasure (Luke 6:19-24). So many jump to support temporal political causes while few sow into the kingdom of the LORD they profess to love.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21

Those who pretend to serve God, those who read His Word and fellowship in prayer with Him only when they feel like it, when it’s convenient to their own self-serving, self-worshiping, self-idolatrous life, are backslidden and hell bound. Repent now, lay down your life and obey God. The fires of eternal damnation are going to forever feed upon your helpless, conscious soul if you don’t repent and return to Jesus as the “first love” of your life (Revelation 2:4-5).

The cross reveals your sin, and God’s love, not how wonderful you are! Repent!

If a church goer is not becoming personally grounded in Christ, in the Word daily and diligently, and in a real walk with the LORD, such a person is allowing a game to be run on them. They are a mere pawn of some man’s church busine$$.

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“Hi Todd. I just want to make sure that when I’m talking about salvation that I am being biblically correct. I don’t believe in once saved always saved. While I believe God is always willing to forgive and restore the backslider. I do believe that a person can choose to turn away from God and go back to living a life of sin, therefore forfeiting their eternal life. Any correction would be greatly appreciated. In Christ. Andrea”


Yes amen sister Andrea
Nice to hear from you
Very important doctrinal topic here
All it takes to go to hell after being saved is to be “lukewarm” right? Yes. Revelation 3:15-16

These 2 categories are loaded: Check it out. LOTS of Scripture to shape pure doctrine in your heart and life and ministering.

Lukewarm is Hell Bound

OSAS/eternal security is a lie from hell

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