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Feedback from the Body page 2

“Thank you brother Todd. Your prayers are very important! Thanks for the new podcast. I listen daily!” Derek | 100’s of Edifying Podcasts here.

“I was just wondering if you could send me this book entitled ‘Lie of the Ages‘. I don’t work, and receive a few dollars once in a while from my family member who I live with. I’m hoping to send $20 little at a time as God allows it. My name and info is below if you can send it. Thank you. Have a great day. God bless.” (Your support helps us provide Bible truth resources to those otherwise unable such as jail inmates, etc.)

“Praying for you continually. I appreciate your teaching and leadership so much. Thank you, and I thank God for you (always challenging us and exemplifying the absolute necessity to stay on the straight and narrow)! I both bow my head and raise my head before God in utter gratefulness for His great mercy.” Debbie Lord

“I am learning a lot thru the ministry of I am praying also for true Christians to be around to help me walk with Jesus.” Joyce

“Dear Brother you are always in my thoughts and prayers, your ministry is so important to me. Thank you for your kind words. One day I pray to help. You are a true Christian Brother that I cherish. May GOD Bless you. GOD IS GREAT.” Jeremy

“Brother we will always appreciate all you did for our family and the gospel.” Cassandra

“Thanks for the Bible School modules.  I will study them and let you know my progress. I don’t know how I came across your website, but it had to be God leading me. Thank you.” Marie

“Brother Todd, the Ten Steps to Restoring a Brother podcast was absolutely great. You presented it so well with life examples, thank you! I have some good reading to do now. I hope you are well Brother, Bless you.” Jeremy

“I’ve been listening to your podcasts on safeguard your soul. Like always I have been inspired. Thank you. We need more men like yourself out in this world. Things are getting ugly very quickly. Thanks again God bless you Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Prayers always.” D. | 100’s of Edifying Podcasts here.

“I listened to the ‘The LORD Lift up His Countenance‘ podcast two days ago and I was famous in it! LOL, I had my Mother listen to it she was a once saved always saved Bible believer till I told her to really read the Scriptures and that God’s Word says what it means and means what it says. And she listened to this Podcast and enjoyed it. Thank you brother for making these podcasts. I listen to a new podcast or old ones (on SafeGuardYourSoul) every morning before work. I couldn’t believe not even 10 people support this God fearing Truth telling ministry. You shared that on a recent podcast I heard this morning. People used to be suckers for the truth! Truth hurts! I have good days in my walk with God and some I wonder if i was ever saved! But I confess sin and try hard to repent get back on the small path. Keep going Brother Todd, keep going.” Derek | The LORD Lift Up His Countenance Upon Thee, and Give Thee Peace  

“Thank you brother! The quoted Scripture and beautiful pictures (on the ministry videos) are wonderful and easy to reference in trying to witness to the deceived. God bless you.” Michelle | SafeGuardYourSoul YT Channel

“Dear Brother Todd I refer to your page often and very grateful for your directed readings, I love psalms. The masons page turns my stomach, however it is important to have wide open eyes to see the evil signs. Bless you dear Brother.” Jeremy

“Brother Todd Thank you for this most needed message for the times we are living in (The Point of No Return podcast). The world is falling fast. God’s Word is set. It will not change. I hope and pray more will hear this before it’s too late. We are living in Sodom and Gomorrah times and worse. High time to heed the Word’s warnings is needed. The Modern Church is not preaching, warning, and teaching (Colossians 1:28). This is a wake-up call. Thank you for caring for the sheep. Thank you for all the Scriptures. I will revisit this message.” Darlene

“Your words using God’s truth has stirred my heart rightly.” David Taylor

“Thank you Brother told for The Point of No Return podcast!! Praise God! Just listened to it now.” Billy

The Point of no return podcast is awesome Brother.” Jeremy | Is there a “Point of No Return” with God?  

“I will pray Brother. I’ll keep supporting as much as I can. I’m very thankful to God for this ministry work you are doing.” Dana

Just came upon this channel tonight…..FANTASTIC! I so, so, so, detest that Satanic doctrine of OSAS/eternal security.” CJ | SGYS YouTube Ministry Channel

“Your site is the old school Marine Corps of ministries I’ve so been needing!” Derek Billy

“A blessed morning to you Brother. My new routine, wake up, pray, listen to my masters teachings, have him lead me in my daily life, absorb his words, tend to family. Squeeze in man on fire training. Evening, pray, sleep with beautiful dreams then repeat. Today I feel energized Brother! May God Bless You!” Jeremy

“I read some scripture today on sgys. This helped me so much, I learned repentance is empty and worthless if you don’t practice what the lord demands it’s not for free and it is lifelong. We must suffer and request our stone hearts to be replaced with flesh hearts. My head is so scrambled these days that I cannot memorize these holy words. I will get some cue cards to write these down. Also I do find it hard reading the King James Bible just because I am not clear on how to interpret it, maybe because my head is not right yet. This is where your site is so helpful.” Jeremy

Another grand slam message, wonderful stuff – awesome Scriptures for me to pour over brother!” Robert | Be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO THE MINISTRY YT CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS 

“I have been blessing my co-workers with the Moments with Our Master book. I’m ordering 3 more today. May God have all the Glory.” Laurie

“Hello brother. Could you give me a address I could mail a check to to help support your site and ministry please. I love your site and I listen to the podcasts daily! It’s slowly changing my life and discliping me to the real knowledge and Truth I so need. And need to obey in order to be truly a servant child of God. Ill give what I can but I want to give.” Derek

“This ministry cares about the sheep. The sheep are wandering around in the desert. Check out this ministry website you will be blessed . Brother Todd has blessed me with his love for the sheep. I too was battered sheep until God put this ministry in my path, and I was so blessed by this ministry. This Ministry is truly a Godsent. May God Bless this ministry, To God be the Glory.” Darlene

“Thank you Brother Todd, for the sober reminder to abide daily (be ready daily to meet the Lord). Being ready by abiding daily, learning to obey his commandments. The condition that grace of God enables us to obey and that brings his joy to / in us and remains in us as we remain in him.” David Taylor

“I Thank God for you Brother for such a time as this. I know you give the truth by the true word of God. You are there for the hurting sheep, the modern church has a lot of hurting sheep. Cause their candy-coated and tickling ears is a false gospel. They are drunk on a feel good message.” Darlene

“You probably have much more prayer than you know; you are greatly loved by the brethren. We must not despair at this most important time. We must continue in prayer one for another. Love you brother. Praying for you and all that you do.” Meme

“The world is changing so fast before our eyes, just what the Scripture said will happen is happening now, right before the return of Jesus Christ. Our faith is being tested. All is being shaken, exactly as God said it would happen. As the song says ‘Only trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey.’ Obedience sums it up for the true Christian. Then to live out the Beatitudes. Matthew 5, Sermon on the Mount.” Darlene

“Thank you Todd, may God bless you for your truth sharing powerful messages. I do not think many Christians know about Spurgeon. Continue to be bold in the Lord Jesus our Savior. Love you and what you do thru Christ.” Meme

“I do appreciate your ministry. I do read your articles.” Darrell

“I would like to request your Grace and Truth Bible School modules so I can walk deeper in this journey with Christ.  Thank you for everything that your ministry is doing. Within a week I have a new outlook on my faith and am wanting to dive even deeper. God bless you!” Maggie C.

“I am listening to it right now.  Seriously, you have an amazing speaking voice that is perfect for doing this kind of work. I would not be surprised if these products open more doors for you.” Jason Owens | Walking in Godly Integrity

“WOW you have a wonderful voice, praise God. I listened to one today and it was most excellent. My oh my God has blessed you brother.” Meme | Walking in Godly Integrity

“I love this book (Moments devotional)!! It blesses me every day! Everyone should order one.” Suzanne

“Blessings Brother Todd. I love the ministry that God has given you and I am honored to be helpful as I can.” David Taylor

“Thank you so much Todd. Thank you spreading truth and Glorifying our One and Only True Lord Jesus Christ. God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. May He Abundantly Pour His Blessings Upon You Sir. Thank you so much. Stand strong in our Lord and Savior and Never stop speaking truth. Thank you so much!” H.

“This is great ! Every single Christian looking for a mate should read this!! Thank you Brother for this and all your hard work teaching the body of Christ. I appreciate your hard work and Godly direction.” Suzanne | Unmarried and Desire a Godly Mate? 

“Subject: Need to read your books. Message: I bless God for your life sir for spreading the real gospel of the kingdom in this last day. I have been blessed by your teachings and your books like Mercy Mandate. I am a discipler, just helping people to grow in the Lord in my local area in Nigeria. I live by faith in the area of finance and I have not been able to place an order for your books that I want to read like: Authentic disciple of Jesus, I die daily, because they are not available in our bookshops and dollar to naira exchange rate. I don’t know if I can receive the help of having them by ebook format sir. God bless you and the work of God in your hand in Jesus name. Amen.” Ola

“Not only are these teachings powerfully anointed with the truth of His Word, but so visually beautiful! Oh how His creation testifies of Him! So glorious 🙌” Pure Bride | SafeGuardYourSoul’s YouTube Channel

“Some of the Bibles given went to the Philippines to a group of high school students and elderly people who had no Bible. So thankful.” Dana

MESSAGE RECEIVED: “Subject: Mixing law and grace. I saw somewhere where you said a pastor was mixing law and Grace. To be exact the pastor from triumph and truth. So can you please explain to me what that means because. I’m really confused and I need a understanding and I need clarity please thanks.”

REPLY: Hi Tanganika. I once found myself just exactly where you are. Pore over Romans 8:3-4 and 10:4. And here is a treasure trove on this topic you are getting ready to come into a deeper understand and appreciation for our LORD’s Gospel. Justification

“1st John 3:9-10: Can I recommend your channel on my testimony tract? I was a complete hypocrite for 50 years because of the false teaching of OSAS. Then 4 years ago when I was going to commit suicide, I learned it only takes 1 day to Listen to the NT Bible. My eyes were radically opened to the truth, so since them I’ve been giving out a list 182 verses that warn against OSAS.” Jillian | Are you subscribed to the ministry’s YouTube channel? Please do so here. 

“It is apparent to me, growing up in the RC church was such a disservice! Only since Covid am I reading my Bible faithfully! I’m only a baby Christian! I have so much to learn, playing catch up. In 1 John, so reassuring! Trying to memorize as much as I can! Thank you for your great work, it’s so needed! “Yes!!!!! How do you remember the scriptures like that! Writing that verse in my notebook! I know God called me, I always love scriptures, but never studied it like now! I have much to be grateful for, and have much to prayer for!” Mary Jane

“I listened to your recent message and I never heard that we don’t make disciples – That only Jesus makes Disciples duh… I have been killing myself to make disciples and I went and read Matthew 28:18-20 again in the KJB and low and behold boom there it was… anyway I am grateful for your message today. God bless.” Will

“I love the Moments with Our Master Devotional book. Must read every morning before I leave for work and after my prayer time with Jesus. Funny how it always speaks to your heart about what word you needed for that day. God is so good!!” Suzanne

“I highly recommend SafeGuardYourSoul’s books. Why do I? The reason I highly recommend his books is because I know of his boldness to stand for the cross of Christ and his witness to the lost and his astute desire and discipline to the word of God. He also, is a soul winner. To top that off, if it could be, his books are not like many of the more contemporary books out there today. These books are chocked full of the Word of God, because he wants it to be clear to the reader that the thought pattern being formed is not a type of self assuming easy peasy path, full of pop psychology, but a close connection to what the scripture is actually teaching. So, I follow his work because I don’t want to be led astray by so many egregious forms of supposed “Christian books” that are really no more than a culture of universalism being spewed upon our brothers and sisters in the faith. It is a good book!” Stacy Strother

“Hope you are well. May nothing steal your joy. May your peace never be threatened. May you never lose faith. May the Lord be your rock and shield always. May He hide you under the shadow of His wings and may you enjoy fullness of days. Amen. Have a blessed day.” Maureen

“Wow! Thank you so much brother! I love these 2 books! My boss and I read a devotion every morning before we start work and it’s such a blessing to be able to start reading Moments with Our Master with her every day! She will be so excited. And I love to read so I can’t wait to read Authentic disciple of Jesus and I will read every free moment until I finish it. You are such a blessing in my life. Thank you so much!” Suzanne

“Good Morning Brother Todd. Love your ministry and I am buying your books like crazy, very good material! God bless and keep on keeping on ! Your Brother in Christ,” Will Williams

“I’ve said it before, but it can’t be said too much ……… THANK YOU for being the godly example in my life and in the lives of unknown numbers of others. You, like Paul, always preach and encourage your brothers and sisters to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. No cop-outs, no excuses — just do it. Yours is a voice much needed, and by many ….. much heeded. Because of your influence I am falling deeper and deeper in love with God’s precious Word and with the Father and Son and Holy Ghost.” Debbie L.

“You are such a blessing in my life and I want you to know that!” Suzanne

“Luke 12:43 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Brother Todd keep doing for the Lord. May He continue to bless you and your ministry. Hope you’re having a blessed day on this special today.” Madelene

“Please keep the posts coming! Good stuff! I grew up in Times Square church under David Wilkerson which is where I used to get a ‘spiritual butt whipping”! Ha… I’m GRATEFUL! Lots of altar experiences!” Robert

“Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. May your day be filled with grace, love, peace and joy. God bless you in your calling, and may He strengthen and protect you daily. You are a gift from God to His people and your faithful service will be rewarded as you serve with love and grace. May every day be a refreshing fountain of joy to your soul. May the Lord pour out the riches of His grace in your heart and fill your cup to be overflowing. May the grace of God never depart from you, may the Lord continue to shower you with His anointing from heaven, may you never lack anything good throughout the rest of your life, and may you continue to abide in the house of the Lord now and forever. May Holy Spirit continue to renew your strength in the Lord. Num 6:24-26; 1 Cor 15:58; Gal 6:9.” M.

“Thank you Brother for this prayer. I really needed that prayer every word was exactly what I needed to pray. You are a true Blessing to the body of Christ. Thanks for responding in love and care. May God Bless you and meet all your needs God is doing new work in me. I know I am being sifted. God is sifting me a little at a time. Thank you for coming alongside me. Jesus is close by my side. God thank You for Your wisdom. The two Bible verses you gave me I will write them on a card to keep with me. Have a Blessed Night. I will look for the books coming my way. I really want to read your latest book. Goodnight.” Darlene D.

“Just heard the Word of God tonight in our lesson in our Authentic Disciple of Jesus book. In Chapter 6 ‘My Foolishness and Sin.’ This is a great book on this subject. My daughter and I have been studying it every night for a week now.” Charles Pray

“The new G.O.D. = Game Over Devil message is an excellent, VERY important message. I think most people today who consider themselves Christians have no idea what it means to “die to self.” BJ

The Original Gospel is a must-book read. You will have the truth of what the Gospel really is all about. This is the real deal.” Darlene D.

“Love your ministry Brother, your approach of being biblically and brutally honest is what this world needs to hear. God bless you and oh you encouraged me to go back to my KJV ! I am doing the Bible school 1-4 modules. I went to a Bible school, it was horrible, your approach to Bible training is on point. Thank you and I will be supporting your ministry.” Will Williams

“Your newest  book of encouragement called……….Authentic Disciple of Jesus……! An absolutely devil slapping message!” David Taylor

“Hello brother Todd, I was requesting the pdf tracts. Love your teachings and I am reading ‘The Original Gospel‘ very good! God bless. In Christ,” Will Williams

“I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your posts. Thanks for pointing me to Matt 28:18-20.” Scott

“I really enjoyed translating this book into Spanish (Moments with Our Master Devotional), I found it to be a very complete devotional and it will bring very positive things to all the people who read it. :)” Jullan

“Enjoying Authentic! I’m just opening the Bible for every verse! Very powerful in a very loving way! Learning a lot too! Written beautifully! It’s definitely speaking to me! I’m learning a lot! Thank you! Love the prayers at end of chapter too!” Mary Jane

“Thank you Todd! I was looking for you! I just received your book and I’m enjoying it and learning so much. It’s my daily companion with my Bible!” Mary

“I love reading your posts. They are all the truth.” Stacy

“I like the stand you are taking for the truth… brother.” Paul

“LT!!! I went to that last site you referenced! They are amazing!…safeguardyoursoul…thank you SO MUCH! WOW! I have to tell ya, in all this mess, I have not heard such a strong prompting and direction from the LORD till just now! GOD continue to bless you LT. You are awesome!” BBJoe LT is the Christian man who does the AWK (And We Know) site. This week he a portion from a page on SafeGuardYourSoul on his channel.

“I am thankful to the Lord … The ministry the Lord has called you to is vital and blessing so many. Praise God!” Dana

“Hey Brother. I received those books the other day thank you so much.  I appreciate you more than you know brother.  Grace and peace be upon you in the name of Jesus.” Will

“I received your books today brother Todd. I’ve already read Soul damning sins. Can’t wait to read the rest of them thank you so much! You are a blessing!” Andrea

“I don’t want to go to hell. I’m so stuck right now it’s just the lies I’ve been fed are driving me crazy. I am glad I came upon this youtube channel. Blessing there.” Misty

“To really know Jesus Christ and stay strong in your walk with the Lord. This Authentic book is awesome and written concisely and with purpose to show how we can live a triumphant life in our Christian walk with Jesus Christ, the Savior. Every chapter is to the point and with much clarity, and is backed up by Scripture after Scripture. Just reading the first chapters took me to higher heights. It is not a flaky-written book, but is for serious believers who desire a victorious life in Him. I love it! Want to become a true disciple of Christ, buy this book and add it to your library of GREAT books. God bless.” Anita

“Amen indeed hallelujah! Thank you for all you do for the Gospel.” Cassandra

“Your ministry is unique and important to the body.” Paul Roberts

“I just want to thank you for being a faithful warrior and servant of the Lord and that everything you post speaks to me emotionally, humbling, inspirationally, and in some convicting ways which I need to hear to help me stay on the right path of life. So, God bless you brother. No I will never be perfect and will always fall short of the glory of God but the Holy Spirit is working on me and I’m feeling more conviction than ever when I am not reading the Word of God and putting away the world. It’s just great having a brother in Christ telling God’s truths and I appreciate you Sir my brother in Christ.” David Reeves

“Thanks brother for all that you do and for edifying us with the Word of God.” Joyce

“God bless you for the truth brother.” Lydia

“All is well… I took a box of bibles down to the AA/NA drug meeting and passed out bibles and was able to minister to several of the recovering addicts… I was very encouraged by the response of several who thought that there situation was hopeless… “the WORD always brings hope”. Thanks Brother Todd for your sharing of God’s Word… our promise is that the Word never returns void!!! Blessings to and for you and your ministry!” John

“I want to look at more books. I’ll send some extra money for the new books.  Also I’m praying about sowing into the ministry as a partner. I believe the work you’re doing for the least of these is wonderful and it’s good soil to sow into.  Looking forward to fellowship brother.” William

“Amen Brother Todd ….I appreciate the stand you have for God….You are a ‘Precious Light’ in this dark world.” Marlene

“Amen brother. I rec’d 4 of your books in the mail today to give to others. God continue to bless you and use you.” Meme

“Good morning Todd. Our Lord had put it on my heart to start giving to your wonderful Ministry. Thank you and God Bless your Ministry!” Jim N. | Saints Your Prayers and Support are Vital

“Hey brother Please send me some books for the fellas in my Bible class. Keep up the awesome discipleship. You are a true warrior for Christ. Love ya.” Tony L. | Store

“Find your articles very informative. As a Christian woman I always seek the Lord’s guidance for wisdom and discernment.” Laurie

“So for the past few weeks it’s very odd that whatever book in the Bible I’m reading from that’s exactly what you’re posting about LOL. I just randomly read and you happen to be posting from that book lol.” Eric Martini

“Hello. I have been recently listening to your podcasts and videos, and they are very edifying. I have a question about Jezebel…  I thank God for that.  He is stripping me as I’m being crucified… Jesus is my treasure; the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t lose him.  I thank God that I found biblical sound teaching that is helping immensely.  I read many articles as it relates to witchcraft in the church and Jezebel; and I did check myself on this. All of what I’ve read are very good.  Also, I listened to the Proverbs 31 women audio series and I’m touched. Thank you for your ministry.” T.

The Mercy Mandate book is really speaking to me! Of course the book is full of God’s Word which speaks…blessings.” Paul S.

“Ya know I call a lot of people my brother but when I call you brother I mean like we grew up from the same parents and no matter what happens if you called needing something there would need to be no explanation on your part. I would be on my way with everything in my power to help and the rest would all have to sort itself out. I love you my brother.  Please forgive me for the times I was lost and ignored you and wasn’t there for you brother. You told me you never wanted to ever lose touch with me again months ago. And that was one of the biggest things that God used to draw me back to Jesus being my Lord. Thank you brother and that means the world to me that we are friends for life. Ya know whenever I felt at my loneliest point in my life with nobody I trusted to help me or help me understand God’s Word I always would think of you and I knew that no matter what you would always help me and tell me the truth.  I have no doubt we have many more exciting waiting for us out on the streets ministering the Word with fire and passion with love to the lost!” J. H.

“I am blessed by your website and your ministry. I especially enjoyed the writings on God’s mercy. I spoke with you a few years ago and told you of my struggles with the passage in Hebrews 6 and 10. I am so ready to be freed from that and walk in a strong confidence of my position with Christ. Keep up the good work brother.” Kip

“So thankful that God has enabled me to support a faithful ministry!! Continue trusting the Lord brother.  He will supply all your needs!! Thank you Jesus!!” Adam

“On safeguardyoursoul, it’s opening up the ‘hard’ truths of God to a lot of people who may not have ever heard them otherwise. I believe people are ready and hungry for the REAL truths of God and aren’t settling in their hearts for anything less! Thank God for putting you in my life as teacher, friend, Christ-like example.” Debbie

“I hate tv and Hollywood films to be honest. I am not keen on the internet but I only use it for emails and Todd’s podcasts. My best tool is the Word of God. Amen.” Penny

“Father God, I come before you right now and thank you that Todd is in my life and such a blessing. I lift him up to you and ask that you would continue to create a hunger and thirst in him for you and a trust in his knower that your word is true and let every man be a liar , but what you have said will come to pass. Encourage him as only you are able, comfort and guide him in more truth. Keep him humble and use him for your glory. Father I also ask that you would meet his every need, not desire unless it exactly matches yours; but Lord that you would encourage him and guide him and give him your perfect peace as only you are able. Have your perfect will be done in and thru him Lord. I thank you for him and thank you for hearing my petitions and know that you will accomplish this for your glory and honor. In Jesus holy name I pray. Amen.” Meme

“Great article brother Todd. The lord definitely spoke to my heart on this!” Andrea

“It’s good to see that you are still in the fight, brother. Outstanding content on your website. The hour is late and we must put on the full armor of God. I pray there will be a great harvest of souls who will become born again as we face this despicable evil now being exposed. Satan is fighting hard through his children of disobedience and the people are waking up thanks to those who are fighting for the truth.  God bless you and your family my brother. I am fortified to know that you are standing strong on the rock!” Steve

“Thanks for sound teaching which is indeed hard to find in this hour.” Anonymous

Dear saints, please let us never assume that ministries that endeavor to preach the whole counsel of God’s Word are sufficiently support. That’s usually not the case. Support this Ministry

Here’s a testimony of thanks rec’d today from a pastor who runs a restoration type rehab ministry in Kansas, a dear friend who is a fervent disciple of our LORD Jesus.

“God bless you brother! The Bibles and books you sent are in good use! Thanks again for joining in on Kingdom Work. May our Lord bless you with rewards.” Mark W.

Wanted to give a big thank you to those who have signed up to give a monthly gift and to those who give period. That’s what makes the sending forth of Bible and Scripture-rich ministry books into the fields, jails, homeless ministries, and individual saints who are doing our LORD’s Great Commission in this late hour, etc.. Your support and prayers are coveted and much needed. Takes seconds so set up a monthly love offering of support for Christ’s Gospel work. Takes seconds. Because You Care >>more testimonies and ministry fruitfulness.

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“I am enjoying your podcast and I listen to the Psalms 91 (Peace, Protection, Provision) and the sincere milk podcasts most days.” Penny

“I’m going to start homeschooling on February 7th & our 1st subject is going to be SafeGuardYourSoul bible class & prayer 💣❤️! Thank you for being a true servant of Christ ! Our family is blessed beyond measure to have you in our lives! All glory to Jesus Christ our Savior ❤️.  Oh & 2nd subject the constitution of the United States 🇺🇸. Our true knowledge comes from Jesus Christ he’s so worthy of all our praises.” Cassandra

“I want to be a part of your ministry. I accidentally came across your videos when studying the book of Revelation, and I’ve been reading your content. I am so humbled and grateful to God that a man like you still exist who is trying to wake people up, even Christians who are in deep sleep. This is what I’ve been yearning to do, because too many think they’re going to Heaven while living an ordinary, worldly life, which is what I used to do for a little while. I’m going back to California this week and want to be involved in Kingdom work. I just don’t know what to do first. My church, in LA is becoming “progressive” and it’s breaking my heart but I’m going to check out another church I’ve been invited to. It seems like God’s children are falling away faster than the leaves off the trees… Is there anything I can do to help you in LA? Or is there a solid Christian organization or church you know in Cali you can connect me with? I have many gifts to serve with but not many good people around in Cal to fellowship with. Thank you in advance. God bless your ministry!!!” Karin

“Your podcasts are encouraging, namely the one about reading Romans 12.” Penny | Transformed Living Sacrifices Romans 12 Bible Study

“Love this Todd, and thank you I needed this. I’m going to study more! Amen.” G.

“God bless you and your ministry Pastor Todd, glory be to God.” Grace

“Subject: Thanks. Message: Greetings, brothers!  I found your site yesterday and have spent hours listening to the Word.  Such a blessing to teach the body of Christ about wolves, false prophets and deception.  Most do not dare to approach such topics. I escaped 2 years ago from a 34 year old marriage to an ‘apostle / wolf.’  Violence, abuse of every sort, but the worse was his betrayal to God and how he conned the pastors he taught.  God has opened my eyes to His truth.  Most everyone has abandoned me, including out adult children for exposing his double lifestyle.  I escaped with my life.  God has been so so faithful.  I live my life now, looking to the Lord, to reach out and bring hope and truth to similar Christian women like myself who are stuck in abusive, deceptive marriages to ‘wolves.’  Before divorce, I used to minister to women who had been incested. Mostly in Spanish speaking countries.   I will pray for your ministry, and support it in this new year. Question – is there a way for me to download your audios to my computer?  Do you have any materials in Spanish?  There is nothing on the web to address the issue of wolves and false prophets in Spanish.  Zero.  Nothing. Thanks, your sister in Christ.” D. (note: saints here’s yet another opportunity to reach so many more people – by having the site able to be translated in other languages)

“I was so excited to get your email and read that you were praying for us. Thank you so much! I found your website last night. I have been struggling with my faith and trust in Jesus. I cannot seem to grasp that he can save someone like me. I feel that I am too late to be saved. I know that he is coming soon and if I am too late then I cannot pray for my children and grandchildren. I also know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much, so that is why I was so excited to get your email. Thank you so much for your ministry, Sincerely, Laurel”

“The series I just listened to was the most Biblically accurate I’ve ever heard. You obviously are chosen by God. Please interject any thoughts or just instruct me how to get started.   I crave the Truth. I’ve been shown the amount of lying we as humans engage in. The enemy is the father of all lies. I believe lying is our first language that as Christians we must learn to speak truth. Once the Lord taught me this it was then that I realized the Treasure is Truth.  Bible is Truth. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am falling head over heals in love with Him. Thank you for being a Truth teller Todd. Are you a pastor should I say pastor Todd?” Jaye

“So appreciating today’s prayer in 31 Cross Prayers book. Today, for me, that is the perfect prayer.” Debbie

“The scripture you cite from Revelation 21:8 is a sobering one. I remember a day the Holy Spirit shined upon it and the commentary regarding it in my Bible reading. Regretfully it is not preached on – oh that the Lord raise up faithful watchman in this hour of growing deceit.” Lynne

“I’m listening to your podcast on born again, very good.” Laurie

“Was just watching the playback for the live stream on OSAS… thank you so much… sobering… I’m still watching it… very sobering.” Sarah

Moments with our Master, is by far the best I have ever read. No one’s blood will be required at your hands brother! Still reading of course, but marking it up with highlighters….one day at a time!” Mark Owen

“I am forever grateful that God has blessed my life with His Grace abounding with and through you, and especially to all who will open their hearts to Him, that we may share in His glorious Word and know that the world is a better place for it. Happy Thanksgiving now and forever!” Scott

From brother John Becknell in KY: “Brother Todd. We received 3 boxes of Bibles and 1 box of devotionals…. This Thursday we expect a big crowd… Turkey & Dressing Day… I’m hoping to share the Word with many of the customers this week.. (pic) PTL… for you & your ministry brother Todd… it is so good to send a Bible or devotional home with someone who is searching for answers & TRUTH!!!” This all happens due to your love offerings to our LORD’s work. Thanks for your honor towards the WORD…. we need more people who attack the kingdom of darkness aggressively like you! | Because You Care

“I’m going over 33 verses about fear, and doing a Bible study, and going over several studies you mentioned. All good.” Steve

“A Word centered ministry.” Darrel Moore

“A CONTINUAL RELOAD OF BIBLES!!! Just in … found this dear brother on fox after they had an article on him demanding, requiring NO masks in their busy store….

“Here is a picture of our last Bibles… we decided to move them where we could give them away easier… Amen, Brother. The WORD is going forth from Alvin’s… Thanks, Brother Todd. Yes sir, the girls at the Living Free Women’s Center (sister Kenna runs it) love the devotionals. They are just 1 page for each day, PERFECT to get the day started… We have no problem with these gathering dust!! We share and distribute the Bibles (and devotionals) to our customers here at Alvin’s every day. Thanks again brother. We have a large free-to-all Christmas Dinner for our little community here and will feed close to 500 turkey & dressing with all the trimmings… a few Bibles to pass out then would be nice… Again thanks for sharing God’s WORD with our little community, blessings to you and all your supporters for remembering us!! John” John Becknell

More Testimonies of Changed Lives and God’s Goodness Here!

Help Support Here – Take Seconds

“I want to thank YOU for your amazing website, and I will be reading much you have written there. God bless your ministry brother! I praise God for the path that YOUR feet are on.” Clare

“Thank you dear brother for this message I so needed this reminder as the Lord delivered out of. Perfect timing…thank you Jesus!!!” Nancy | Top 12 Missing Essential Doctrines in the Modern Church World!  


“Thank you so very much. My God I pray for people like you and I thank God that there’s people like you in this world for those of us who are spiritually challenged everyday because we are servants of The most high God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Doctor Wellington

“The Body of Christ is Blessed to have you and thanks for the books you have written. I know when I move I will need Bibles and devotions also the Original Gospel. The Original Gospel will be a eye opener to the Gospel of Jesus Christ who will make them Free, Free from all the rules the Amish put above what the Bible said. Brother Todd Please pray that God will open doors for me to be used in this community.” Darlene

“Thank you for your tireless work for the LORD and for writing so many Scripture rich books. I am so blessed by your fellowship. I will have another name from the prison ministry. I am alive to see a new day and dying to me and becoming less and less like the world. I am wanting to see people saved. My son preached last night to some teens across the street from our house and one girl was given a Bible pray for her. Her name is Alicia. Two young men came and were asking questions Jonathan and Nate. Jonathan took a tract from us before and came back to speak to us. Praise the LORD! Please keep them in prayer.” Dana Carter

Help Support Here – Take Seconds

“I am really enjoying your podcasts and I really hate pills (drugs) as they create more health problems. I am learning every day how I have been deceived. It’s really quite shocking. I am so glad that I am getting washed by the Word. Amen.” Penny | The Drugging of America: The Pharmakeia Sorcery Deception

“Thank you and appreciate all you do for the Lord. God Bless you Brother in Christ.” Jan

“God bless you a thousand times for this!! I’m screen shooting all of it. My life has been enshrouded in darkness for months because of Calvinistic soteriology. The other day I remembered that there are excellent Bible and Greek scholars who can whipsaw Calvinistic theologians and I’m desperate to study them. Please pray that I will find ample reason to curse this darkness away, indeed!” Bob | Calvinism

“Yes send more Bibles. That would be great. The girls (at the ministry recovery home) love the devotionals. I have a Thank You card from Kenna Smith. I will send it out to you. Also, she just opened a new living clean house (another half-way house) for women here in town. It will house 15 women. They took their 1st client October 1st. She said she would love to put Bibles and Devotionals in the hands of every lady. Praise The LORD for you and your ministry brother Todd… when we get a box they don’t last long… Kenna is a former long time addict with a passion to help people get free of addiction.” John Becknell (KY) | More here on the Because You Care page.

“I have given out all I the Bibles I have. My brother in Christ Russell has taken the last box and given them to high school children in the Philippines. Praise the Lord!! Please send more as you are able. I need to order 4 of the marriage books. I still have some of the books you sent. I am giving them out when we go on the streets on Fridays.” Dana Carter (MO)

“Whew thank you for that rebuke I needed that! What a magnificent powerful biblical gospel message.” Cassandra | Consider and Build

“Your ministry is very valued, God bless you and all who help you to get the truth out and lies exposed!” PJ

“I appreciate your word driven messages.” Darrel M.

“You have good stuff that’s why I post a lot of it. I try to post only truth, not just about salvation, mainly about false teachers and preachers to be aware and wake up for we are no longer in the last days but the last minutes (spiritually speaking).” Ron

“I praise God for you. The Lord is bearing much fruit in your life for others. There’s not alot of people out there that expose the wolf’s of many colors. Thank You Jesus.” Cat

“Just got 2 cases of Bibles UPS. Taking 1 case to our women’s rehab… the other case we’ll share here at Alvin’s… Thank you so much. May God grant you favor in your ministry… Our little bright spot glows in this dark place. God’s  word always delivers help and comfort! Thanks for all your love and concern for our folks here; the Word will bring hope and freedom to those who need a savior! The bread of life… Everyday we have to give of ourselves to those who are becoming friends… John 15:13. Be blessed brother Todd.” John Becknell

“Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! I just got a package (books) in the mail from you!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!! What a blessing!!!! Thank you so much!!! I just read the daily Moments with Our Master!!!! And the only bible I have right now is a life recovery Bible, and I soooo needed a KJV…. in large print !!!!! I am beyond excited!!! Thank you so much for blessing me with all your books! I’m so excited to read them… I don’t know which one I should start with!!!” Heather Elizabeth | Store

“This is the best teaching I have heard in years. I have certainly been deceived. Looking forward to more.” Penny | The Dangerous Threat of False Prophets

(From brother John who runs a very busy convenience store with a cafe and helps a women’s recovery type ministry). “Yes we received the new box (shipment) of Moments with Our Master devotional books. Thank you so much. The box came and the cashier set it up front. I opened this morning and a new girl said, “are those good?”… I said they are a great start for each day… she is now the owner of one… she read today’s word and said “I needed this!”… Thanks brother Todd… the Word is going out and will not return void!!! Be blessed as you serve the Master. As far as more Bibles, I can sure use them to witness with… there is a real need for the Word here…. We’ve had no problem in getting people to take one! Praise the Lord for you brother! Thanks I’ll be waiting anxiously.” John Becknell

“Thank you brother. It is so refreshing to hear the Truth spoken without compromise. I was also deceived once, but praise God He had mercy on me.” Carmenn Johnson | The Dangerous Threat of False Prophets

“This Dying with Christ radio message is a powerful teaching. We must die to self and let Jesus live through us by the power of His Holy Spirit. Taking up our cross daily to follow after Him. Thank you… The same Spirit who rose Jesus from the grave dwells within us. We are blessed… blessed.” TR

“This is a really good ministry. Love the website too. It’s loaded and I mean loaded with edifying, discernment materials!!! Thank you!!!!” Susan

“I was blessed by your podcast ‘blinded vs blessed‘. Thank you. You touched on all the points for the purpose of the scripture outlined in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 which after some time leads to Romans 15:4. I love your no nonsense teaching and preaching style that gets to the truth sincerely clearly and simply all the while inviting and challenging folks to check, read and study scripture which therefore leads to again 2 Timothy 3:15 that is able to make one wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!  2 Corinthians 5:5-9 ooooh bother, that we would be, in our walk of faith, (not sight) strive to be full of the blindness of the light of the gospel of Christ, that our sight of flesh, the world, and devil would be nothing but a pin-hole, spec of dust and a worm.” David

“Listening to your podcast about church membership. Really good message and I have left my church membership as I think it’s not biblical. The reason I went to this was because I was lonely and it was all for the wrong reasons. I find churches today are like a social club and lack of teaching. Thank you Todd and God bless you.” Penny

“This is powerful loved every second of it. (Blinded vs Blessed ) I’ve shared to my page thanks Todd for always being led by the Holy Spirit. Prayers are with you and for you. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. Keep on shining.” CTP

“Too many Wolves going about and on the TV. It has been a wake up call for me this year. It has been a blessing finding your website.” Penny

“I received your book! Read today’s passage, and it brought me to tears. (happily) Thank you so much for this devotional! I will be reading this daily! (Love the Large print). Really want to express my gratitude. Cried when i read todays page. Needed them. Like Johnny on The Spot…needed them. It was quite amazing actually. Have beautiful day!” DeAnna | Moments with Our Master 365 Day Devotional [book]

“And thank you for the Bible studies. There is a lot of information here. WOW! This will take me some time to get through. Thanks and may “JESUS BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TOO”.  📖 P.S. I Am going to try to send you some money for the ministry, to help those in need. P.P.S. I just want to say that I take care of three people in my home, one is an old man that is not related to me at all and he would have been put in a home, so I took him in. I just want you to know I am trying my best for the “LORD”… THANK YOU FOR YOUR MINISTRY. I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!” Doug

“Thank you so much for the book and the Bible!!” Dawn

“5 STARS! Excellent Devotional Moments with Our Master: This book should be alongside every bed stand. It is Scripture rich. It helps you to spend time daily with the Lord. Highly recommended!!” Dana

“I received your books today. Thank you so much. I’m going to eventually order your devotional book and the 40 Bible Scriptures Every Disciple Must know. Thanks again brother.” Dee R.

“This Trump Needs Prayer is a well-thought-out Biblically-grounded Christian response to those who would tell us to not engage in the world or support America. It brings up the unborn and refers to 1 Tim 2:1-3, which says pray for those in authority.” A. |

“You truly are a breath of fresh air. Scripture.” Dee

“I want to thank you sincerely for all you do! The research …the TRUTH..and how to live SOLELY on Christ alone! Your heart is truly after God and not of this World! …soon to hear the Lord say…WELL DONE, good and faithful servant! 🎯🎯 Iron sharpens IRON!” Frances

“I bought the little Safeguardyoursoul book (Soul Damning Sins) and it’s very moving. I was worried that I had lost the conviction of the Holy Ghost, but the problem was that I was lazy and indulging which led to lusts. Very grateful for this small book.If I shared the file with one friend would that be okay? Thank you, will be looking at more of your stuff. This is a Godsend!!” Brittany

“Thank you for all you encouraging posts and words of wisdom…” Dawn

MESSAGE RECEIVED: “I am interested in promoting the gospel like you’re doing. I am just learning, so any helpful hints feel free to share, and I just may share with you something you’ve always wanted to learn. Barrett … REPLY: Hi Barrett. Hope you are well today brother. Well, drinking from the fountain of God’s Word, God’s wisdom is the key. Remaining full of His Word and Spirit. John 5:39; 2 Tim 2:15; 3:15-17; Job 23:12; Ps 119. Blessings in Christ to you brother. Will pray for you now. In Jesus’ name, todd

“Thank you so much for the books you sent, my daughter and I did a bible study together today. From the August 5th devotion. What a Blessing that was. I’ve been praying for her to come to the Lord. She was very open Glory to God! Thank you Brother have a Blessed Day!!” Laurie | Moments with Our Master 365 Devotional book

QUESTION ASKED: “Could you recommend a good study Bible and some teaching on the attributes of God.” Paul

REPLY: Hi brother Paul. Hope you are well brother. I like the Life in the Spirit Study Bible KJB ….. it’s from a Holy Spirit filled, NON-OSAS, non-calvinistic perspective. Very good stuff. I believe Tozer has something on the attributes of God…. also check to see what RA Torrey has….. The Divine Attributes  In Jesus, todd

“The ladies said the they loved the first devotional books we took. Comments were great as to how insightful and thought provoking, and it only takes a minute to read… God Bless you and your ministry for taking an interest in our little community… as your input also brings a light to the darkness in this area…” John Becknell | Moments with Our Master 365 Devotional book

“Hello brother Todd. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to your podcast about being Filled with Hate or Enlightened by Love. Definitely showed me some areas of my heart that need work. I remember seeing a woman posting some hateful things about cops on Facebook and if I’m being honest and that moment it made me happy to think that she would be in hell ( God dealt with my heart quickly on that one!) I think as Christians it’s so easy to fall into the Trap of thinking we’re better than others. I’m so thankful that God is always gracious to point me back to the cross and remind me I am no better than anyone else,  but I am also a sinner who needs my Savior. I’m so thankful for messages like yours that remind us that has Christians we are to love.  In Christ,” Andrea

“This Curse of the Divided Heart post is amazing! This is why I asked you to call me when you had time a few weeks back. I have never seen this Scripture before. It’s absolutely amazing. Thanks for this share. Still would like speak with you over the phone. When you are free that is.” Phil Butler

“Luke 21:34-36 ‘And take heed to yourselves, lest at anytime your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that the day come upon you unawares. 35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the son of man.’ Vs.36 I’m paying extra attention to. Brother Todd has a very powerful and insightful teaching found in PROPHESY: Return of Christ End Times ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE. I’ve listened to this particular teaching no less than 8 times , and I’ll be listening to it 8 times more. Again brother Todd , I thank God through Christ Jesus for you. And as Jesus , opening up the scripture to me . God bless Todd.” PB | Accounted Worthy to Escape

“God bless you brother. Thankful for the gift of God you chose to receive. Hallelujah Jesus.” Phil

“I listened to the audio, Faith in Resurrection, it was awesome. I’ll have to sit this weekend and listen to it again just to absorb everything that was said.” Maureen (South Africa)

“Listened to the Fauci audio and learned a lot from that one. As you said, people will believe anything that is on TV. I’ve seen it with people that I know, they run after nonsense, too lazy to find out if what they heard is true.” M.

“True indeed. The ‘Fulfilling Your Calling‘ message is full of golden nuggets thank you for sharing.”

“The Moments with Our Master 365 devotional book is a great book. Thank you for your continued discipleship. Saving Souls for Jesus.” Tony L.

“Hi Todd. Just listened to Beware of the ‘Prophetic’ Gurus WOWZERS!!! Thank you brother real eye opener.” Patricia

“I was taught and influenced by many things in the past. One of these was Calvinism and OSAS which I use to hold to. I no longer believe in these and have found your teachings to be Biblical, balanced and true in the light of Scripture. Your work is eye opening and I commend you for it.” Paul

“I am so blessed to have a ministry who cares for the sheep and does the work of the kingdom of God. May God bless you in abundance! In Christ’s love,” Dan and Darlene

“I have benefited so much from your ministry. In Christ.” Andrea

“Like your new article on GNT (Good News Translation). I got someone to stick to the King James Version recently. They used the NIV.” Matt | GNT “bible” Exposed

This is the latest from brother John who runs a store called Alvin’s in Manchester, KY. – “Brother Todd… Yes, yes, yes…. more Bibles & devotionals please… The devotionals (Moments with Our Master [book]), went like crazy… they were gone by the next day…. [we are trying to be the bright spot in this area of darkness.] I get to pray with those MANY that come in & love to give out the Bibles. Last week we had a prayer circle right in front of the cash register with a total of 7 people, all with various needs & issues… ]. This is a tough place….. pray for us that we can break the chains of addiction, poverty, and hopelessness! The case of Bibles went to “Freedom House” [ I can send some info if you like, it’s been open only about 6 mo.] local women’s long term rehab… also has expecting mothers… the devotionals would really be great for them…  Most think their situation is hopeless but, thank God for people like you who know the WORD breaks through the darkness! Praise God for you, blessings and Godly favor for your ministry! Not only do we serve great food…. but we serve our neighbors with the healing WORD… Thank you so much for caring for our little spot! We have several Christian veterans locally who support our efforts!… Again God bless you & your ministry! A true God send…” John Becknell

“Thanks for answering Todd. I tell people all the time to read their Bible day and night. It is The tree of Life for Christians. But here is what I have found: When people get saved they are sssssoooo in Love with Jesus. It is life changing! But those you know who have no interest in studying The Scriptures, prove they are not in love with Jesus. Sad. Keep doing what you have been doing! Have a blessed day,” Linda

“Hello there Todd. I just got the 2 copies of the Moments with Our Master [book] just now. Thank you very much. I’d like to speak with you on the phone when you have an ample amount of time. Anytime that’s convenient for you would be great. Thank you again Todd. God bless you and your co-workers in the Lord. You are an inspiration. Blessings.” Phil

“Love the devotional book that you wrote. This book is inspirational. It answers some of the things I have been going through with my family. It gives me a boost to keep on praying for them. All my biggest battles are in my family but I will never give up on them. Please keep me in prayer, thank you again.” Carol B. | Moments with Our Master [book]

“Thanks for the King James Bibles. Blown away, awesome.” David Taylor

“I’m going to buy some of your books how to be born again for evangelism. It’s what my nephew and I read, such a blessing. God’s using you to help disciple my nephew and me. It’s so nice to hear someone who takes God serious and doesn’t water down His Word. God bless you, and keep up the great work.” Enrique

“I’m spending hours listening. What a total blessing (to the SafeGuardYourSoul radio programs). It’s like discovering gold to find your channel.” Cheryl

“Hi Todd, I received your package few days ago, 4 Bibles. They look really nice ! I love that it is large print so that my daughter can finally read it, hopefully. The rest I will give out where needed. Thank you very much.” Nevenka (Canada)

“It’s so comforting to open up and see your posts. THANK YOU.” Laurie

“Glory to God!! Your persistence and obedience are reaping fruit for the kingdom. Labor of love for God and His people — birthed and empowered by the Spirit of God. Full of His glory and grace!” Debbie L.

“Keep shinning Gods very bright light on everyone. The world needs more of His truths and not the fake gospel that is fed to most today in churches and out of churches as well at times. Thank You.” Shirley

“Thank you for being a mentor and friend. Thank you for your captivating and inspiring articles and audios. Your ministry touches and inspires many of us to always strive hard to do the will of God. Thank you for your concern over our spiritual lives. You are an exemplary leader who has dedicated his life to winning more souls into the kingdom of God. May the Lord shower you with more grace and blessings! May God continue to increase your knowledge and wisdom. May He grant you good health and strength to deliver His words to the saints till your last breath. May the Lord’s blessings continue to be with you and may His words continue to move you from strength to strength. 1 Timothy 5:17(KJV) ‘Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.’” Maureen

“(from brother Calvin Patzkie who rec’d a box of Bibles) “Thank you for the package Sir your awesome.” Calvin

“Thank you for blessing me with your devotion book (Moments with Our Master).  I love starting and ending everyday in that devotional. It is turning my life around. Love and blessings.” Jesse DeGrazio

“Thank you again for your forgiveness – God bless you and your ministry call. My prayers are always with you and for you. God have His way in your life. Stay blessed.” Carol

“Amazing how quickly these Bibles are going out. I’ll have to order more soon. It makes me extremely happy that they get handed out so fast. Thank you for distributing them. You are an amazing person because you are a doer of the Word.” Maureen

“I like the post you send out. They are meaningful. Keep shinning the Light and the Truth. No compromise. Jesus is our Truth. Hope you are well.” Darlene D.

“Your website covers a multitude of topics, great ministry with cold hard truth that breaks and convicts. May God bless you and your ministry brother Todd.” Tom Kooneeliusie

“Todd, Thank you for putting yourself in the fire! You are the voice in the wilderness leading us to safe land. Peace and God give you his word all your days. 🌺” Cheryl

“I received a box of books today thank you. I will be sharing these and I can start sending more students names from the prison ministry as soon as I get new lessons to grade.” Dana C.

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“Great message Sir this lock down I m reading your articles only and doing nothing else I begin my day reading your articles and end my day again reading it🙏” Mike E.

“Isn’t God Awesome!!!! I’m in the middle of the listening to your video Satan Nuked and at the sound of the last text alert, you said ” ….the only way you’re going to be happy is when you’re seeking to be  Holy. I just got done texting you about me looking for happiness in things. Thank you Lord for Your goodness for us, thank You so much Jesus. Hey Todd great to hear from you too. Definitely God inspired!!!!” Phil Butler

“Excellent. I absolutely love helping. There are still so many lost souls out there, even if just one person accepts Jesus because of those Bibles, then I’ll be very happy. But I’ll keep praying that as many as possible will accept Jesus. Keeping you and the others who work in the ministry in my prayers.” Maureen L.

“God bless you for everything you’re doing. Thanks again for all your work. I’m sure you already know this but I’ll say it anyways. Your information does not go unheard. I’ll be reposting this website to get the word out.” Oscar

“Again, thank you brother and thank You Lord Jesus. You speak to us in many different ways, through visions, through Your holy angels, through people like my brother Todd, through your Holy Spirit, and most assuredly through Your Word. Let us hunger and thirst for more of You, the Word of God, and Your righteousness. Thank You God in Jesus’ name. Amen.” Tom

“Just wanna say it’s good to be a part of God’s work thru sgys and know that I need to hear what you preach — God’s Word — more than anyone. An it’s a good thing I need to run through the podcasts 3 times. Hopefully sum of it will stick!” Debbie Lord

“I thank God for Safe Guard Your Soul. I shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free, Thank you Brother Todd for Preaching,Teaching and Warning. That is what you do You are Bold and Strong in the Lord Your Faith rises up in the Lord.  Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and of Good Courage be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Do not be Afraid Do not Fear God Is with you. God is for you. Many Blessings to you Brother Todd, May the Lord Bless you and may his face shine upon you May he keep you in all his ways, In Christ Love the Risen Lord and Savior Sister.” Darlene

“Nobody says the stuff you say, Bro Todd!!” John Umlauf

“Amen, I like reading the stories of people getting saved by the Ministry SGYS. How you go into the prisons. I pray for more to be saved. Thank you as you go in the name of the Lord.” Darlene

“Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from  Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!” ZK

“Man, this stuff is awesome. That’s what I call solid meat. That’s if you’re hungry for Truth. Good stuff brother.” Jeff Thomas

“I really admire your work ethic, man! You are a machine!” Jason Owens

“You’re like my new best friend.😂 I love your information/posts. Keep up the great work brother! I’ve been bingeing on your articles and videos. I love it, precious fellowship!” Gary Steiner

“Thanks Todd you are truly a blessing to the body of Christ.” Nancy Cote

“Todd, your book, I Die Daily, has been dovetailing into other teachings I along with some friends have been listening to. Extremely “on time” for us! I just photocopied your intro, and sent that to a friend in GA.  She was so taken by just the intro she ordered three books: of course, one for her, the other two to mutual friends we have (one being in GA, the other in SC). So thankful the four us have this book to encourage each other to follow Jesus into His death, allowing His Spirit to work His death in each of us; and, that knowing His death in us, we would know His resurrected Life in us and we would know our new life IN HIM! Very much a blessing! Thank you, Todd!” Mia

“God leads us to people that we need in our lives. He definitely lead me to find your ministry. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you for being a great teacher.” Maureen

“Such a powerful teaching thank you for sharing. I certainly felt the Holy Ghost whilst you ministered so beautiful. Also made me think of where I am, my personal walk in the Lord. Thank you. I cried. Absolutely love this message. I’ve heard it before but tonight it was different. I felt your heart, the Lords heart, and my own. God bless you much love.” Dawn | Cain vs Abel: Which One are You?

“Thank you for all you do for the body of Christ. You’re a true servant of Christ Jesus.” Cassandra

“I am always reading and waiting for every Preaching that you are posting, and I thank God and I’ll praise Him for your life my brother because I have learned a lot and still learning… I am also using a KJV now…” Isaiah De Castro

“In today’s devotional in the Moments with Our Master book, the first line of the prayer is especially thought provoking. That really, really stopped me. I’ve never even thought of praying something like that. Amazing. It’s dangerous to trust someone else to tell you what the Word says, instead of being in the Word daily for yourself…. That one line, we could talk about it for hours. This just jumped off the pages to me.” Ron Miears

“What I really love about your ministry is that there is rebuke, there’s love, there’s exhortation, teaching, and the gospel is preached. I just really marvel at it and the prolific timeliness of it all. If anyone ever used social media right it’s you! Thanks for being a blessing to me!” John U.

“In my New Testament Bible reading, I have only Matthew, Mark, Luke and I am finishing the book of Acts now. I started in John on Jan. 1. I have also been through Psalms and Proverbs. Soon I hope to start in Genesis in the Old Testament.  It truly has been changing my life! I thank God for using you to impress on me to repent and get right with God. Also your devotional, Moments with Our Master, has blessed my walk greatly. The Scripture-filled devotions have really blessed my walk with the Savior Jesus. Glory to God, Brother Todd, for your faithfulness to Him and His people, Amen!” Charles Pray

“I have enjoyed listening to some of your videos and podcasts in the mornings before class. They are so full of scripture. I have felt uplifted. I’m so glad you ha e them posted on YouTube. I’m able to listen at home and in the car. I heard you say on one, that you wanted us to pray for you. So I am. Bless you friend.” Carey | SafeGuardYourSoul Youtube Channel

“I need to read Moments with Our Master daily. It fills those empty spaces in my heart daily. A devotional only becomes a devotional when you devote the time each day to read and meditate on it. Amen.” Charles Pray

“I have listened to two of your podcasts over the past couple of days. They were thought provoking.” Carey

“I just need to share this with you Brother. This book Moments with Our Master, is really Blessing me. This is the third time the Lord delivered me from something while in your book, that went on in my walk with him due to things that were being spoken over me that were not true in the church. I was so hungry and thirsty for Christ. I was giving up things He told me to give up. I really was wanting that fullness, so one night I was crying out to Him about that fullness, waiting for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me through the Scriptures. I went to church that night and I was approached by this person and she said to me (these words devastated me) she said ‘a word, a word, you are always looking for a word.’  I felt angry because I was waiting and seeking the Lord through His Word. I wasn’t looking for a word from anyone, I was looking to Jesus. I couldn’t explain it but I felt like my prayer closet had been invaded. I use to think to myself ‘what’s this all have to do with the voice God?’ Why is this happening to me? These things happened to me a lot in the churches. Brother Your March 4th devotion Wow!! What a Revelation! I can see how Satan was trying to trip me up, to make me believe that God was upset at me. And now here to find out she was reflecting, projecting upon me her own lack of being in the Word and studying. I shed a lot of tears not understanding what I was going through. I didn’t understand these things that went on in churches.  I asked the Lord to please send someone that understood these things that I was going through.  I never heard of you, but I dreamed about your book Predators in Our Pulpit. I knew which one to get because of the picture on it that I’d seen in the dream. That was around 2013. I know God put you in my path and I am so thankful for it. You are truly a Blessing in my Life, God Bless you Todd in Christ. Forever your sister in the Lord🙂. I have 7 of your books. They are all 5 stars to me.” Laurie Cox

“After service several of us prayed with him (a teen boy who has had a rough life). He prayed to receive Jesus, was baptized in the Holy Spirit and is living with me. We’ve been going through one of your books each morning.” Buffey

“Cannot thank God enough for you brother and all the faithful and righteous work a saint is given to do. May it please the Lord to protect, cover, bless and use mightily in these times to come.” David Taylor

“This was a excellent teaching!” Laurie Cox | Resurrection Grace

“You sure stirred up those OSAS folk with the Word BROTHER. I Love it! God bless you friend!” Chris C.

“Dear brother Todd, we received those Bibles you sent. I don’t know how much I can appreciate you for the tremendous miraculous support you are doing here only God knows. Please never give up . Your Ministry is bringing alot of lost Souls to Jesus Christ. If possible could you please Order us BEMBA Bibles to BIBLE SOCIETY OF ZAMBIA as few as you can. I know your resources are too limited but nothing I can do without you. Some people especially in Remote Areas/Villages don’t read, speak and understand English. It’s paining me to see SOULS who cannot afford to purchase Bibles on their own and struggling to have Bibles. The BIBLE SOCIETY OF ZAMBIA is selling BEMBA KJV BIBLES at a very low price. Iam not forcing you to Order BEMBA Bibles it your choice to make my beloved brother. Let us be faithful and Jesus will come soon. Materials you sent have been received safely. Please continue the tremendous work you are doing by spreading proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel in these last days of the Earth’s and very soon you will be reward. Please pass my warm Christian greetings to all. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Our Local Language is BEMBA. With lots of Christian love. The email address for the BIBLE SOCIETY OF ZAMBIA is website:  I humbly thank you in advance always for the tremendous support you are doing here without you nothing can be done. They are thousands of Christians who are Millionaires but they only spending alot of funds to the things of this sinful world purchasing expensive Vehicles, Buildings and Houses, while the work of the Lord is suffering terribly.” ELDER CHABBY ALFRED CHABALA.

“Just finished listening to this message ‘When Satan Tempted Jesus‘: I received it as one of a small number of authentic, true, powerful, and Christ exalting messages that I have heard in a long time, brought to me a sober mind and prayer. It really is a true test of our love for God. Thank you brother Todd.” David Taylor

“Please know I mean that my words of ‘Thank you” to you are not big enough to contain the gratitude I have for all you’ve taught me and the body of Christ!” D.

“Nothing like strongly contending for the faith to draw interest. There’s so much garbage out there now under the title of ‘Christianity’. I believe people are hungry for plain biblical truth and are actually relieved and refreshed — bolstered in their own faith — when they hear it (or read it) from someone that is giving them straight up Bible teaching.” Debbie Lord

“Everyone should have a copy of this devotional ─ Moments With Our Master. It’s not filled with opinions or translations, but real King James verses to study, plus concise biblical truths and a prayer at the end of each devotional. Just try it for yourself ─ it’s well worth the few dollars it costs. You will find yourself growing every day and increasing in hunger for God’s precious Word in your life. Psalms 1:2; 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and Romans15:4 all speak of the importance of a devotional life with God in His Word.“ Charles Pray

“Never before in my life have I known, met or read someone who can point me directly to scriptures on various topics so quickly. Humbly and lovingly also. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there have been multiple things you could have just rebuked me on and moved on, but Always pointing back to Jesus and the cross with multiple scriptures. I’ve thanked God probably every day. I’ve been able to learn more in a couple of weeks than any other point in my life. The more I read and learn, the hungrier I am for more.” Buffey

“Thank you so much for your Newsletter you have sent to me, which really contains the accurate truth of the Bible. Nothing but the whole truth is needed in the last days to be PROCLAIMED around the whole world. Your Message needed to reach many places before I die.” ELDER CHABBY ALFRED CHABALA

“You dooo realize that I’m reading day and night and can’t keep up with all you are teaching. Everything you write is so Scripture rich that I’m stopping to read each verse. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving every bit of it. I’m just thankful I don’t have to work the rest of this week.” Buffey

“You’re being used mightily brother, so hang in there, as you are My battle AXE!” Mark Owen

“I want you to know that I have been in God’s word daily and reading my Moments with Our Master Devotional. I am up to Psalm 95 I do one chapter a day. I have also been through the book of John, Proverbs, Galatians, Revelation, Ephesians in chapter 4 now, finally Hebrews in chapter 7. I try to stick with 3 to 4 different chapters every night. The Holy Spirit has been bringing back much of the word I have studied over my lifetime. I feel like I am back in bible college. Thanks so much for sticking with me over these past few years. Your labor was not in vain. Keep pressing on Brother to God be all the glory for you sold out dedication to His glorious work. You are blessing many that you may never know until that glorious day when we all stand before our Saviour for our faithful works unto Him alone. God Bless You Brother Todd. Brother Charles and Chastity.” Charles Pray

“Thank the Lord for you. How He is using you to feed the sheep. The care and Love of Jesus is poured into every message. The Truth of God’s Holy Pure Word is so refreshing, encouraging, life changing. I am blessed by this Ministry. The Podcast titled TheKisses of the Enemy are Deceitfulthat is Gospel truth. I do want truth. … I thank the Lord for this message I will listen to this message some more. That is the truth, The Kisses of the Enemy are Deceitful.” Darlene

“I want to purchase The Original Gospel for my family. Your books are very helpful and encouraging to stay in the Word and running the race. God bless you and your ministry.” Darlene

I really enjoy my copy of the Moments with Our Master 365 Day Devotional [book]. Everyday I’m Blessed with another treasure.” Laurie Cox

“Dear Brother, Thank you for all of the important info that you provide online. I would like to talk with you when you get a chance. I have some questions. My number is ——-.” Scott

“Brother Todd, I listened to your lesson on The American Dream Delusion. It really spoke to my heart and brought great conviction to me. The Lord, through the Holy Spirit has really been speaking to me about losing my life so I may save it. Lately I have been saving my life and in that process I have been losing my life.” Brother Charles

“Just saw your video on “Pray Without Ceasing.” Really good job on how that was put together — with verse popping up on the side as you are speaking it. Nice.” Debbie

“I’ve already purchased two of your books that were EXTREMELY helpful, and I’ll be going on the site this weekend and see what else the Lord leads me to purchase. God bless.” T.

“Brother Todd I am really beginning to see all of the dedication you put in everyday to bring these Biblical truths to both the believers but even more important to every non believer out there. May God continue to use you and bless you in every way needed to get the true Word of God out there to every person who needs Jesus and His Saving Grace in their lives, Amen!” Brother Charles and Chastity Pray.

“Every single verse, chapter, topic I’ve read, prayed about and studied the past 72 hours, you post. I prayed this morning for the Lord to help me rightly divide The Word, I open my bible this morning before ever opening social media to 2 Peter, read and studied the chapter. To me that shows me He is confirming that you are posting and teaching on exactly what He wants us all to see and know. Ok I’ll stop hyperventilating now.” Buffey

“Thank you for ‘Settled at His Feet.’ Beautiful, much needed reminder.” Debbie Lord

“Todd is a true warrior for Christ and the Gospel.” Barbara K.

“Thank you!! You have sparked a new hunger in me that I have been praying for. A hunger for more and more of His word. Todd, you/this is such a blessing and answered prayer. I know I keep saying this, but I just get so excited when God just blesses both socks off. I also have a friend in Montgomery whose ministry is to bless people with books and bibles. He reads so much. I will pass this along so he can read some. He will buy cases at a time and bless others with them. I don’t make enough money to do this, but God is very faithful to surround me with people who partner with me and together we get things done. For years I’ve focused almost solely on reaching troubled, abandoned, rejected and abused children and youth. (That is still my greatest passion), but God has begun expanding things. I prayed in 1983 when I was saved for the Lord to send me as many kids that were hurt like me, so I could introduce them to Him, the ONE who rescued and saved me. He has absolutely fulfilled that well beyond what I could have ever fathomed, but I’ve learned the past year that those who have been in addiction since childhood/ teen years are still very much broken “children” no matter their age.” Buffey

“I’ve been listening to your podcasts this morning and am thanking God I friended you. I will be playing the podcasts for the women in the recovery program on Fridays as well as the group home where I work. I had a situation a couple of weeks ago where the new director of the women’s program called me in and told me I was too deep for some of the women. She stated I needed to give them more fluff. (I’m sure she meant milk), but it has left me looking for devotionals and teachings that weren’t fluff but could reach those who are more mature in Christ as well atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, witches and new believers. (Yes I’ve encountered all of the above).” Buffey

“Just wanna say thanks as well for giving me some information about Ahab and Jezebel (information about the God ordained roles of men and women).” Liza

“I love your bold stance on the holy Ghost and all the gifts that they in fact did NOT cease and are still available for born again believers!! I am just NOW finding this out!! God is teaching me in amazing ways since I left the baptist church. Glory to God!! P.s.- I’m listening to the audio on Full with the Holy Ghost.” Patricia

“I am so glad you are defending God’s Word !” Ken H.

“God bless you brother Todd. I love reading my copy of the Moments with Our Masterdevotional every morning before I head to work. It’s such a blessing, I had to share it with family and friends. I have given away 8 of them so far and plan on giving some more. May God continue to bless your ministry.” Mady Mendez

“Amen Brother Todd. Keep pressing on to the mark of the high calling. God is using you mighty for His glory. Amen!” Charles Pray

“Supporting a ministry, that you know is sharing the true Gospel, will bring joy to your heart. When I was still part of a NAR church, it always felt like I had to give money. Now I can’t wait to give monthly so that others can hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Maureen Lundie

“AMEN my FRIEND. Hello Brother. Loved the Word! Yes indeed I have my best friend who is my pastor who is very bold in CHRIST JESUS and taught me 5 years ago that if it’s not biblical then it’s your opinion! PERIOD! All GLORY be to GOD in JESUS! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION AS WELL IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME!” Coleman

“We are enjoying your books brother Todd. I wanted to do a new devotional this year and you sent me Moments with the Master.  God’s timing is impeccable.” Jesse D.

“I am so thankful for Safeguardyoursoul! There is not one sound Church in my Community. It is all Manmade traditions. I’m sure some in these Churches are Born Again. I know some Christlike people! I just listened to part 1 & 2 of Satan The Accuser Of The Brethren. It so sound! With no Church or desire to attend Babylon’s Churches, it is a real blessing to hear God’s word. There is much I need to give to Jesus. I feel like I am just learning all over again. Lord bless.” David Lawrence | The Accuser of the Brethren

“I just finished the teaching on Only begotten Son. Thank you. Perfect! Thank you for your ministry, may God continue to bless you brother and use your ministry of truth to rescue souls for Jesus.” David Taylor

“You are singing my song! Great work here. So glad I discovered you.  The churches are preaching fairy tales and they are oblivious to the times we are living in. Left a comment here or tried to. I’m spending hours listening to The Bitterness of Life Made Sweet radio podcast. What a total blessing.  Like discovering gold on your channel. Todd, you are helping me so much through a really bad time in my life.  I hope your New Year is specially productive and rewarding, that you get many more listeners and are able to bless even more people – like loaves and fishes that the little boy gave to Jesus to feed the crowds.  I pray God will multiply your ministry and reward you accordingly.” Cheryl

“I just finished the teaching on Only begotten Son. Thank you. Perfect! Thank you for your ministry, may God continue to bless you brother and use your ministry of truth to rescue souls for Jesus.” David Taylor

“Brother Todd, we need to make sure we schedule something in the near future to continue our excellent fellowship. I love the Scriptures you sent after our latest fellowship and I will check out the link when I’m off work.  I especially like the Scripture where Jesus says we must hate our father, mother, etc., to be His disciple because the exaggeration makes the meaning clear — clear to those who see God with the eyes of their heart.  It also reminds me that my family is those who are going to Heaven; I hope that includes everyone in my Earthly family and I endeavor to win their souls for Christ. … I prefer to be reading the Scriptures than reading a book that teaches about the Bible, not that there is no place for it.  That is what I like about your books; they are rich in Scripture. In Christ,” Mike

“Thank you for sharing inspirational & scriptural words with everyone. I love reading them all. You inspire and uplift me so much. Thank you for allowing the Lord use you as His vessel…God bless you greatly!” Sanchez

“Hi – I used your graphic because it was perfect to illustrate the video I’m sending out. You can put me on your mailing list too! Thank you for your good work you are doing. God’s Best to you! So happy to be corresponding with you, and hope to help you get the word out.  I have a nice big mailing list.” CAB

“So excited to start my daily devotional in the new Moments with Our Master book.” Gina Rachelle

“Love ya man! Thanks again for a couple decades of steadfast love to this scruffy sheep and for your determination to continue to crank out the KJV WORD of GOD – without fear.  Remember that this life is a vapor – and for us – its mostly over…at least more than halfway. Looking forward to spending eternity on God’s New Earth and under His new Heaven with you – my friend. Don’t give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This world needs every special forces Christian (they can find) with your guts and determination and knowledge!!!” Chris


“Seems God has chosen us to show how much can be done with little. He is the sustainer and provider. Our treasures are in heaven and we know this world is not our home. Some of our graduates who all learned much from the Grace and Truth Bible School modules as well.  We meet on Mondays to study deeper into the word.  Normally there are twelve who attend.  This day we were blessed to have plain tea, sometimes there is only water, but we all come away with a feast spiritually, praise the Lord! Spiritual growth is most important and these pastors all say their lives have been changed and now they KNOW God is real. Never give up, don’t grow weary, it will be worth it all when we see Jesus. God bless you and your ministry. Pressing onward toward the mark.” Mama Jo (Joetta, Africa) | Grace and Truth Bible School

“Glory to God! I love the way you keep moving forward in the work the Lord gives you for each day. I bless His Name and daily lift you before Him. Am lifting up God’s new sheep, too, Jason. May God connect him with His Bible believing fellowship and minister to Him daily and keep him strong in his new found faith in Christ.” Debbie L.

“Brother, we have to ‘abide’ and do our part. There are so many scriptures that warn of falling away and OSAS is not biblical at all. Thank you brother for all you’re doing for the kingdom. May the Lord bless you always.” Nick Bellhouse

“Hi Todd. Wanted to share this picture of Pastor Febian in Uganda who is now using your Grace and Truth Bible School modules along with our Treasure Keepers Kenya studies to teach his church. We still have no supporters, but see what God is doing even on my small SS!  We are very excited and still use the modules to complement our Bible School studies!  The spiritual growth is wonderful! God bless you as we all work in the harvest for the glory of God. Mama Jo, Treasure Keepers Kenya

“Brother Todd, I just listened to this Pod Cast about God being the Light the Life and the Love of every believer have a lot of scriptures to read later especially Matt. chapters 5-7 Gal. 2:20 Romans chapter 6 1st Cor. chapter 13 1st John 4-8 Brother Charles.”

Moments with Our Master is a wonderful devotional book loaded with scriptures to help you daily in you’re walk with Jesus. Amen! Very helpful inspirational and motivational daily journal. I recommend it for every believer in Christ. Amen!” Charles Pray

“I’ve grown so much by this biblical gospel ministry.” Cassandra

“Wonderful message. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this is a ministry worth supporting.” Maureen Lundie

“Thank you for pointing this out to me ! Never looked at this like that before! I feel so much better since I had a pouring out of my heart to Jesus Christ for the last month! Whew, it was much needed indeed! Jesus is giving me Scriptures on love! I needed to hear this on balance! Both are essential for the born again Christian!” Cassandra Bond Shelton

“I don’t know what your background is and I haven’t yet read any of your books, but based on your posts and articles I’ve seen, you’re one of the most sound, doctrinally on point preacher/teachers we have today. Thanking God for you!” John Umlauf

“‘Moments with Our Master is a wonderful devotional book loaded with scriptures to help you daily in you’re walk with Jesus. Amen!” Brother Charles.

“Hey brother, been meaning to give you an update on the prayer request that I asked for. I received the daily devotional ‘Moments with Our Master’ today. God is so awesome. I want to thank you so much for it. I read today’s reading, amazing.  I’m looking forward to reading this, and to see how God is going to use it to minister to, comfort, and confirm His plan in my life, with the confirmation of Scripture of His Holy Word in the KJB. Thank you again for this blessing Todd.” Phil Butler

“Brother Todd, Thank you for the books. Both are excellent.  The one is 40 really important Scriptures. The one book 40 Bible Verses Every Disciple MUST Know! and the “I Die Daily” are compelling. It’s either a surprise, a reminder, or reinforcement.  For me it is reinforcement.  With every new reading of the Bible, I increasingly find that there really is no room for excuses and we are not guaranteed Heaven short of totally loving and serving God, loving our neighbor, repenting, etc.  Your book reinforces that for me.  For those who forgot, they are reminded.  For adherents of the prosperity gospel, your book surprises them and forces them to make a decision. I could go on, but you’re book is preaching to the choir in my case and I am really blessed by it.  God Bless You!  I hope you are doing well.” In Christ, Mike Schultz

“Thank you so so much Brother Todd. All glory we give to our glorious Saviour King Jesus. God bless you and all you do for God’s kingdom. Am so thankful to Lord Jesus for giving His peace in this situation by using you my precious brother. Thank you again. Holy love in Christ.” Rowena

“Just want to say a huge thank you for all the pod casts on exposing the OSAS lie. The truth is just so wonderful!! I’m praying to have enough money to get the Lie of the Ages book on Amazon! The Scriptures have opened true understanding in a way I never imagined! I’m now in the Word constantly because so many things that didn’t make sense (when I used to believe OSAS) now do!! I mean everywhere I turn in the Bible I’m blown away!! I have yet to speak to my pastor about this because he has had MANY bad things come up recently. Nearly everyone in my life (from my falling-away son, to my husband) is kind of discouraging me to take this on. Even my pastor said during one of his sermons that to deny OSAS is blasphemy. (I’m SURE that was directed towards me since just a few days prior I was questioning OSAS to a church member.) Anyway please pray for me because I am definitely going to talk about this very important doctrinal issue. God bless.” P. | Eternal Security Exposed

“Thank you so much for sending the books to the incarcerated people whose names I send you. I will be sending more names as I have them. I am wanting to start supporting your ministry. I will be ordering the Moments with Our Master book and one other about marriage. I really appreciate your faithfulness to the LORD and your Scripture rich books.” Dana

“Thank you, Brother. I will be ordering some more books from you soon. I am listening to the Proverbs 31 audio series. I am so thankful for this. Praise God for your ministry and obedience to Him. Please keep my family and me in your prayers.” Dana Rankin

“I have stumbled across your ministry and like what I read. I live in Northern Ireland and … My wife and I are both saved and attend an independent Pentecostal fellowship.  As a new convert years ago I was followed up by a man who ended up ship wrecking my new and young faith through Calvinistic teaching. Since then unto the present day I am mistrusting of most professed Christians as I had a bad experience with many. I feel that many of our fellowships are filled with false gospels and doctrines of devils. Spiritual abuse and manipulation abounds …I need to follow the Lord and do the things I need to unto I put to bed some spiritual issues which I have been working on. I am very fussy (particular) about who and what I listen to. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work as your ministry in my opinion is a real blessing.” Paul G.

“I love this podcast series! Such a magnificent blessing!” Cassandra | Proverbs 31 Woman

“Your blog is astounding and amazing!! How can I follow this page?” Charity

“Hey, I’m sure you guys get emails like this all the time but I believe, actually know I was legitimately saved and through habitual sin and other things I got myself to a really bad place. I’m experiencing reprobation symptoms have extreme unbelief and and am just generally in trouble. I’ve begun to take some of your prescriptions on your website including the praying and the fasting and the stuff from the section fresh start with God and the other ones but my condition is very severe. I was wondering how do you know when you’ve gone too far and repentance is impossible? Also where I live is really hard to pursue Christ (definitively possible, just hard).”

“I recently stumbled upon a YouTube video you posted concerning the OSAS/eternal security lie. Since I was born again I was assured over and over that you can NOT lose your salvation. My then 16 year old son was born again 1 month after me and was following hard after God for 3 years. I mean his knowledge and memory if scripture was beyond amazing!! Now he denies God. My church says he was never saved after all. This has really confused and grieved me so much. He overheard me talking about if someone could fall away and he got pretty angry and started mocking me. This was a few weeks ago and this has been the catalyst to openly study the scriptures on this and since I’ve been researching and the scriptures have opened up to me in an amazing way! Scriptures that made NO sense when I (blindly) trusted osas now make sense when you realize its conditional! I love your podcasts. I’ve learned so much! I actually have been listening to every pod cast in osas heresy. I can’t get enough! All these years of believing (for the most part, always wondered about many Scripture that were contrary!) the lie!! Conditional security is an awesome truth and that’s what led me to the Lord. Thanks and God bless!” Patricia | OSAS Exposed

I’m currently listening to the Proverbs 31 Woman podcast series. I love it. There are lots of gems that I can apply to my own life that I did not know before. Everything mentioned is backed up with scriptures.” Maureen Lundie

“Hi Todd. I left Calvinism a couple years ago and need your guidance. I am 37 years old and married to my High School sweetheart. We have five kids together and we are raising them to know Jesus. Are you free for a phone?” In Christ, Sam

“Sad to say I used to think all bibles were the same. What a fool I used to be. You helped to set me straight Brother….God Bless You.” Jan Currier

“Thank you for your ministry. Safe Guard Your Soul IS a True Blessing to me. Thank you Brother Todd for caring and sharing.  In Christ Love Sister Darlene D.”

“Thank you for all the great content on your website.  I’m adding more stuff to my knowledge base to be able to show some folks in the Word to prove that Jesus was right about the mass deception He spoke of in Matthew 24 and we should take heed!” Kirk

“I am thankful to God for the knowledge and wisdom He has given unto you my brother. You have helped me by your sharing and teachings. I know it is the will of God to show His unfailing love to those people that are truly loving Him by living according to His words. Thank you my brother and I thank God for your life.” Isaiah De Castro

“Dear Todd, so grateful for your website. I have been on it for about 2 years now. Your teaching is the way I was raised. I came back to the Lord at the age of 30. I am now old and long for this kind of teaching in our local churches. As I witness to friends about the true way to salvation, I point them to your website. Thanks once again for being there. In Christ,” Linda Lanouette

“Your sermons have absolutely blessed me…and showed me through Gods word that OSAS is a 100% LIE.” Patricia Kerins

“I believe that my giving to your ministry helps me connect to those you are reaching for Christ!” Charles Pray

“Now I do want to say that that your new video on the YouTube channel, called, ‘Counted worthy to escape,’ is a great teaching, with awesome Scripture references. Good job!!!! It is, I’m not giving you the glory but this, and that is that you’re obedient enough for God to work and teach through, which inspires me to be more obedient. I’m very blessed by your teachings. Have a good day. God bless.” Phil Butler

“I can only thank God for his blessings. Also a big thank you to you, your teachings are a tremendous blessing in my life.” Maureen L.

“Finished listening to this audio Broadcast, good solid caring warnings and rebukes according to Christ’s commands. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” David Taylor |  The Important of Personal, Organic Study of God’s Word

“I enjoy the teaching you provide at! I see now, you want the Born Again Believer who seeks Bible Truth to seek the Bible, not you. Praise God for ones like you! Praise God for opening my eyes and heart! God Bless!” David L.

“Love these challenges that you are putting out for us! It stirs our hearts to want to see just what the verses are saying. Thanks Brother Todd.” Charles Pray

“Good morning Br. Todd! I just finished worshipping the Lord with your Home Fellowship podcast. I was attending a Home Fellowship after I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have tried many denominations, no answers at all. I am so blessed to find I feel closer to Christ every day! Lord Bless!” David Lawrence

“I’m blessed to have a Brother in Christ such as yourself. We’re living in dark times and the fruit we bare is crucial.” William P.

“Hello Br. Todd:) I just finished listening to your sermon, ‘Beware Of Idol Shepherds.’ Very sound warning! There are so may Hirelings in the Body today 😞 This site really feeds me! I pray daily for this Ministry, may The Lord continue to use you in a mighty way for his glory! 🙂 | Ministries have become Idols: IDOL SHEPHERDS

“Thanks for always telling the truth!” Barbara

“Thank you brother, you will never fully know here how much your ministry has done for me.” David Taylor, pastor

“Your posts challenge my thinking often brother and minister to my faith.” Heather

We have to keep trying to reach the blind and lost. We must. No matter the cost. You work tirelessly. I see your struggle and love for the people of God. Keep opening blind eyes brother. We’re in this together. We’ll not stop sounding the alarm. Never.” Antoinette

“I just checked out your website…. WOW! Your books look fantastic and I plan to read some of your articles.” Vicki L. | Store

“Thank you for the podcast audio sermon ‘Church Membership, Is It Biblical?‘ So much answered! I am so often accused of being kind and unloving as I don’t go these apostate Churches.” David Lawrence

“I like your posts. They are filled with truth … and truth is what I need to hear. God’s Word is truth. Amen Brother (John 17:17). I’ve heard enough lies, now I need to hear the truth. Amen! Preach it! This is edifying my soul, because I long for truth. And I am satisfied, when I see truth! Hallelujah!” Marsel

“Todd, if you keep promoting the KJB as being readable you’re going to hurt revenues from the sale of easy-to-read versions of the Bible printed by such organizations as Life Way Publications (SBC) as well as others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Christians say they can’t understand the KJB. You never give up.  You’re relentless.  Keep on pulling down those lies from the father of lies. I truly do not know of anyone else with your ministry and it’s emphasis on scriptural warnings against anything that’s false.” Paul Roberts | SCAM ‘Bibles” Busted

“Your podcast ‘Finding Your Mate for a Great Marriage‘ was very inspiring for me to listen to— especially the section where you describe the woman you met when you were 22 years old. Hope all’s going well for you and your great ministry.” Michael V.

“’Ye shall not add unto the Word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.’ (DEUTERONOMY 4:2) ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ (JOHN 1:1) The Word has been under attack by Satan and his agents since the serpent deceived Eve. Todd Tomasella—thank you for this Word of Warning which reminds us that Satan and his agents conspiracy in waging war on God’s Word is to wage war against GOD—THE WORD. Causing doubt, rejection and even altering the Bible can be directly attributed to heresy and the rise of heretics. Martin Luther once said, ‘The Bible is like a lion; it does not need to be defended; just let it loose and it will defend itself.’ God has and will preserve His Word and it can defend itself. God’s Word has and continues to be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path! It remains INFALLIBLY pure, inspirational and inerrant despite the assaults on it by Satan, heretics and all mankind!” Gwendolyn M Mitchell writes:

“Hey Todd! I have been checking out your website and absolutely love the content! My friend Teresa and I were so encouraged to talk with you and to see there are real truthers out there like us! So glad for the good work you are doing!” Beth

“Thank You Lord. Have been thinking about the point you made in one of the podcasts about the importance of a grateful heart before the Lord. It has been a very important and timely reminder for me ?.” DL

“Thank you so much for the articles and podcasts. I don’t always have data so I prefer to download these podcasts and then share with the Afrikaans people who understand English. Yep, there are still  Afrikaans people who barely speak English. Thank you again and keep up the good work.” Elsa, South Africa

“I listened to ALL of The Prosperity of Fools, which is excellent. It certainly drives home the point and boosts my awareness of the absolute necessity of lifting before the Lord and releasing ALL that He has brought my way to steward in the way that He directs — whatever pleases HIM — NOT ME!” Debbie L.

“It’s good you got my letter. Thanking you for letting me help, and thanking you for posting your excellent ‘Overcoming the Antichrists Among You‘ message.” Michael V.

“Am blessed by your post, pure Word of God.” Naomie

“The ‘Warning to Pastors and those they Lead‘ post is a really good article. I sensed that it was written from a true pastor’s heart, even to other pastors — speaking the truth in love.” DL

“Hi Brother. Thank you so much for the blessing of your beautiful ministry and your uncompromising commitment to the the TRUTH in all things. I have grown in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from your many articles/posts and teachings. Your ministry is a huge blessing. God Bless! May the God of all hope bless you and yours in every way. In Christ,” Jennifer Gilbert

“I’m here at my hospital bed enjoying reading the book I got from your library, God bless you more man of God. You may not ever know the impact you have invested in my life to God’s glory honor and praise!” Terri Guadalupe

“Thanks and thanks. This is a great favour you have shown unto me by sending me the ministry’s books. These are rich materials that will bless my life, and I have decided to sit with them, prayerfully read, and digest them. You have really bless my life sir. The Lord that call you Will bless you back in return. I am following everyday. Thanks ones again.” Adeniyi, Africa

I just listened to your message on 1 John 2:18-19, Overcoming the Antichrist. Very sobering! I just listened to your message on 1 John 2:18-19, very sobering! Amen! It is like fresh water on dry parched, and thirsty ground!” David Lawrence, Canada

“Sorry for the delay – I’ve had some household distractions. Supporting your ministry, and supporting Christian Men like you, is extremely important – if only because it seems like there are fewer and fewer Christian websites being run by real men. Thank you Sir for all you do.” Michael Vanderzee, NY

“Always good words of wisdom my brother! (2 Timothy 3:16) You are a brother in truth! God willing, we will get caught up together to honour our King!! Keep planting those seeds! May our Father keep blessing us, through our King and Saviour Jesus Christ!” Robert Beriault

“Your messages are so edifying. I was spiritually reinvigorated by the word of God that you shared. I pray that God will provide for me to be able to get some of your books. I am a discipler.” Adeniyi Ola, Africa

“I just finished the series ‘Satan the Accuser.’ Awesome teaching.” David Lawrence

“Love it! I am so blessed to have you as a friend. People need to hear this DIFFERENT voice and spirit (like Caleb) really badly. So thanks again for going against the flow, even when it’s gotten REALLY lonely.” Chris Sitter

“Your posts are very edifying. I have learned a lot from reading them.” Nick Diaz

“Got your books! Yay!! Thank you!!!!!” Terri G. | Bookstore

“Br. Todd, I ask for your prayers? After listening to your audios and radio, and studying the Bible without any books or Pastors interpretation, I have come to truly see I have been duped all of my life! There is a felling of joy at learning the Truth, but also anger and distrust after being lied to by people I thought I could trust. Jesus alone is my Lord! ? Lord bless!” David, Canada

“I noticed these powerful posts coming from a great friend. It’s beyond words I could use to describe. Your posts have blown my mind. Can’t express how greatly thankful your work/page exists. This will be mighty works to Christians, amazing work!!!!!SO POWERFUL. THANKS!!!!! And ALL PRAISE ALL PRAISE TO GOD,AMEN!! halleluyah!!!” Beryl, New Zealand

“Wow! You’re are a gifted writer, a bold WARRIOR of CHRIST, Soldier brother!!! Your BOLDNESS blesses me…since there aren’t many out there and TRUTH be told I feel super alone and have always felt ALONE walking this narrow path…TRULY ALL WE HAVE IS CHRIST and the minority TRUE BRETHREN spread out globally…” Kina King

“All Praise, Thanks and glory to GOD, for Your Word which Brother Todd Tomasella has Shared this day. We Thank You Heavenly FATHER for every Blessing, for your Forgiveness, guidance and patience and your great and rich Mercy. May today’s Word reach and touch multitudes of people. In JESUS name, Amen! ?” William Pavichevich

“Praise God! I just listened to the sermon The Goal Of Ungodly Eternal Security Teachers! So much to learn! Thank you so much for the link! I have never heard teaching like that in any Church! After I left JWs and was saved I went to many churches looking for sound doctrine.” David Lawrence

“Thank you I appreciate and love your BOLD TRUTHFUL and GENTLE spirit…Gentleness is something the LORD has to do HIS WORK in me…ROUGH from the inside out but HOLY GHOST is CLEANING…Hahaha!!!” Kina

“The 25 Things to Look for When Choosing a Mate is Excellent! One of the best recordings I’ve heard you do. It really flowed — and easy to relate to. It reminded me again of the importance of nurturing contentment in our hearts. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Good job.” Debbie L.

“The SafeGuardYourSoul email list is the largest and fastest growing email list of any client I’ve ever worked it. These numbers are just amazing! What you are sharing truly has power to it or people wouldn’t bother.” Jason Owens, IT Specialist

“I am praising my Lord and Savior. Thank you for sending encouragement from God’s Holy Word—the Truth and Life. Brother Todd may God bless and meet every one of your needs.  A love offering is on the way—all for God’s glory and my JOY! Your web site is a TRUE BLESSING. I am getting fed the whole Truth of God’s Word for my life. Reading and listening to your posts on the SGYS ministry site is a refreshing blessing—to take in the Truth of the Word from a Jesus-caring man of God who stands for Truth. ‘If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’  Keep on shouting from the roof top. Not too many are doing that in this day and age. The darker the night the brighter the Light of Christ shines. Seems to me the Light is gone out in the modern churches of today. I am reading my King James Bible and know I am getting the true Bread of Life. Thanks again Brother Todd. I lift you and the ministry up in prayer. In Christ’s love, Darlene.”

“GOD Bless You Brother Todd Tomasella and Keep You and All of us in Christ Body, AMEN.” William

“You’re the one that taught me about using Scripture to answer instead of just saying it in your own words b/c ‘it is the power of God unto salvation’–Romans 1:16-17. Nothing has the power and life like God’s holy Word — the Gospel of Christ. I am praying for you as well. Through your ministering of God’s Word to people, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the eyes of my understanding have been opened to see–more than ever before– the truth of God’s Word. What a treasure it is! Also, I thank God for your part (being God’s profitable servant) that has greatly encouraged the desire of my heart to know God, hear what He says and do what He calls His servants to do. I thank God and you for showing His great, great mercy and faithfulness to this little lamb. My words cannot express…….. Thank you.” DL

“Just read the ‘Are You Ready to Meet Jesus message.’ EXCELLENT message, as ALWAYS!!! I’m enjoying LOTS of your teachings. The ‘Two Men Up into the Temple to Pray‘ was another EXCELLENT message. I’m guilty of arrogance and self righteousness; both are horrendous violations of God’s will.” Anna Lisa

“Thank you brother for being a good teacher, preaching, teaching, and warning with the Word as it is written, preserved and inspired by our Almighty from generation to generation. My love be to thee in Christ always.” Timothy Zango (Africa)

“Amen! Really needed the reminder today. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Kingdom! I’m fighting through this with God’s grace and love. Man has nothing for me! Lord, have Your way with me and bless Todd for his faithfulness to the Kingdom of God. Let Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! JESUS is the Only Answer Brother!” Daniel

“Amen I thank God for who he has made you to be A True Watchman on the wall. You are like David a Man After GOD’s own heart. Not like the modern church preachers today after their greed power and Fame. They want the best of both worlds.  GOD will be their Judge on Judgment day.  Brother like you say you keep on preaching teaching and WARN.  May God Bless Every Need YOU Have. IN Christ.” Love Sister Darlene

“I praise our God for His Word going forth. Dear Lord, please send forth laborers into YOUR harvest, in Jesus Name!” Debbie L.

Here below is a small part of what your much appreciated and needed support allows for God’s glory……. See below ….. Connected with another new brother in Christ who’s on a fixed income and so asked for PIP (Predators in Our Pulpits) in pdf format. It was sent to him (no charge of course) with a brotherly greeting and he replied this way …. See below:

“Oh man, THANK YOU..!! How refreshing a response! I have tried a couple of times with other ministries but usually get pushback! My heartfelt thanks brother! I shall really look forward to reading this, and hopefully we shall stay in touch! You would seem to be one of the “7000” that I see the LORD raising up in these the last of the Last Days! It’s going to be awesome when He bares His Holy arm and starts bringing judgment to the whole church worldwide! Many thanks again! May the LORD bless you for your kindness! ? In Him, James

Support this Work: Takes Seconds

“Brother Todd, I am So Blessed by your ministry. Brother Todd Please keep me in your prayers. As I have been listening to your messages I have been convicted by things I need to repent of big time. I was listening to error big time. Please BROTHER TODD KEEP SPEAKING THE TRUTH. I LOVE HOW THE WORD IS BURNED INTO YOUR HEART AND YOUR VERY BEING. I have you, sister Debbie, and one sister in law that is a true Christian in my life. Please PRAY FOR ME. The enemy  is mad. My EYES ARE ON JESUS. The world hated me they will hate you also.” D.

“These audios – The FORGOTTEN Sins of Sodom – have some great info. I’ll be listening to more of them throughout the day and week. Thanks Todd Tomasella!” Stacey Strother

“I want you to know that you have been such a blessing in my life. I’m so thankful for you. Thank you for all you do for the ministry. It’s a sacrifice unto God and a blessing at the same time! Love you in Christ,” Suzanne

“Thank you for sharing truth to a lost and dying world!!! Have an amazing day!!!” Mary

“Thank YOU for making God first and giving hope and encouragement with your ministry.” Anita A.

“You are a good man of God standing for the true faith in a church environment of appeasements and comprise.” Philip L.

“Awesome I think God is getting ready to move on a Bible study in my home. I’m praying that He sends the right women and this Proverbs 31 Woman audio series is what I’m going to use to help us be what The Lord created us to be biblically! Your ministry is such a magnificent gift and blessings to my family! I’m praying my daughter joins in this study.” Cassandra

“Just read the 40 Bible Verses Every Disciple Must Know this morning when I woke up! It was a wonderful blessed morning in prayer and His Word.” Cassandra Bond Shelton

“The correlation between divine saving grace and the fruit of good works is being addressed and changed in many peoples’ lives because of those true under-shepherds of Christ (like you) who insist on and persist in studying and preaching/teaching God’s Holy Word – 2 Tim. 2:15.” Debbie Lord

“Excellent books! Easy to read with much understanding of God’s Holy Scriptures. I would advise everybody to own these books in their library. Thank you brother for giving of your time so that we can have a deeper understanding if the Scriptures.” D. | Store

“Something happened this weekend. I have gotten the desires of my heart. I have begun a walk of learning to deny self. And I have a stronger desire to purify myself, even as He is pure !!!! Praise God for His mercy,patients and compassion. And thank you for your prayers brother Todd and sister Debbie, and to all in your ministry who prayed for me. Hallelujah Jesus. The world behind me, the Cross before me to follow Jesus. Its different this time. Luke 13:6-9 has become a warning since it applies to a situation that happened 3 years ago next month. But I’m joyful knowing that I still have a chance to hear Him say ‘Well done’. Amen, thank you Lord.” Phil Butler

“His best to you today brother! Keep up the good work.⚘” JT

“Thank you for exhorting us brothers/sisters, and for sharing truth.” Julie M.

“Thank you ! Your ministry helps me grow in Jesus Christ! What a magnificent blessing. Hallelujah!  You’re a wonderful magnificent blessing in my family’s life. Thank you for your obedience to Jesus! I pray Jesus opens the windows of Heaven and pours out a blessing you can’t contain. I’m getting my life in order ! Get your house in order ! Jesus is coming back soon saints!” Cassandra Bond Shelton

“Another person saved?  This is great news. Another example of the fine work that God is doing through you and your ministry. Can’t wait to hear about the next chapter.” Jason Owens

“We appreciate all the work you are doing and standing on His Scriptures ..Blessings in Jesus Christ of Nazareth The Alpha and Omega…Amen.” Cindy

“Oh WOW. The Holy Spirit of God is in this John 17 post, powerfully unveiling His truths. Lord I pray that every one who reads this message will have their eyes opened, be taught by Your Holy Spirit and guided into all Truth. In Jesus’ Name and for His glory, today, tomorrow and forever, amen. Once again, by the grace of God and the ministering of the Holy Spirit, the Lord has used your consecrated vessel to highlight His Word. Thank you.” Debbie Lord

“Praise God. Todd you are a good and faithful servant of the Lords. Keep sharing the Gospel brother! All the Praise and Glory to God.” Michael J. Regan

“I’ve read a lot of your messages, they are powerful and truthful.” Anna Lisa

“Dear brother, I am thankful for your friendship and the way the Lord is using you to spread truth God richly bless you.” Heidi V.

“I get a lot out of your teachings. Just started watching “Cross transformation-Essentials to walking with Christ.” And I heard a new thing ,don’t just search for holiness, search for what Jesus calls True Holiness! Great stuff, God bless.” Phil Butler

“You’re admired. Never ever change. You’re a warrior. You’re actually my earthly spiritual role model. You have inspired me to rise from the dust of devastation and pursue the heights again, BY DYING. I love you brother. KEEP us in your prayers.” Jeni

“I’ve known Todd all of my life. He is a true man of God that has dedicated his life and sacrificed much to serving the Lord. He lives what he teaches. He preaches truth and is a humble and true servant of God. I respect him immensely. I recommend his ministry to everyone who wants to know Jesus.” Suzanne C.

“Excellent post (Redemption, Mercy, Forgiveness). Love that you showed the Bible comparison re the Blood of Christ — which ‘just happens’ to be the entire culmination of OT animal sacrifices! Also your mention of the importance of our carrying on Christ’s proclamation of forgiveness. Glory to the Truth and Name of Jesus Christ our Savior!” Debbie L. … We can’t possibly relish Christ’s cross unless we delve into it.” Debbie L.

“Thanks Todd for the info. I was totally unaware. Never read her book (Jesus Calling Devotional) but have visited her page. So much deception lately it is mind boggling. Easy to see how one could be deceived though. God Bless you Todd for being a light shining in the darkness which is all around us in the world today.” Jan Currier

“I pray you never come down from the heights of the pure Gospel, Todd. God is using you as a lighthouse  for MANY struggling in the sea of life. Many prayers n much honor. I know you are just a man in the fight gets strenuous, especially when few seem to care, but believe me many hear, when u are unaware. MUCH gratitude for your efforts for the TRUE JESUS, our Master and Shepherd,  in the midst of ravening wolves and wounded n searching lambs.” Jen

“Be encouraged from God’s Word today — In the context of 1 Peter 5:2-4: ‘And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.’ Because you feed the flock of God, willingly, of a ready mind. You do not act as a lord over HIS people but instead you determine to walk each day as a humble servant of the almighty God and example for the body of Christ on this earth. Weary not in well doing, my friend. We will soon be in the presence of God our Savior and joy in His glory for ever and ever because of His Great Mercy. This our hope and our reason.” DL

“I was reading last night, in the book of Isaiah. When I read this , immediately I thought of you. Isa. 30:20 And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes see thy teachers: I most certainly have been given the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction. But in that I have learned that, no matter how bad I fail to please God, He has always kept me up. He could have very easily given me wholly over to the enemy, but He hasn’t. And as far as your doctrine. It doesn’t make me happy, and it doesn’t make me feel good, like the churches where I used to go. But one thing I know is that it has opened my eyes to the true structure of the church Jesus is coming back for. And knowing that, I won’t be at ease in Zion. But working out my own salvation with fear and trembling. This style of teaching that you follow sets well with my spirit. So with that, I must be going. Thank you and God bless.” Phil Butler

It’s comments and reminders exactly like these that encourage me. This one: – ‘IF you are not learning God’s Word today, you are going no where in God.’ – I am 100% serious about this. You need to either make a bumper sticker out of this message and/or schedule it to be reposted at the very least ‘weekly’. This is a message to all Christians be they 100% or lukewarm. Let me know when you have time. I don’t know how I can be more sincere with how important this message is for every believer. I love reading all your posts but, this one, by far, could have the greatest impact!” Michael J. Regan

“Great Preaching there Todd Tomasella! Truth dear Brother! Let those hearers of the Word be doers of the Word!” Deanae Elizabeth

“Thank you Todd !! I really appreciate your heart for the word of God and the Godly wisdom you share with all of us !!” Evin W.

“My brother, I’m utterly amazed at the work that God pours through you DAILY.. How I desire to be like that. All I see in myself is a lukewarm Christian caught up in all the worlds agendas problems and struggles.. How do I get like that? How do I surrender? How do I seek God’s face?” Cat J.

“My prayer partner in South Africa was very glad I got behind your ministry Todd. She believes you are the best man out there for teaching pure doctrine, and I added without losing one debate! Stay humble brother, and know you are being kept in prayer, as we are well hated by the enemy, and need all the prayer we can get!” Mark Owen

“I got your new book about the 40 Scriptures every disciple must know. The book on marriage is that for men only? (no) I am about to order 31 Cross Prayers too! Your books are so Scripture-rich and edifying.” Dana R. | Are You Marriage Material? (for unmarried men and women)

“Thank you Todd, for your posts. You are a true defender of the faith.” Phillip Lye

“Praying much for the ministry. God’s using you to move mountains in the Spirit brother. This right here is why I support this ministry. Meat. Heard. Heeded. Understood. I Thank my GOD. EVERYTHING HE allows into the child of Gods life is with a purpose in the mind of the wise Father. He is trusted by this child!” Jeni

“Thank you my friend for all your postings I share them with all my clients I love studying God’s word so much to learn.” Simone Judy

“Hello Brother, Yup, it took me this long to finally start “studying” the Word. And, because of you. I had both a place to go for guidance and a great selection. I made it to the site where you are a servant and all I can say is Praise God. Once I was at the site I wasn’t sure where even to start so I just looked around. Feeling only inadequately familiar with navigating the site, I started searching for something to grab my attention and interest. There were so many, praise God for that. How exciting. After a bit I settled on a study guide written by my new best Author. His name is Todd T.. I’ll tell you about him more later. Great guy btw. I found your study guide about Baptism of the Holy Spirit. As I started to read a few questions came to mind but, we’re answered very quickly. The best part is that the information provided, finally after all my searching before, me with the confidence I really needed. I read through the entire guide but without reference of a Bible. I am going to read it again tomorrow with my Bible in hand. This is my very first time ever actually “studying” the Bible, I’m sure you know what I mean. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I wanted to take the time to let you know how grateful I am to you for many reasons and I will let you know all of those reasons as time goes on. For now, I wanted to let you know a very special thanks for being a servant of God’s, a brother and for that study guide. God Bless you Brother, You are helping me so that I can help others, and that way all of the Glory goes to our Father. Praise God, Love you Brother have a good night, Your brother,” Michael

Brother, If just ONE soul (who is walking in alignment with God) would get utterly serious about seeking God fervently, I believe one person could move His heart for this country. I believe God has raised you up for this hour. Let nothing move you. Let nothing cool your fire. The church needs the unadulterated truth of God. It’s a gift to read your posts. Keep calling souls upward and onward. Pray for me, because I have a strong pull to go ALL the way. I’m going with God’s help and urgings. We need the sleeping giant to WAKE UP! One, WITH GOD is a majority. “With”, as in, like Enoch. Yes, we can be an Enoch in this hour if we so CHOOSE to be. Our children are depending on us! This generation is depending on us. Preach on! For Jesus’ sake! Much honor.” J.

“I appreciate the work you do for the LORD and the fact you warn the body of Christ about the false teachers and preachers out there.” Laurellynn

Keep on shouting the Truth over and over, you are not laboring in vain. Keep doing what you are already doing. How many times have we heard the same message like 50 times, only to hear it the 51st time and say ‘oh, now I know what you meant.’  Brother, not one Word will return void. You might just be at 49 times someone has heard the message and that 51st time is so close. God Bless you brother. You have a passion for the Lord and it shows.” Michael Regan

“ is absolutely the best website ever — rich with info, variety, not to mention the TRUTH if GOD. Yes — really excellent. God is blessing this ministry (in case you hadn’t noticed – Ha!).” Debbie Lord

“God bless your work and ministry and may it bear good fruit.” David C. Cooke

“Love you brother. You encourage and strengthen me by your walk and understanding.” Michael R.

“Thank you for encouraging us to stay in Gods word. We appreciate your servant heart brother! Much honor to you and appreciation for your example of steadfastness.” Jeni

I have searched this ministry site and Todd before my Lord Jesus Christ and count Him as worthy according to God. I encourage you to do the same with any and every one.
Should any brother or sister fall, I am to pick them up and pray for them. If any should fall away, then I shall only prayer for them unless guided by the Holy Spirit as I am in all that I do only as I submit. Denomination is of man and I believe you understand that.” Michael J. Regan

If you need any further edification and I may be of assistance please feel free to contact either Todd Tomasella or myself Michael J Regan. If we cannot, we will find someone who can that believe as we do.

“Hi Todd, Thank you for the quick reply. I didn’t yet have time to look through all your website, just a few, but so far I am in full agreement with what you say.  But I will keep reading…I am also a born again Bible believer. bought by the Blood of Christ. God bless you,” Julia

“Thank you brother Todd. You encourage, strengthen and teach every day of new things in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful to God for you.” Michael Regan

“Awesome! The Lord’s truth is flowing through you, man. Will pray as you finish the remaining posts that He has given you. God has good timing for each one. I can’t tell you how much faith was stirred up while reading this one. Praise to Jesus!” Debbie L. | If it’s Not Daily, it’s Not at All!

“I really love this message. I think of this often and pray deeply about this. Just thought I would let you know this. Thank you for sharing dear brother Todd. I truly reflect on all the bible passages. God bless you on this fine day. AMEN IN JESUS NAME.  I find myself coming back to look for the bible references.” Brenda Sinclair

“The book Soul Damning Sins stepped on my toes…Thank you Jesus!” Mark Angelo Williams

“I have 5 of your books Todd, very informative. I have learned so much from them. They are a definite blessing along with the Word.” Laurie Cox

“Hi Todd, thanks heaps for your recent assistance for myself buying some of your books here in Australia. I now have 4 of them delivered thru book depository and booktopia. I have psychologypredatorswolves and the most excellent lie of the ages. Thank you so much for the effort and prayer that you have put into writing and researching – it is deeply appreciated. I came across your site after praying about why the calvinists/reformed people cannot read scripture for what it simply says about conditional security. Your psychology book answers this question for me. I am now intending to purchase I die daily and raised up. Again God bless. Geoff Clarke, Tuncurry, NSW, Australia

“This is the strongest truth I’ve seen yet. Honestly you’ll have an encounter with the real Jesus. You sir, are the mark on my compass showing me in what direction I should follow. And I will always believe that. Until God shows me otherwise. And I don’t expect to see that. You’ve been a firm road on which I can walk. Thank you sir, for your obedience to Jesus.” Phil Butler

“Pastor Todd, I am following your posts, I love reading it because it is all about God.” Grace

“Bro Todd I always look forward to you sending out the Life line, keeping us so ground in the Word. You keep us Looking to the cross no where else. Only JESUS and ALL for JESUS.” Darlene

“This ‘Beware of False Gifts” is an excellent teaching. This is really good!!! Would you mind sending this to me through email so I can print? Thank you. Thank you very much. Good teaching for my women’s Bible study. Thank you for your diligence and obedience to the Lord in putting out Truth in pure form.” Anita Armagnac

“Thank you my friend for all these teachings. I actually save them on my computer. I really truly enjoy all your teachings. You are so correct. Keep posting. I stand with you on the KB.V Many times I share them with my clients. I read your teachings to them. I do hospice / dementia Alzheimer’s care. We must get the truth out there. We don’t have much time left. Thank you again my friend, thank you for allowing God to use you and be His vessel.” Simone Judy

“Thank you for the article on ‘Dreams and Visions….‘ So Good. Especially where you contrast “seeking after your destiny” with “seeking to be crucified with Christ and raised with Him. Excellent.” Debbie Lord
“Just finished reading ‘Deliverance from works righteousness…‘ (again). What an in-depth teaching. It’s really, really good. Every time I read something like that it bolsters my understanding of the importance of what Jesus did at the cross. So thankful for the FREEDOM he purchased for us by His blood and the “cross life” that He has called us to walk in … by faith as we abide in Him … and for His glory. ‘O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! 34 For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor? 35 Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again? 36 For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.” Rom. 11:33-36″ Deliverance from Works-Righteousness or Law-Keeping

“Thank you for your on going ministry. I see the good fruit that it is producing. Amen.” Suzette

“Brother, something about meeting  you and witnessing your dedication to the ministry, awakened my sleeping spirit. I’ve  been memorizing scripture more and more. I heard you mention that it becomes like  an addiction. It is! And I’m Glad!!!  Thank you again for the inspiration God has used you to be.! I will forever be grateful.” Jeni

“Your God given ministry is among the very few that I can endorse!” Mark Owen

“On Sunday we listened to the one message of you twice and it was a blessing God gave me. Tonight MY Husband said to me ‘before I go to bed I want to hear a message.’ GOD is using your Ministry to teach us the truth. Not all the begging for money like the wolves. You preach sound doctrine right from the Word. You always give scripture truth. May God continue to make us what he wants us to be and not man. I thank GOD he sent us to safeguardyoursoul ministry.  I am in the Word a lot more than ever before. I see more truth now that I am in the Word and listening to sound doctrine. All for Jesus I want Jesus more than anything. We are Blessed by the way GOD is using you to be BOLD and you do it all in LOVE. You are so STRONG IN THE RICHES OF THE WORD. Brother Todd you bring out the depth of the scriptures. You shine the Light STRONG on the WORD of GOD. MAY The HOLY SPIRIT keep FILLING you as you POUR out the PURE WORD in SPIRIT and TRUTH. May God keep you Under the SHADOW of THE ALMIGHTY. Our Life is HIDDEN IN CHRIST JESUS. AMEN who walk not after the flesh but after the SPIRIT. I am preaching to my self as well amen. Grace and Peace to you MY BROTHER,  In CHRIST LOVE, Sister Darlene.”

“You’re the first person I have come across with enough GUTS and COURAGE to call deception and wolves out in the public eye so they can not say they were not aware.” Dawn

“We all have the responsibility to walk each other home …. contending for the TRUTH and faith! God Bless you Brother! Thank you for all you do! Stay the course….we are almost home! Maranatha.” Frances Plante

“Thank you so much. This was about the lines that I was already studying. Your answer to my questions just confirmed those specifics that I needed answered and you have done so biblically and soundly. Thank you so much. God bless you brother Amen.” Suzette S.

“We need Discernment about these wolves and ‘Christian’ Music Vultures! Thanks Todd for the Truth and all your research! God bless you for being there…..and keep up the Good fight of Faith….contend for that Faith (( Jude1:3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. )).” Frances Plante

“I just LOVE your posts! You never cease to amaze me with this holy boldness …God is good and I will have that one day.. ..time is getting shorter.” Cat J.

“I love so much the unadulterated Word of my God inside you.  It’s no accident I met you. God used you to set me straight. Now I’ll give my whole self to memorizing Scripture and becoming a true saint. By God’s grace. Please continue to pray for me.” J.

“Thank you Todd for the 3 books I ordered from you, they arrived a few minutes ago and look GREAT ! God bless you brother.” Meme Archer | Store

Your Ministry is our church. You are so right that as we go down deep into the cross of Christ he will lift us up more and more into him afresh and a new. as our old man dies to himself and Live fully in JESUS CHRIST as he raises us up in him. I have your book I Die Daily as well.” Darlene D.

“Thank you! To God be the Glory! I’m listening to the OSAS / eternal security debate between you and Chris Bradford. Thank God there are men left like you. Praise God. I’m praying for you.” Jeni

“Thank you Lord for this post as it comforted me after I had a Great trial, then had learned my lesson. Lord this spoke to me at just the perfect time. Thank you brother Todd Tomasella.” Michael J. Regan

“You do an amazing job here lifting up this Bride of Christ. We need to remember you in prayer as well. Fight the good fight and finish strong!” Suzette

“I am reading your books. I am in The Mercy Mandate book and am So Blessed by this book. It shows how much Mercy Jesus gives us. How we are to have and show Mercy to others in our flesh mercy is at times hard to give. Now I see how much Mercy God Has for me. When His Beloved Son came and gave Mercy to us. I read and reread. I have your book I Die Daily as well. I know I will be Blessed and you have all the truth and nuggets of Gold.” Darlene D.

“Please know that all efforts to help the ministry have been born of love for the Lord, you and the ministry that is your life! Therefore it has been a complete honor and task of joy to offer my little service here and there. PLUS I’ve reaped the benefit of being taught the Holy Word of God in the process! Thank you for all you’ve poured into me. I will not be the same going forward because of all that I’ve learned from you in your constant expressions of grace, forgiveness and mercy for myself and many others, and your understanding of the True Church of Jesus Christ. May God bless you richly today in your heart and in the work of God’s kingdom.” Debbie Lord

“Good morning brother! I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to support a ministry that advances the kingdom of God in preaching true repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone, teaching the pure word of God, line upon line precept upon precept, and warning against the many false teachers. The hour is late and deception is rampant, but there are still those who are laying down their lives daily to be used of the Lord to accomplish His will in these end times. Hallelujah!” Adam Miller

“Once again, I believe the Lord has given you such clear vision into His kingdom principles and requirements for living a life pleasing to Him. This last observation of yours has that “edge” to it that cuts through all the deceit and mish mash of “theology” that we (the church) have slipped unto while we weren’t looking, while we were not reading His Word, and while we were not studying to show ourselves approved, rightly dividing the word of truth ……… and praying, watching, seeking His face, obeying, etc., etc., etc.” Debbie Lord

“According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” 2 Pet. 1:3

“Brother Todd keep pressing in and please don’t give up on us who are struggling at this time. We honestly need Brothers like you who will not bend or water down God’s Holy Word. I know that in my own life God is working and chipping away at my old self who is trying desperately to not have me move forward in Christ Jesus. Every time I try to move forward the devil keeps telling me that it’s works. I don’t want it to be just works I want it to be because I truly want to draw closer to God like I once used to be.” Charles Pray

“Nobody can ever say Brother that you didn’t warn them. That’s for sure. Keep posting.” Suzanne

“‘Warrior Princess or Broken Servant of the Mighty God’ is really good. Also, the one about Todd White. There is soooo much deception out there that just gets ‘accepted.’ We need to wake up, get in the Word of God and ask Him for discernment. Now that you’ve brought all this out into the open using biblical truth, I hope people will think twice about what they’re listening to and identifying with, and repent. We need to humble ourselves before the almighty God and be drawn to the holy Scriptures, and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth to build our spiritual foundation and beliefs, and to equip us for daily life. ” Debbie Lord

“I so appreciate you brother. ‘They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in thy word.’ (Psalms 119:74) This is how I feel when I see your name brother, because I know I’ll read or hear Truth. Thank you. It is very much appreciated! God will reward you dear brother.” Jeni

“Very timely truth! Right where I’m at. I love how God works.” Jen Gilbert

“Hi Todd, I would like to request you to send me the four Bible school modules once again.  Somehow they have disappeared off my computer!  We have been really pleased with using them in our Bible school along with our other subjects.  We are getting ready to start our 3rd year of Bible school classes and your studies have really been a blessing. Despite the fact we are still running on my small SS income we do not charge for the Bible School classes and we are always told our Bible School is the BEST!!! God has truly been in charge of it all and we give Him ALL the glory.  Several of our students have paid and gone to other Bible schools but come to ours and are amazed at the in-depth way we go into the word of God – using the King James Bible of course! Thank you so much, God bless you.” Mama Jo, Treasure Keepers Kenya, Pastors Discipleship Ministry, Ugunja, Kenya | Grace and Truth Bible School

“I couldn’t put my finger on this man’s behavior (a certain false prophet). But I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me to stay away from him! So I want to thank you for continuing to put put out these things as they are guiding your brothers and sisters in Christ for sure.” Suzette

Thank you for putting truth out daily.” Dawn Marie

Thank you. There is so much truth in what you post. I am in so much total agreement with you thank you.” Simone

Todd, I appreciate your voice -its good stuff !! as far as these folks who think Jesus is a money machine -and they use HIM, they need to repent -its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God -yikes.” Heather Cummings

“I love your posts brother. You must not lay down the sword. When the battles over we shall wear a crown ….” Jeni

Thank you brother for your dear heart. One day this will all be over and only what is done for Jesus Christ will remain. Live the Gospel. Matthew 5:16 Some will hear, some will be hungry, and some will reject. The Lord knows. It is our heart He is after. Be Patient wait.” Roberta Greene

“Glory to God! I think one of the greatest things you do is STRONGLY encourage people to get into the Word of God and STUDY it for themselves — get IMMERSED in it. Of course, one of the other greatest things you do is to communicate in whatever ways you can that living life as a Christian is NOT following a set of rules, but getting to know God and His Son Jesus Christ — a RELATIONSHIP. “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent” (John 17:3). You are watching out for the flock to rebuke when it is needed.”  Debbie L.

“Just had the wife look up that Bible verse you posted and she quizzed me, got all four right. Because I’m always reading and digesting your posts brother!?” Donnie Miller

“If people only knew what kind of blessing is in store! Jesus said it is more blessed to give than receive. They would see why … that is, if they truly want to obey and experience God for who He is. Maybe that’s the problem, so few want what God wants, so few truly fear God! What a missed opportunity to see Him at work in their personal lives!” Phil Butler

“It is sickening. People will be held accountable for their ‘Yea, Bless God’ and turning away from a need of a fellow servant. I know you’re obedient to Christ. You don’t get all that insight and wisdom of the Word unless God is with you. I know from my stand point our Wonderful Lord has your back. And yes I say bless God !!!! I will continue to pray also. I know my giving has increased from the little 20 dollars that was my ten percent. To whatever it is now. Which is substantially more. It has been your wisdom and prayers with God Almighty that has kept me going. 1Peter 5:10 brother.” Phil Butler | This outreach needs your support.

“I love to read all your posts. You have taught me so much! Thank you so so much!! God is using you in these last days Brother. It blesses me to watch you in action.  Thank you for all you sacrifice for the kingdom.” Suzanne C.

“I just wanted to let you know I now look for your posts when I get on! You are a blessing!” Selina Downs

“Thanks for just being there for not only me but the countless others that you may or may not know are out there receiving those same blessings I and many others have been receiving from your calling. I thank God for you and your boldness to speak out of the wilderness into so many hurting lives.” Brother Charles.

“Todd I do get a lot of truth from you and your web site  to keep me in the right pathway I should go. You Are spot on you are true and genuine. I Know you Care for all the people who are lead down dead end road. Want to share with you How GOD IS SO GOOD and Merciful. Like you say we need to keep enduring to the end. For the first time in two  years I got JOY. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. I am so Thankful for the Holy Pure True LIVING GOD BREATHE WORD. THAT IS POWER LIFE CHANGING. No one wants to step on toes. I am Glad you do step on toes. All you do is speak the truth in LOVE . THANK YOU. Thank You Brother Todd for prying for me and helping me see my way through. I learned a lot Nothing is wasted. When GOD is in it.  Many Blessings to you . I see so much more on the ministry web site  ALL is SO Very Good.  I AM Blessed beyond measure.  Love in CHRIST JESUS  MY REDEEMER.” Darlene

“I trashed my new per-version “bible” and got a King James Bible months ago because of your preaching! And the Holy Spirit convicting me-Praise God!” Leilani M.

“Brother… you.. are doing a great Ministry for God.. God bless you in whatever you do brother. God bless you and your Ministry.. brother..” Sarah

“I want to enrich my understanding of God’s Word. I have read a few of the articles on your website and find them very thought provoking. I would love to begin the study of the Grace and Truth Bible School. Please send all modules for my study. Include a list of any books required/recommended for study (beyond the KJB Bible, of course). Thank you for making this available to me. May God bless your ministry.” Beverly Owens

“Thanks Todd, for being such a great example of the workman who just keeps on plowing and faithfully using his knowledge and wisdom to feed God’s hungry sheep. You are an inspiration to me and a friend from heaven – that I am so blessed to have been granted from my very gracious Heavenly Father. Thank you again for all your love and for all your prayers.” Chris

“You are correct in all that you are saying brother. Most people don’t want the truth. KJB is the only True English Bible. All others do leave out scripture and change part of God’s Word. They add and take away. I have seen this and it is a fact. Thanks for sharing the Truth. God bless you.” Julia | Bible Versions

WOW! Powerful Bro Todd. God Bless You For Always Proclaiming The Truth Of GOD’S WORD!!!” Connie


“May you be fed and refreshed by God. May He minister to every need of your heart. Bless you for being faithful to His call on your life. Thank you for all you do in service to individuals (like me :)) and for God’s universal church body as a whole.” Debbie L.

“I’m following your teachings it’s all biblical I love it and I thank GOD for you brother. I really love being CRUCIFIED with Christ. It is still rough but I have a loving CREATOR who loves me and cares about everything about me and my children.” Cecilia Lugo

“Brother, it seems the “church” today is soooooooo deceived, so far removed from its godly order and position ——and so much so, that when God’s truth is preached (as you do) most “believers” call it heresy. Ugggghhhhh.” DL

“I sat at the computer today, after communing with the Lord while doing my morning dishes. I sat in tears asking God ‘is there any place for me to connect and experience fellowship’, ‘is there any who do love God and respect Him and value his Son?’ I clicked my notifications and found your invite. Thank you! I know longer feel alone and the despair is lifting. Listening to you this morning is life to me today.” Dawn Marie | AUDIOS

“I’d like to order several of your Born Again books. I’ll be doing that in the near future. In my opinion that book is perfectly written for soul winning. God blessed you!” Jeni L.

“Thank you brother for your stand. I’ve been listening to some audios. I love hearing you teach.” J.

“I am so thankful for you Todd!! we need to hear the truth and you have no fear!!…this post is spot on!!” Gina Mondella

I love your posts.” Jeni

“It is very difficult to find a church! Keep in mind it will be SMALL. Look for one that preaches holiness sin repentance and that Jesus is coming soon. Otherwise I’ve found much encouragement and fellowship online in the last 5 years! is a great site with many topics to grow and exposes evil.” Leilani


“Praise His Everlasting name!!!! And thank you for your choosing to die to self. Without that God couldn’t have taught you the way He has. My desire is to one day be able to deny myself more than I do. I always seem to crawl off the alter. But then again God is faithful.” Phil B.

“Praying for more preachers like you and the Truth from God will open the heart and mind of the people and may God be the center of it all!….” Sonia

“Wow, thanks, I am learning so much from your posts. Glory and praise to our Abba.” Carmen

“Thank you for all your labor for the kingdom of God, your truly a blessing to many and I feel very blessed and honored to call you a brother in Christ Jesus! Being a servant for Jesus isn’t easy in a world full of hypocrisy! and lies and the pride of life , the lust of the flesh Etc. This is my prayer for you …” Cassandra

“I truly am enlightened by your posts.” Patrick V.

I love this ministry site. I visit it quite often. It’s a pearl of wisdom.” Donnie Miller

“I thank God for allowing me to run across you. Your a very needed man in the kingdom. Thank you Much!!! I’m getting MUCH from your audios!!” Jenni

“Keep speaking the biblical Gospel message! Speaking biblical gospel in a world full of hypocrisy is not easy! But the most rewarding thing to do ! God will vindictive you for doing so ! If God be for you it’s better than the whole world against you.” Cassandra

“Todd, your updates are extremely encouraging and uplifting. Thank you for what you’re doing and for making a difference.” Wayne

“Dear Brother Todd, I first want to thank you for your ministry I am so so Blessed by all the wealth of Christian and Biblical Teachings and keeping up with the way the modern churches. O How far they are falling away. Modern churches are going down a path that is so so dangerous. They are on the Broad road that is not A pretty sight. People just have no fear of God these days.  I am reading your books as well. A lot of Good medicine for my body soul and Spirit.  Thanks again for all the Pure Good and True Bible Teaching Preaching And warning. OH Yes My husband will listen to your messages sometimes he falls asleep. God has to open his spiritual eyes . I keep praying for him. Todd please pray FOR My husband as well.” Darlene

“I love your posts. Good to see one walking straight.” Jeni

“Thanks for all your awesome posts and have a blessed day!” Mary

Bless your ministry!! I went to your website and was so encouraged!! God bless you!! I also signed up for your devotionals too. God is so good!!” Carla

“From my dealings with you and your ministry, I know that you’re teaching truth. And it is my desire that you get this message to as many people that you are able. As far as I’m concerned, I will continue to support you and your ministry. I have seen that when I do, I’m blessed by God. God bless you Todd. Continue this holy endeavor. In Jesus name.” Phil Butler

Keep on sharing Pastor Todd, the church needs brave preachers like you.To God be the Glory.” Grace

“You have been gifted with a simple style of writing so that it is plain. You just say what needs to be said and leave it there. Very good.” Jeni N.

“You are also doing MUCH and varied ministry. All things in their (God’s) time. You are following the call of God on your life — which also means following Him each day!” DL

“Thank you for serving in the Marines…thank you for living for Jesus….thank you for writing books that help others. May YHVH Elohim richly bless you.” Kay

“I didn’t know you made videos until someone asked you to make some on another post. Thank you Brother! We would surely be blessed if you made more!” Matt Richardson | SafeGuardYourSoul Youtube Channel

“Todd, YOU ARE AN EXTREMELY GOOD TEACHER OF STRICT TRUTH. I love it…. I believe it … I think it’s the only way.” Phyllis

“You are my friend because you teach the truth and the truth is the only thing that will set us free Amen! Let God be true and every man a liar.” Charles Pray

“Thanks again for it is through your Ministry and Truth you proclaim and protect. I have been truly set free. EXCELLENT Message from you and all the scripture you use here to point out true grace found only in The Cross and Crucified Life.” Nancy Cote

Lie of the Ages is a scripture rich book full of God’s word, exposing the false doctrine of OSAS!” Adam Miller

“Hi brother, I appreciate your correspondence with me once in a while. At first, I wasn’t really paying too much attention, other than I knew you were a Jesus freak like me! But tonight, I noticed you’re more than the average Christian. You really do care about others—which is a missing element in the churches I’m aware of because the Bible is missing from their pulpits. This makes you different than a lot of the Christians that I see. I’m just writing to tell you to keep it up because Jesus wants you to, and this is your ministry. God bless you Christian Soldier. I’m your friend and your brother. Shalom.” Ray Nichols writes, pastor

“God uses you EVERYDAY- my brother! You bless me big, just seeing how you challenge people to KNOW what The Word says and to not sugar coat or dilute it. To KNOW what they believe and not just believe what others tell them.” Molly

“Because of one of your posts I was reminded of a chorus learned way back … ‘The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty!!!’ Am humming and singing that a lot now. For me, that’s a good way to get holy perspective for this life which is dead and buried and hid with Christ in God.” DL

“It is becoming more and more clear as time goes on which voices are preaching the pure gospel of Christ today. I thank God you are acting boldly on the passion God has placed in you to preach His pure, unadulterated Word. It sounds harsh to some only because we have drifted so far away from His truth. We need this “wake-up call” to jar us from our sleep and to get us to sit up and pay attention. He who has ears let him hear!” Debbie Lord

“Concerning the book Raised Up!: Sometimes the simplest of statements can be exceedingly profound. In a world where the disease of self-adulation, narcissism, and putting others on pedestals has rooted itself in our culture, it is paramount that Believers walk away from this mindset and give glory and honor to Whom glory and honor is due.” Jesse DeGrazio

Who else but Pastor Todd cares enough to help parishioners by giving them such inspiring instructions? ‘Capturing a Few of the Treasures of Ephesians (Verses in Ephesians to write out on index cards with references and then read aloud five times each before proceeding—)’. Brilliant.” Michael VanderZee

“This ministry is an incredible blessing to so many. Praise the Lord!” Dana Rankin

“Todd I received my five Raised Up books today. Fabulous job, Todd.  I scanned it just now and was so pleased. I look forward to handing these out. Thanks so much Brother.” B.

“Bro Todd. I just can’t stop thanking God for thy ministry. Glory to God. Thy ministry is next to HIS WORD unto my delight in the LORD. Best thing to happen to me is God leading me to a Christ-centered relationship with Him and His body. I’ve fled from the mainstream church for years and kept studying HIS WORD which has led me to HIS good work in you. Thank you Jesus.” Timothy Zango

“God Bless You Always Bro Todd, For Standing on the Truth Of God’s Holy Word And Defending The Faith. A True SOLDIER Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.” Connie Long

“Wow ! Preach it and Teach it for you are sharing out Truth of Scriptures and when we come into the Baptism of the Holy Ghost the Word opens up and our eyes and ears open up further…like the layers of an onion being peeled …God Bless you brother for enduring as a Soldier of the Cross of Christ and teaching us how to go under the Cross and be Raised up in Christ in the Today that so many Pastors have not taught nor understand themselves …Amen… in Christ Jesus.” Cindy

“In my lack I sent $20, then another $20. And I’m throwing another $20 into the mail to tonight. I haven’t had a lot but will definitely give 10% and more when I get it. Your ministry is a blessing. And I’m sure it is pleasing to God. I haven’t heard or seen anything like what you’re preaching. And I believe that I am sowing into good ground. And I will continue to until I see or hear anything contrary to what God’s word says. God bless you and your ministry. And as I continue to convert I pray that I can gather for God’s kingdom too. Praise His Holy Name. Godspeed.” Phil Butler | Donate Now

I love your posts brother! Keep on preaching the truth even if it offends the wolves who hide in pulpits.” Jun Gorgonio

Your teachings and service to Christ is a blessing. Thank you. I don’t know if you remember my story of following those wolves for so many years and wasting thousands on them and the like. God in His great, great mercy allowed me to live in 2016, when I should have died twice. Also, He’s guided me to shepherds after His own heart. Or, in actuality, He opened my eyes and gave me a heart to seek after the true God. Keep up the good work brother, as we continue to do the same. In His mighty Name here is a comfortable ‘God bless you.’” Phil Butler

“Thanks again for your Ministry only God knows how much I truly needed this in the time of my transfer to another church … Also your being right on and vocal on the KJB and the fraud of others coming from Rome. Thanks again for all you do. Maranatha my brother.” Nancy C.

I’ve been listening to these podcasts all week, I have one left to go, love this teaching, even sent it to another friend. I’m always blessed by your ministry. Thank you for the blessing of scripture!” Laurie Cox | Proverbs 31 Virtuous Podcast

“Thanks for posts. I am edified, exhorted, encouraged.” Craig

“Remembering today all of God’s truth and love that you poured into many of your sons in the faith (that you don’t even know) who have been deeply rooted and grounded in Him because of your tireless and fearless work in ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Debbie L. | Donate Now

“You have been graced for this. So keep exposing, sounding the alarm, souls are at stake and His truth sets them free. Your website is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I was there for hours a few days ago. Oh boy oh boy, sobered me right up.” Anne Sedler

Thanks brother Todd, for all you do my friend..( 1st Corinthians 15:58).” Donnie Miller

“Thanks for taking the time to just listen to my heart speak what’s inside. Bless you Brother Todd for you and the faithfulness you have not only showed me but many other believers that are seeking a better understanding of God in our lives through the Ministry God has allowed you to serve Him in. I thank you for your timeless efforts to continually reaching out to the least and the lost of this world, to God be ALL the Glory for the great things He has done and is doing. Amen!” Brother Charles

“Hello Brother Todd, I greet you in Jesus Name. I want to thank God for HIS WORD and your calling into ministry as your books have been of immense value in expounding His Word to safe-guard my soul in Christ. I pray God will give you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding to feed and pastor His flock with Christ-centered messages. Amen. Thank you, sir.” Timothy Zango

“God bless you, Brother for your amazing Kingdom work and commitment to the TRUTH. By His Grace, I’ve spent 1,000’s of hours and poured over 100’s of websites in my quest to grow in wisdom and knowledge of the Word, and I’ve gained SO much more from your beautifully written and truth packed scripture supported articles in just a few short weeks. THANK YOU for all that you do for our King. Your rewards will be great! ✝  Many, many blessings. In Jesus Christ,” Jennifer | Donate Now

“Thank you for preaching and teaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified for salvation and sanctification ?☝✝??. So grateful to have found this page.” Nancy Cote

“I am in Titus ..I listened to your teaching on Elders…thanks Todd for all the teachings and direction given …and I am still working in your book …very helpful …and insightful indeed…Be Blessed Today as you walk within it …” Cindy

“Pastor Tomasella, I received the 3 books from you, and I thank you very much for your autographs. It was extremely kind of you. I’ve really enjoyed reading them. I wrote out the Bible verse Isaiah 37:31 by hand, as suggested in your “Capture Points” at end of Chap. 1 in Raised Up (Resurrection Grace for Victorious Living). Then I copied your Prayer at end of this Chapter (jpg attached here). Sincerely Brother, no one alive writes Christian Prayer better than you do (factual observation!). I pray that all is going well for you there. Thank you again for your books— and for your inspiration.” Raised Up (book)

“Thank You Brother Todd for your service to our Country America, and also for your service to the Son Of God our Lord and Savior, teaching and leading the lost to the Cross of Calvary. I bless God’s ministry in which He has allowed you to be used through May He continue to send you seed to minister. May He also give you the resources that you need and the people to stand with you in these last days—and even hours—before He will return for His Bride. Amen? If you are not in a church that is preaching nothing but the cross and are looking for a place where you can learn the truths from God’s Word, try—a place where God’s Word is never compromised or watered down. If you are looking for a place to grow in Christ with other Christians, then this is the place for you. Do not take my word for it, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth from His untainted Holy Word. Amen. May the Lord Bless you all. Amen!” Charles Pray

“I feel incredibly blessed that God arranged for our paths to cross, too. You have awakened me to so much of how the Lord works in our lives, not just by your teaching (which is fearless) but also by your expressions of God’s amazing mercies toward us. Also, you display genuine humility in your constant confession of total dependence on the Lord as He works in you and through you to minister to others. Thank you for bringing alive to me the importance of God’s every word.” DL

“I thank God for ministries like this one that offended me and my false beliefs. I worked in a seeker-sensitive church for 10 years and attended there for 20 years until I left in 2014. I would still be there—deceived, backslidden, living for worldly lusts, deluded by humanistic psychology, self-righteousness, etc.—if it had not been for these Bereans’ obedience to the Truth. I was offended enough to research for myself if these things were biblically genuine, and found I was deceived and backslidden from Scriptural truth. The preaching of the cross of Christ, which keeps one focused on biblical truth, is lacking in these seeker-sensitive churches, and therefore there is no correction of error. I have not been the same since I began to study the Scriptures for myself. Now, I’ve become a Berean, discerning and proclaiming biblical truth, continuing to learn God’s ways, being pruned by God and longing for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s soon return.” Nancy Paul Cote

“I’m really considering the cost of serving the Lord again, thanks to God for Him using you in my life to stir again the things I knew clear and hot in the beginning.” David Taylor, pastor

“Praise Jesus that you are coming against the enemy, as it is only because of you standing for Jesus and His truth that the enemy is trying to silence you. I’m enthusiastic about getting back to preaching the Gospel again, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and excited to see your encouraging and convicting posts and teachings. You are a true blessing, and our Lord Jesus is using you powerfully. I will continue to pray for you brother, and your ministry. Much love, Devin.”

“Good day Todd, or to whom ever I am speaking with. Definitely a blessing you’ve been in strengthening my walk with Christ. For many years I’ve rejected the truth because I wanted to build my own kingdom and had my ears tickled. But I thank God for His marvelous mercy, who let me see what is truth, and what is not. Thank you for all you are doing. Donations will be arriving soon.God bless.” Philip

“Your ministry is a huge blessing to me! I just wanted to thank you for your ministry…I listen to your blog talk teachings, really enjoy them and have grown a lot…God bless.” Angela Alatorre

“The Lord is doing new things and greatly expanding the ministry He has given you. He is calling us to be patient, hold fast, abide in complete trust and union with Him and endure to the end!” Debbie Lord

“Dear brother, thank you for the message about the KJB Version only. My eyes are open on using only the King James Bible.  KJB only from here on in my life.  I know you warned me to use only the KJB.  I now heed that warning. I am going  to warn other people about using only the KJB. BE BLESSED IN JESUS CHRIST. Your Web site is Great.  So much happening God is really using your ministry for his Glory and our blessings.” Darlene

“Amen brother! I love your posts and your courage to expose the wolves and false teachers in this generation. That’s what the true body of Christ needs today to protect itself from the poison of the ravenous wolves.” Jun Gorgonio

“Thanks my friend in Christ you have been a big blessing in this area I will share soon. Thanks.” Nancy Paul Cote

“Brother Todd,  I must say that God brought you and your spiritual convictions into my life and the perfect time to awaken my heart that was about to fall asleep. Must engage the battle call! Bless His name alone! ” David Taylor,  missionary, pastor

“Interesting blogs you do share….Blessings and refreshing to hear a blog like yours….amen. Refreshing ….Blessings to you and your family in all things..shalom. You are someone that shines out the Light of Christ …and those who listen to you are Blessed indeed…thanks…I hear in your voice Christ’s Words …thanks for the teachings…I never did like extra books…but with you and how you present things …if I was able I would get them to use as Study guides…finding someone of likeminded and spirit in Christ is rare. Well I am back in school now through Father sending you and your ministry.” Cindy

“You have an awesome radio blog.” Cindy Hatfield | Radio

“Glad to say as soon as I left the Seeker Sensitive/Emergent Church The Holy Spirit prompted me to get a King James Bible. I was not sure why at the time BUT I know why now. So glad for the offense of the cross to bring me to godly sorrow that lead to repentance and a complete life and believe change from that which was heresy.” Nancy | Bible Versions

“A true, humble, and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, who loves the word of God and rightly divides it as well!!!” Adam Miller

“Todd your web site is coming back good. You have a lot of Good things on there to see and read. I am Blessed by all you do for the body of Christ. You truly are a Blessing.” Darlene D.

“5 STARS! My Favorite Christian Author! Never disappointed by anything Todd has written.” F.

Give till it hurts! JESUS did, He took our Sins, He Saved our Souls, He Healed our Bodies, He Raised us from the Dead, and He will soon take us Home Amen! People get ready JESUS is Coming Soon!” Charles Pray

“People are HUNGRY for the Word! And you’re given’ it to ’em. :)” Debbie Lord

“Brother, If I am ever taken into captivity in persecution, I want you to be near me–quoting the Word with the great talent of knowledge and being able to memorize scriptures,, that would be a real blessing–Amen.” Paul Yuen

“Oh my Lord what a revelation.. I just listened to this gospel message! Pow ? bam ? boom ?! SSD ? DGD ?., thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful blessing with me ! What a wonderful blessing! I felt this message in my spirit for real revelation ??✝✝?❤” Cassandra

“You always preach truth!! I can’t handle all this truth!!!!!!! so true brother!! I’m so glad I’m sitting down!!!! this is so true!!!!” Gina Mondello

FROM Debbie Lord: “The Radio program this week was excellent. As you both pointed out, there is little or no teaching on this today. We so desperately need this message.”

From Charles Pray: “This Born Again book is the nicest tract book on receiving Christ I have ever seen. So clear and to the point. Amen!” Born Again (Book)

This blessed sister in Christ mailed the ministry outreach 2 King James Bibles to share!  She writes: “I know God will use you to put these Bible in the hands of souls that are hungry for God’s Word and truth and I will send more when I can. It’s not much but I wanted to help your ministry. You are a blessing to me every day of my life, preaching God’s truth, no matter the cost or verbal lashings you receive. I will continue to pray for you my brother.” Suzanne

“Thank you for sharing this magnificent biblical gospel.” Cassandra Shelton

From John Roberts concerning the Redemptive Withdrawal post:  “Todd I’m part way through reading the transcript on redemptive withdrawals. Excellent teaching. Will read the rest of it on my lunch break.”

“Wow this is powerful biblical gospel!” Cassandra Bond Shelton

“My mother is giving Prince Joseph All her social security check can you send me something to show her that his not real prophet she’s lost her house and is about to lose her life savings if she doesn’t listen to me stop sending thousands of dollars to Prince Joseph ?”

Yes here you go: Joseph Prince Exposed

“You have a lot of good posts! Praise God!” Leah

“This is where God sent me first to jails and prisons love this jail ministry you are doing !” Dianne Wilson

“Prisons are the best place to turn the light on and tell them about Jesus Christ when they are sitting in darkness waiting for something to happen to them~” John Atteberry

“My God Todd Tomasella you be having me over here searching myself repenting and all!!! Lord I’m thankful for accountability.” Gina Miles-Blanks

“Amen brother! Praise be to God! I learn a lot from your posts. They are all good reads. I have even saved many from your posts. I have been encouraged by most of your posts. Thank you for sharing. Thank you brother for the support and encouragement! I am blessed. Praise be to God!” Jun Gorgonio, Philippines

“I’m so surprised when I look at some of the reply’s you get. When I look at the lives of those attacking I see there’s no holiness in these so-called Christians brother Todd. You must be some disappointed with half of them. I myself love your this ministry and what it puts out but it’s so very sad that people are so worldly. There is no change in their Christian life, deluding themselves that they are saved. Much prayer is needed for these lost souls. Sincerely yours.” Lydia Wilcocks.

“Keep sharing dear brother! God Bless you and all who have a love of the Truth!” Grace

“Todd you have inspired me to get back to memorizing God’s Word on a weekly basis again…………….Is 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Debbie Hayes


THE FOLLOWING comment came after viewing this video:

“I was believing OSAS for awhile. Thankfully the Holy Spirit lead me away from it. It really doesn’t make any sense Biblically or logically. I find though that there’s a lot of people who believe salvation can be lost that believe they’re perfect and I don’t agree with that either. I think there’s a difference between being a sinner and walking after the flesh or living a life of sin.” Bee

“Very convicting, I needed to hear this, thank you.” Emily Nurnberg Sichley

“Glad you’ve posted this about God’s “remnant.”
It’s been on my mind and have had a couple occasions
recently to share about “being” God’s remnant.
What a joy and encouragement (as it puts us in our context
in this life on earth as God’s people) as we see the evil one’s
activities of darkness increase greatly. God’s remnant — having our life hid with Christ in God IS our identity amid these dark times. Oh, how we need to cling to HIM! We have
no shelter in anything that is of this world, but are known of our
heavenly Father — in whose hands is all of creation and the times,
the end of times, and His marvelous plan for His remnant’s ETERNITY
with Him!” Debbie Lord

“Thanks Brother Todd. One thing I know about you is that you are always quick to see people get the things you offer very fast. Your life shows a heart of caring for the least the lost and the hurting Amen! You are faithful doing what God has called us all to be and do that is to love your neighbor as yourself. I am going to start this with my daughter and after awhile reach out to others with it amen. Thanks again Brother Todd I will be in touch. May God continue to have His hand upon you your family and your calling in JESUS name Amen! Brother Charles and Daughter Chastity Pray.”

“Thank you brother Todd, I always wanted to be apart of a ministry that goes out and shares the Gospel like your ministry and you do. It gives me fire and hope to do the same for myself too. When I bring in new Christians in my church family at church, I will also have them sign up here too to maybe help in donations too. I know God will Bless my walk and work and He will do the same for you and your work also brother Todd. Thanks!” John Atteberry

“Have you ever thought about a retreat geared at training up young boys to Godly men? My boys are getting older and are in need of bible reading, fire preaching, Godly examples of what a Christian man looks like. “You would be a good person to do that. Yes, I homeschool them and so teach them bible study, apologetics, and scripture memory, but they are quickly turning into men and I can’t teach them how to be Godly men in a ungodly world, like another man could. They are apart of a boys bible study at our local church, which is great, but lacking somehow. They very much need to be prepared, with a strong Godly identity and solid Christian foundation.” Nicole Aguilar

“I’m so excited to be able to come and fellowship with you all again at the Cross Conference and get more biblical knowledge. Your ministry is such a wonderful blessing to me and my family., God’s blessings to you always, in Jesus’ name.” Cassandra Shelton

“Thank you brother Todd, I always wanted to be apart of a ministry that goes out and shares the Gospel like your ministry and you do. It gives me fire and hope to do the same for myself too. When I bring in new Christians in my church family at church, I will also have them sign up here too to maybe help in donations too. I know God will Bless my walk and work and He will do the same for you and your work also brother Todd. Thanks!” John Atteberry

So many say ‘I don’t attend your church.’ What God’s Word is saying to you is if you are being fed through a called out servant of Christ’s teachings then according to God’s Word we are to give to the one who teaches us (Gal. 6:6). We can’t just sit back and say Amen to everything being taught and expect others to carry the load. We are to store our treasures in Heaven and not on earthly things that will cease to exist. If you are seeing fruits in this ministry then it’s time to start supporting it through prayer and finances where what ever and who ever Brother Todd reaches through this ministry you will also partake of the fruits of Amen!” Charles Pray

“I use to support a staged act .. now I support the gospel, all the glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Cassandra Bond Shelton

“I love this man of God’s teachings. Truly one of the best I know. Sign up for his newsletter and buy his books. They are truth and anointed and he explains things so well. While I love my Bible he sheds light on many scriptures that I have trouble understanding. I personally think his books would be the best gift for those who recently accepted Christ and needs help understanding some things Satan loves to twist. They would also be awesome Christmas and Birthday gifts or for a church library. Todd Tomasella certainly doesn’t sugar coat anything and we all need the truth in these days and times where Satan is twisting any and everything. He teaches things that the church just don’t teach much anymore. We desperately need the Gospel that Jesus Christ preached. If you’re tired of pansy preaching I promise you’ll be blessed by him.” Sheila Luker

“What an eye opener and spiritual awakener! Thank you for sharing this brother! All glory and power to God in Christ JESUS! Amen!” JB

“That was very a very encouraging word, Thanks.” Laurie Cox

“Thanks for a great post, brother! And thank you for your unwavering commitment to posting Biblical Truth and your strong witness for Christ…” Michael Bonacquisti

“I like it when you post a scripture Todd, it makes one read the Bible.” Patrick Murphy

“Brother I thank our Father for the guidance and doctrinally sound judgment you provide:)” Elizabeth Tyrna

Thank you for giving too the Lord I’m definitely a life changed by the ministry.” Cassandra Shelton

Giving me much to dig into todayYour page is always full of verses. I normally dig right into. Seems you have many and very early.” Sherry T.

“Thank-you Brother. I just ordered 2 of your books through Amazon, kindle version, a couple of days ago, and am enjoying them immensely! Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us and Predators in our Pulpits. I do not go to “church” because I cannot seem to find one that is scriptural, and free of false doctrine. A case in point, I just had to explain to a “Christian” friend about Yoga being a religion not exercise, the kundalini spirit and why there is no such thing as christian yoga.Apparently there is a new fad in the churches, many pastor’s wives encouraging “christian yoga” classes as part of their health and wellness programs. The sheep that rely on pastors rather than scripture are woefully ignorant. My heart aches for them…they have no idea that they become twofold the child of hell as their false teacher because they do not study to show themselves approved. I would LOVE to find a home group in my area that I could join, and I know that the Lord will provide one when the time is right for me. It has to be according to His will, not mine. In the meantime, I am thankful He has provided speakers of Truth, such as yourself. May God Bless your ministry…and thank-you for making me go to my KJV to keep looking things up! I am anxious to finish these two books so I can order more…next up will be I Die Daily and Let America Pray Again.” Jeanne Rux

“This book, ‘Revolutionary Evangelism’ is empowering and exciting!” Jesse DeGrazio Revolutionary Evangelism (book)

“You have no idea how much you’ve blessed me brother. I hope and pray you feel like I do. I have a forever friend/brother in Christ in you. You’re a tiger for the Kingdom. Go get ’em!” Jesse DeGrazio

“What a beautiful message I see some areas where I need to crucify my flesh! Die harder , I must decrease he must increase, help Me Lord to do your will,  Thank you for the wonderful message.” Cassandra Shelton

You are continually standing and proclaiming the Gospel and exhorting. I read your posts often and appreciate you and them.” Joseph Spillman

“This is a really good ministry ( Love the website too. It’s loaded and I mean loaded with edifying, discernment materials!!! Thank you!!!!” Susan

“Thank you again for the book, it’s a gift that is dear to me, and I cannot wait to start reading it.” Kelsey

“What a surprise to receive this book yesterday!!! Thank you!! I have already started to read. It’s so good! You are so nice! Thank you so much! God Bless Gina:))”

“Brother keep telling the truth, it will set people free. If people get offended by the truth they need Jesus.” Keith Wise

“I’m so glad I’m connected to you Todd!! you preach the truth!! and you aren’t afraid! so many cowards out there!” Gina Mondello

God bless You and Love what you have done and through Safeguard Your Soul ministries in sharing in and spreading the Word to All. God bless. As soon as I get more grounded I’d Love to send a $100. Or $200. Donation to your ministries.” William Pavichevich

“Just want to say, ‘God bless you, my friend’. You were on my heart, and I thank you for the times you have helped me in Jesus Name! I continue to strive as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and ask Him for guidance and discernment through the Holy Spirit. Thanks, and God bless you again.” Chris Coleman

All of Todd’s Books on Amazon

“Thank You Jesus. Thank you for helping me understand biblical scriptures, God bless you always. The Lord is so good. I’m sitting here thinking about how merciful God truly is and I can’t stop crying. He’s been so good too me. I just want to be worthy for the Master’s use, ready for every good work He has for me.” Cassandra

“Brother Todd, if we are alive during the coming great tribulation, I hope as we are fleeing from town to town the persecution, I pray you are one of the brethren God has cross my path!  God bless you!” Elizabeth Tyrna

“You are such a BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!! such an encouragement Todd!! you are so BOLD…rare anymore!” Gina Mondello

“God keep you and thank you for all the Christian knowledge you share; it is an encouragement.” Nick Novello

“Dear Brother Todd, I’m sure it is still night time by you. First of all. I owe you an apology. Last night on my way to bed, I just realized that I had my priorities all mixed up. I really thought a lot about how I kept on postponing getting the funds across to you. It worried me and I felt bad about it. You know, I just realized the seriousness of life in the Kingdom. If I say, I am a child of God, and nod my head and agree with His Word, then my heart has to be in tuned with His Word every step of the way. Not 99.9% But 100%! It is not a head thing. This is heart religion. Even though I was really busy, but what is more important to me? I thought to myself, “but it is only $53″, so it is probably not a lot for you guys”. I soon realized that a soldier can never be so slack in small duties. He will get fired! It is a serious thing. Soldiers of Christ should not allow the affairs of this life to entangle them. Christ, His church and the brethren should be our highest priority. Where is my priorities? This Kingdom life should dictate all other life. This is my new life. My brethren in the Lord should is my new family. Brother, forgive me for my sloppy attitude. I wish we could have given more but unfortunately we are not in the position to do so. Even though it might be something small, we sow it in faith knowing that God delights in a heart that trust in His Word. May God bless you brother. Preach the Word.” Lourens Strydom, South Africa

“Todd– I very much admire and support your railing against sodomy/sodomites, such as your quote from Edmond Greer– “If understand the Bible right it says that even the effeminate (sissified man) will not enter in and be cast into the lake of fire. Much less abusers of themselves with mankind” and the 1 Corinthians 6:9 passage that you referred to in your tweet today (“Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind … shall inherit the Kingdom of God”)– plus your website statement “Being a pansy is perversion.” All of this needs to be said, and so I greatly appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to do God’s Work here.” Mark Luke John | Sodomy is Sin

You guys are preaching the real biblical gospel indeed. Thank you for being a true servant too Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior forever. Indeed love your awesome ministry, thank You Jesus for your true vessels whose labor is not in vain. They are a blessing from You Lord.” Cassandra

“Thank you for Sharing God’s Word. I have several of your BOOKS…and agree with you 100% on your posts you have Shared~ Blessings~” Frances Plante | STORE

“May God allow you many wonderful and regular opportunities to speak to people that He has prepared for HIS Word. In Jesus Name. Keep up the Good Work.” Chris Sitter

“…. Amen indeed this radio message brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Jesus Christ for loving me enough too die for my sins , I really felt his Holy Spirit in this beautiful gospel, thank you for this true gospel you share with us , such a honor & privilege too know you both .. may God bless & keep you.” Cassandra Shelton | SafeGuardYourSoul Radio

“I appreciate your strong witness Todd! God Bless you!:)) thank you !!! so happy to be connected to you! I love what you have to say!…you preach the truth…too many are more concerned with POPULARITY……..we are to be separate! we are to come out of Babylon!!! either we are for Christ or we are against him!!.” Gina Mondello

All of Todd’s Books on Amazon

Brother Todd I thank the Lord for you and your work and diligence which in the past has helped me, stay humble and remember it’s his might.
For with out me you can do nothing said Lord Jesus.” J.K.

“Thanks Todd, for loving this very imperfect brother. Your fellowship and steadfast friendship has been one of the greatest and most kind things that The Lord has done for me – during the last 3 decades. Your friend, Chris”

“Your posts are so phenomenally good! I really thank God for your ministry! I don’t know anybody else who has their doctrine so right as you and calls things with such clarity and biblical accuracy. That’s all I’ve got to say. I’m gonna pray for you that he keeps using you like he does.” John U.

“I praise God for you and the encouragement you have given to memorize God’s Word. May God bless you today with His personal encouragement. May you dwell in the fullness and stability and joy of His love and care for you today.” Debbie L.

Thank you Brother for your calling and faithfulness to the Saints in the Body of Christ. This is not me it’s God speaking through me and to me so others may know and see what’s going on in the spiritual realm so they won’t be deceived anymore by these false teachers. I tell you if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit speaking through Brother Todd and His faithfulness to share what the word says about this subject many of us saints would still be walking in darkness in this matter. I thank you Brother for your faithfulness and submission to the Holy Spirit and God’s Holy Word in sharing with as many saints who have ears to hear and eyes to see Amen! To God be ALL the GLORY for the things He hath done Amen! It is getting very late and time is running out for us to not share the truth once we have been shown it, it is time to start asking God where He would have you start supporting the ministries that are teaching and preaching the true Word of God and not teaching for ones own gain? God has shown me personally and many others that Brother Todd is one of those who is not compromising God’s Holy Word. He backs up everything with Scripture verses so you can see for yourself just as God asks us to do, study God’s Word and allow the Holy Spirit reveal its interpretation to us as that is His job. Without the Holy Spirit we would never even be able to know JESUS as personal. Christ died for our sins and the Holy Spirit reveals Him to us Amen! Let God start showing you where to start sowing seed so it is effective most for His Kingdom because it is our calling to give to the ones who share God’s Holy Word. Start looking where you see the fruits being manifested in souls being touched and saved for God’s Glory Amen! Enough for now, it’s time to start being obedient to God’s Call in your life. I am starting to Love God’s Word all over again, it is becoming fresh in my spirit and is quenching my thirst. Brother Charles Pray. Blessed be the name of the Lord Amen!” Charles Pray

“YOU are an inspiration to so many — to abide in Christ and to get into God’s Word. I thank God for you all the time. You did a great job on this. You have a vast treasure of God’s Word within you to be able to come forth with His Truth so easily. I know the process of digging for and studying His Truth has not, by any means, been easy, but God is greatly glorified and proclaimed to the world by your love for Him and His ways. God bless you…SOME MORE!!!” DL

“How I miss those days sharing the gospel tracts outside concert places and other places! Those are the days of our fire within that never gets burn out cause He first Loved us! That’s true Love – sharing to others an overflowing grace to others. You’ve taught me in so many ways. Those days are vital in my spirit until today.  I love you my brother in Christ.” Alan Abayon, Philippines (Todd’s friend for many years. Alan previously lived in the USA)

Todd. You bless me so much each day. I am having a real battle as I am just surrounded by evil. I feel just trapped. Habakkuk is my exact prayer. And I KNOW God is answering the exact same. It breaks my heart. We brought this evil on ourselves. Don’t you stop. I appreciate your messages alot.” Lonnie Hamel

I am retiring Sept 1st and I will be able to seek God on a number of viable ventures that will help fund the prison ministry and a ministry like yours, where Christ alone is preached and exalted! We are in perilous times; God help the flippant timid Christian.” Nick Novello

“Good morning brother. This is just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. They bless me Todd. Have a blessed day brother and stay dangerous for the advancement of the Kingdom. Dangerous to the enemy that is! Blessings!” Jesse DeGrazio

“I’ll be getting more of your books as finances allow. Thank you. … I thank God for your ministry. I will pray that many more will read these books and to God be the glory. I  also pray for you to be strengthened in the Lord and in the power of His might. Amen. Your books are such rich with Scriptures where many of today’s authors of so called Christian books are full of fluff falsehoods and opinions of man instead of His Word.” Dana Rankin

“I have read Todd’s books, “Lie of the Ages” and “Soul Damning Sins”, and have followed his teachings on social media. I can, without reservation, tell you that Todd places the Word of God as first and foremost authority in all of his teachings. His books are filled with scripture references and he does not handle the Word of God deceitfully, but carefully and skillfully remaining true to the context of the verses chosen.” Reggie Byrum

“Always appreciate your boldness.” Joseph S.

“They are not unfriending you, Brother Todd, but they are unfriending the One who called you…JESUS! The Truth is the only thing that will free them from their sin. A true friend is one who will stick closer than a brother. The Lord tells us to present the Gospel to everyone, but to those who will not receive it He tells us to shake the dust off our feet and move on! Amen! I truly believe God is removing those who will hinder your calling, Brother Todd. The enemy is not going to continue to spend time causing trouble for those who have surrendered to him already. He is too busy trying to distract those who are doing God’s work, as he knows his time is very short. I look forward every day to see how God inspires you to bring forth His Word to me and the many others who have ears to hear His voice through you. I desire to make my timeline God’s timeline by doing the same as you do to encourage others to walk with Him! Thanks, Brother Todd.” Charles Pray

“I’m signing up for your newsletter. Thank you so much for edifying the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.” Marcus

“Your posts are so helpful… A very narrow road which we must walk.” Colleen Torney

You have helped bring truth to me tremendously ….and I thank you Brother.” Devin Swart

“Thank you Todd for all the posts. It keeps me motivated to learn more.” Colleen Torney

“Hey brother, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated that radio link/program the other day.  Every time I hear one of those I can never decide whose got the better voice and presence for the radio!” Lisa S., MI

“Love your work brother Lord Jesus bless you.” anonymous

“Praise God brother Todd, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT can get through the most hardened hearts. It is we who limit God and the Holy Spirit. May the living Word of God keep these souls reaching out to God as the supplier of all their needs and may your three books you are sending them be used of by God to teach them the difference between the sheep and the wolves Amen! May God continue to Bless you and your ministry brother Todd as you follow His Word and Spirit. To God be ALL the Praise and Glory for the great things He is doing through you. You have certainly reached and touched my life since I met you and I have been a follower of God and Jesus most of my life but sadly more doing my own thing rather than doing the very thing He called me to do just as He has called many to follow after Him. Thank You JESUS for saving a wretch such as I. Amen!” Brother Charles Pray.

“You give and share so much amazing stuff and like the rest of us you are growing, changing, deepening in the love of GOD…..praying for you and I’m deeply glad to have you as a brother in Christ.” Laurellynne M. Greaves

“Love your teaching Todd. Thanks for what you do!!” Joseph Spillman

“Your books are a Jeremiah to today’s church.” Neil Burton

“Just listened to this morning’s radio ministry — EXCELLENT. What a blessing to be exposed to these Cross teachings. Am continually amazed at the depth, intricacies and vastness of these truths. They are all-pervasive. May God continue to change our hearts and minds according to the fullness of His truth and understanding!” Debbie L. SafeGuardYourSoul Radio on BlogTalkRadio

“Brother Todd, received your Books and am very excited to start reading them and increasing my knowledge on safe guarding my soul journey in Christ. Thanks for all you have done to make me a solid believer. In your ministry you really show great integrity in your walk with Christ and I say this only to Glorify Christ’s name in your life. Keep spreading God’s Word and Love to the least and the lost. Brother Charles Pray and Daughter Chastity Pray.” Charles Pray

“Keep coming back to a phrase you’ve used that has helped me so much: “It’s not about trying harder–but dying deeper.” That’s the bottom line, isn’t it?” Debbie L.

“Wow – just listened to an amazing radio program. Have you ever heard of them? Most excited to share it with a friend asap, who is (and has been for an extended period of time) in the middle of volleys of attacks by Satan, and we have been crying out to God for direction and protection for her. Have already texted her about it and the urgency of her hearing these truths discussed this a.m. Sent her Rom 8:36 & Rom 12:17-21.” Debbie L. |

“Thank you all so much for taking my brother in, teaching him and giving him the love he has always needed! That guy is my heart and I’m so happy he has people that truly care! I would stop at nothing to get him to the life I prayed for him to have since I was a little girl. I used to be the one sending him Bible verses, praying, and trying to get him to turn his life over…he thought it was silly then but look at him now, doing the same thing I did – by evangelizing others! I couldn’t be more proud.” Amber

“Thanks again Brother for being such a warrior for Christ. The body really needs more watchmen on the wall like you caring so much for souls. I am looking forward to receiving your books. Brother Charles Pray.” Charles Pray

“Todd, so grateful to God for “running into you” at the coffee shop! It was good to meet you and learn a little of who you are, and the books you have written! (BTW: I have ordered three books already!)  Really so happy we met you and do hope to get together soon, over a meal, or cup coffee! Blessings,” Mia

“Oh my! Just took a trip on your website, didn’t know you wrote so many books nor how you don’t mince words, do you? LOL You go for the juggler with most preachers. However now we are all getting to see how the evil has spread and many are lost in a maze, partly because of watered down Christianity or corrupted doctrines. Anyway, glad to know you and looking forward to seeing what your perspective is based on your understanding of God’s Word. He deals with each of us on our level and helps us along like a parent helps their baby to walk on their own. Shalom.” Linda C.

“Thank you Todd, for sharing pure, solid biblical truth; there are many in bondage to the law, who need deliverance.” Nick Novello

“I started giving to the ministry of safeguardyoursoul and its all been returned and double now … since I started listening to His voice ! I’m forever grateful to you for sharing the gospel! Thank you for this ministry has changed my life ?✝.. now I can give even more too people in need. Yes absolutely He sure does replenish! I didn’t realize how big of a burden sin was until I became obedient to His Word and His will… it’s not about me it’s all about Jesus and what He did for me on the cross! Pray for me my husband is not happy with me right now. He’ll see what I’m talking about through my obedience to the Lord… and I believe with all my heart it will lead to his salvation! Please agree with me in prayer for my husbands salvation.. God bless you my friend in Christ.” Cassandra Bond Shelton

“Satan and his servants are aware no doubt of the deception being laid bare (on your site). The deception that is in full swing across many so called ministries today. The god of self is worshipped and ultimately Satan. These apostate churches teach self help not yielding to the Lord, letting the Holy Spirit crucify your flesh and being led and ruled by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. God sees our hearts and knows whether the works we do have their root in self or in Him. I will continue to read your articles and share your website with others and perhaps by God’s grace their eyes, ears and hearts will be opened to Him.” Paul Hanrahan

“You were kind to send me your book “I Die Daily.” I want you to know I appreciate that!” Lori

“I’m gonna start a group and would love for you to come teach some time, please. You inspire me to press on with the Word and stand on it against others that want to water it down or go around or trying to go up and over or under.” Teddy Christian Sr.

“Wow Todd, thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that and I love all the articles you wrote ….Beautiful and true! I thank God for crossing our path… you’re such a blessing to me! I’m so touched!” Eliset Igat

“Beautiful…Thank you for all that you do for the Kingdom!!! There are going to be many souls in heaven because of you.” Valencia Hargrave

A sister who began supporting the ministry wrote this just a week after she first gave: “So my financial situation is taking a turn for the glory of our Lord hallelujah.. I’ll send you another donation this weekend yeah ! It’s all about God’s kingdom. You can’t outgive God!” Cassandra

“Just wanted to say thank you for the blessing you are to lots of lonely souls out there…and for the Truth you preach in Him….love you dearly in Christ Jesus who is our Savior ….always quickening our Spirit to keep us close to Him Amen.” Antoinette

“I love your ministry. It feeds my soul.” Cassandra

“I Thank You God for all of Your faithfulness to this ministry in JESUS’ Name I Pray. The best way to make the devil toss and turn is to support God’s work with your money which the world looks at as their god. The only reason we should love money and want more is so we can give it back to God to further His Kingdom Amen!” Charles Pray

“Your Bible Study modules (Grace and Truth Bible School) have been such a blessing and have really broadened the outlook and understanding of our pastors in our Bible School.  They fit perfectly with our own teachings and we really pray God will bless your poured out life for Him. We are busy too, praise God, with His work and word.  After our Bible School class on Wednesday 3 of the pastors went to minister the true word of God to 18 other pastors who were delighted and are now planning an entire day seminar for these precious TKK pastors to come and minister to them. The books have really helped them to spot the phonies. God bless you,” Mama Jo/Joetta Smith, Treasure Keepers Kenya Pastors Discipleship Ministry

I own 4 of your books, and they are all wonderful, and I’ve learned a lot reading them, but this is the one (Lie of the AgesI find myself going back to. It has so much great information in it.” Cody Johanneck McCaughey 

Lie of the Ages (the book) – took the plunge and began reading it. It’s even better than I had imagined! Am hooked. Reading a chapter a day. What a truly amazing work this book is. Betcha some have been given PhDs for less. Hmmm. Lie of the Ages is a gold mine and is so well written. You’ve taken such care to develop each point with Scripture. I used to look at the book and because of the size of it thought it must be very technical, complicated and difficult to understand (and waaaay over my head). But as I am reading it, I’m finding that just the opposite is true. There is a logical progression that actually clarifies the meaning of the Scriptures instead of leaving my head spinning. Great job!” Debbie Lord

“Brother, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a gatekeeper in the house of God. I thank you for your exhortations and urgent pleadings to keep ourselves in the love of God through obedience and holiness. Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and your faithfulness to your calling. Recently I found a certain article on definitions of gatekeeper and I immediately thought of you! God bless you and keep you! ‘A gatekeeper protects the house of the Lord from corruption and worldly ideas. Stand true to the Word of God and do not waver. Protect the people from following lies, false ideas and wrong doctrine. Protect and cling tightly to the Word of God, protecting the Lord’s house and His Ways. You must keep the people from stumbling off the narrow path. Keep the Lord’s sheep safe until He comes back again, always staying ready and looking out for your master to return. He has commanded us to watch for His return.’ … I am not trying to flatter but rather just encourage you, brother, as we all need it. In all of this I know you pray and seek to remain humble before our God and give Him ONLY all the glory. Keep up the good work, the food, the faith, and running the race that He has set before you.” Anita

“Hi, I just found your web page Safe guard your soul. I read an article on the site about NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) and I just want to say thank you for writing that. I have tears in my eyes having just been delivered and coming out of that movement. I didn’t realize it was so false. Much of the books I read and friends I had were part of it. My heart is very grieved over this deception that has infiltrated a lot of the church world. By God’s grace I want to write out a testimony about what I’ve seen firsthand. I hope this isn’t too weird me writing you, just want to encourage you in the Lord. Thanks again for the article. I’m going get the book Predators in Our Pulpits …There are a lot of my friends that are still in this. I want to be equipped to help others. I’ve never been more grateful for Gods Word. God Bless you and wanted to encourage you in the Lord. I really thank God for all those who are standing up for truth.” Sheila

Very well put. Your posts are awesome ….I pray the Lord overwhelms you with His love !!  Perfect love of GOD casts out all fear …amen. You are on the front lines Todd…very encouraging to me. Standing in our faith and God’s Word no matter the circumstance or persecution. I pray for strength and courage.” Devin Swart

“Keep doing what your doing brother. Some of us are fully behind you.” Steven Medley


“Your book, Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us is powerfully written; it exudes the Spirit of the living God. I am using it in my prison ministry before hundreds of men. Thank you for being obedient to our Lord! … I’m on duty today. I patrol central Dallas; please let me know if you have copies of your other works and their cost. I want to buy them. As for your book on deceivers, I am sharing that teaching with hundreds of prisoners at Hutchins State Jail. I receive a good deal of threats for what I speak to in public, as a working cop. It is good for my soul to see others talking about Christ boldly. God keep you.” Nick Novello | Kingdom Opportunity… 1) please pray for brother Nick, and 2) If you wish, feel free to give an offering to be able to send brother Nick a supply of the books …. Donate here

“I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks. Just found your website and have found it helpful. I have been in a process of trying to get free from false teaching and false doctrine. And getting free from opening myself up to jezebel spirits. Thanks for bringing the Word.” Tricia S. …. please pray for our precious sister!

“Just can’t get over how the Lord is taking your life (daily dying to self, buried and risen with, and committed to loving, following and walking with Jesus) and pouring it out to thousands through your writing, radio, personal witnessing, friendships and prayers. Please don’t give up – no matter what – a day at a time – until the glorious day you are with Jesus in Heaven. Until that day, please keep dying, watching, listening, learning, growing and giving God’s Word to “anyone you can, anywhere you can, any time you can”. This world desperately needs YOUR LIGHT to keep on shining BRIGHTLY to the GLORY OF GOD. Galatians 6:9-10” Debbie L.


“Dear Todd, We have learned so much from Module 1 of the Grace and Truth Bible School.  I am using it with our 5 leadership pastors for our Treasure Keepers Kenya Pastors Discipleship Ministry and we are really eager to receive and start on Module 2.  Can you please send us that second Module?  Thank you so much.  Have also really enjoyed and learned from the books that you have written as well.  Every scripture is checked out!  These pastors are true Bereans! May God bless you.  God bless you so much.  The pastors are meeting 2 days a week for 3 hours each time.  This is just in time for our meeting on Monday!  Thank you so much, In His grace and service for His glory, Joetta Smith (Mama Jo) | Grace and Truth Bible School

I can tell you’re a real go-getter for Christ. When it comes to leading them to Him,  Don’t Stop Leading…God Bless!” Dustin Baird

“Thank you Todd for your commitment to serve God  The emails you send out are truthful beautiful inspiring .They are greatly received  I love reading them and listening to the links a feast for us in a land of famine be encouraged God is with you …I love and respect you for all you do in Jesus name Amen.” Dawn

“Thank the Lord for your site. I’m going to have a good look through it. It’s full of vital information to get the truth and Word out to the people. Wonderful! God bless you all.” Lena B. | More Feedback here.

“I’ve got to tell you that I am so, so proud of you … Just listened to one of your audios on OSAS.  LOVED the way you stood strong and never backed down. Thank God for your steadfastness, the Lord’s strength …awesome …God bless you.” Dawn F. | OSAS RADIO Debate Between Todd Tomasella and Pastor Andrew Goins

“Todd, We would be pleased on receive your devotionals. You’re doing a great job in the Lord when openly reproaching such workers of iniquity. We still don’t have your book in Brazil and I assure you that the book “Predators in Our Pulpits” would be a cleansing in the bunches of fake preachers and “their churches” if you put thousands of this book for sale in my Nation [Brazil] !!! Thank you so much for such sound doctrine for the Bride! Where can I import this book shipped to Brazil, please? How is it’s price, please? In Christ, Maynard and Patricia.


“This was the only way I could subscribe to your newsletter. I have been studying the apostate church for awhile now and you are such a witness to my spirit and breath of fresh air!!! I came out of the heretical Word Of Faith, and am praying for my mom and sister’s eyes to receive this Truth. Real quick, my research has led me to find the truth out about E.W. Kenyon! Kenneth’s Copeland and Hagin, Oral and Richard Roberts, Billy and Franklin Graham are all 33 degree Masons! Copeland is also “Knights Of Templar”. It’s even bigger than this… Thank you for sending me your newsletter!!  I am getting your book (Predators). I have spent several hours on your website and HAD to partake of your ministry. I will keep your ministry and your family in my prayers! The devil doesn’t like you at all!! Me either…In Jesus Christ Lord Of All,” Colette L.


Hi Colette …. Amen sister. We wear satan’s scorn as a badge of honor …. if he likes us, we are in darkness. “LORD, bless us to be on your enemy’s hit list – at the top!” Thanks for emailing and hope all is well in your life in Christ and in your family. Amen sister I also was delivered out of the WOF cult .. Have you seen this? Word of Faith Detox Confessions of a False Teacher (me) Glad to be connected sister as we grow in His grace together as His body (Heb. 13:9; 2 Pet. 3:18). todd

“Brother, I read this article this morning and I was shocked to see my quote, thank you. I want to tell you that I pray for you and your ministry every day and I listen to your blogtalk, they are SO wonderful and great teaching. I get blessed and grow each time I hear them. God bless you ” Angela Alatorre | SafeGuardYourSoul Radio

“Thank you brother this is conformation for me (the message of the cross) … the Lord brought Romans 7 to my attention today, and my mind was blown away….read it so many times …but today it hit me on a profoundly deeper level of understanding! God bless you and your ministry Todd…I pray a hedge of protection over you.” Devin Swart


“Oh, Todd! Don’t think I’ve heard this man before (Keith Daniel). Wept my way through it It caused me to want to thank you more than ever for your responding to the call of God on your life. Brother Keith’s preaching helped me to understand some more of what you deal with as you put yourself on the line every day and are Satan’s target as you hold to and preach the pure Word of God. I can’t help but love you more (hold in respect) for that and am drawn to not weaken but stay strong in any and all prayer for you, and want to support you in whatever ways I can. You and God’s ministry through you have impacted my walk with God and brought encouragement from His Word just when I needed it the most. Please understand I’m not putting you on a pedestal–God knows I’m just very grateful. Psalm 119:74 ‘They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in thy word.’ May God fill you today with encouragement. Aiming to trust in God wholly,  Debbie PS the next direction for my personal study in God’s Word I think will be re truth, humility and the holy fear of God.” Debbie Lord

Keith Daniel: The Consequences of Preaching The Truth … Video message

“God is using you brother. Thank you for your love and obedience to our father. Your posts have been just what I need to see lately.” Tamara Murphy

“Praise the Lord… Brother thank you for the Nightfall book. It’s a true eye opener! Very blessed to have received this wonderful gift…” Cat Jewell


“Great message Todd !! Because of you millions will hear the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ Himself before the rapture. I used to be a regular viewer of Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen, and many of these false grace preachers but then I discovered their message doesn’t condemn willful sin. I stopped watching them and I asked the Lord to expose them by another mighty voice of His true servants and truly you are the answer to the prayer I prayed. Oh I wish I will receive newsletters from you always to remain vigilant in this last evil days. From your son in the Lord, Pastor Roger Coffie from Ghana West Africa.” Sign Up to Receive Moments with My Master

“My friend thank you for the Nightfall book. I have praise report. I sent that prayer from the Nightfall book to a brother in Florida and he sent to someone who needed that at that very moment. The fruit you a bearing is 100 fold my brother. To God be the glory!” Cat Jewell

“Good news— my sister will be doing the Grace and Truth Bible School with me! We went last week and got all the supplies.? So, could you please send the rest of the Grace and Truth Bible School modules? We’re excited about delving into this. You have made an important and timely impact on my walk with the Lord, brother, just want you to know that.” Debbie L.

“I’ve listened to some of your radio blogs and find myself edified and challenged. Did I hear you correctly that he is an elder for you? If so–good choice! I would like to be added to Moments with our Master email list. Thanks, and God bless you.” Debbie L. | Sign Up to Receive Moments with My Master

“It’s great to see your ministry thriving, thank You Jesus! 🙂 I responded to your poignant message ‘fresh start in God’. Just wanted to tell you that those few words ministered to my soul. Thank you, sister Lily from Greece.”  Fresh Start with God

“Finished reading your book Lie of the Ages. Excellent Bible study! I’ve enclosed 20.00 for your book Predators in Our Pulpits. We appreciates the biblical teachings of holiness. The world wants the easy way, not the straight and narrow.” Jimmy and Vickie Sanders

“Glad to be a fellow helper, brother! Your ministry resonates with me and there’s just a connection of beliefs that is so precious & rare to me. (One of a kind, really) I don’t find this camaraderie with my family, even, despite the solid Christian home I was raised in. Even as good as I believe my current church is at being true to scripture, they still lack in some areas. Not you by His Wisdom…your “rightly dividing” makes the most sense as I understand the text. Sure, I like to work “word art” with your printed page, but I don’t have to worry about changing the message. (In fact I try hard not to) Ours is truly an “iron sharpening” friendship that I am unspeakably grateful for! Keep it coming! I really care about you!” Lisa S.

You are a true disciple. Please continue your work with His leading, grace and blessing. …Amen.” Angela D.

I’m doing really deep study and asking God to clean my heart from every deceitful way! Lying, justifying myself before men, slandering, jealousy, hatred, any work of the devil that tries to come in and make itself at home in my heart because of trials or afflictions. I will NOT despise the chastening of the LORD! I will accept His Grace to overcome every false way. I love that you keep speaking the truth in love with the doctrine of Jesus Christ! This is the Spirit of the Law that saves rather than the letter of the Law which brings death! Confess your faults one to another and PRAY for each other that you may BE HEALED!!!” CK

“Thanks always for spreading the word, and doing your best to responding to my questions. Great post and commentary on your posting about the 7 Churches. Much needed post and great reminder that we must stay in Line with the Lord.” William P.

“Thanks for sharing Todd.  Your obedience to God’s offensive strategy of consistently and untiringly warning the saints against those who perpetrate heresies to prevent God’s children from being deceived is unparalleled. The best defense is a good offense.” Paul Roberts

“Amen Todd! This is One of the greatest teaching I’ve ever heard… In Jesus’ kingdom there is a new way. It is the way of the King and its name is “Grace.” Jesus loves little children, whom He identifies as the citizens of His kingdom. Little children did not live under the law. And little children who are citizens of the kingdom Jesus has established are not to relate to Him or each other through law… We must always remember that in His great mercy and compassion, God meet us lovingly where we are. Follow His lead.” Eliset I.

“Amen indeed … amazing teaching ! it has truly blessed my soul ! thanks Todd Tomasella for your amazing ministry ! May god richly bless you.” Cassandra Bond Shelton

Only been a believer for over a year and am blessed by your articles. Searched for a while for real practical biblical meat. So thanks for sharing.” John Roberts

“The last interview was outta the ballpark awesome! I listened to it twice! I’m still reading your book I Die Daily. Just died a little bit more”—Joy, CO 🙂

“Todd, it is amazing to me that the words of God found in Galatians 5:19-21, which concern that which prevents us from inheriting the kingdom of God, are as hard to find coming out of a pulpit on Sunday morning as it was for me to find an unvarnished and well written book on deception in a book store.  Had the lady at Christ for the Nations bookstore not taken the time to search the internet for me to find your book “Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us,” I wouldn’t know near what I know today about deceivers in the pulpit. With approx. 6,000,000,000 people left on planet earth and the day far spent, it is scary to think what the condition of the saints will be at the Lord’s return, which is imminent.  Woe unto those who shut up the kingdom of heaven against men:

“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men:  for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows houses, and for a pretense make long prayer:  therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”  –  (Matthew 23:13-15 KJV)

Thankfully, your ministry reaches around the world through means of an electronic pulpit on the internet.  Those who won’t receive God’s unvarnished Word through the local pulpits in America and around the world, can still be reached.” Paul Roberts

“Todd, I AM EXCITED!!!! My friend said she watched these videos and it has helped her SOOO much!!! I told her to tune into the Word of truth you are communicating. Her name is Marci. I don’t think she would mind me telling you. PRAISE GOD!!! Just wanted you to be encouraged! You certainly encourage us!” Padi Feezor

“The Bible said to expose false teachings. If it had not been for God leading Todd to put this truth out, I would still be listening to Paul Washer.  In a nutshell, what I finally learned is to keep reading God’s Word for myself, study to show myself approved unto God rightly dividing the word of Truth.” Arthie   Paul Washer Exposed

“And that’s why these snakes (regardless of how well they preach) must be exposed. The most loving thing that truly regenerated believers must do is to tell people the truth–their eternity depends on it.” Randy Orris

“Awesome word. Be encouraged and keep pressing on.” Nadine

“Preach it Brother! Reminds me of the man left dying on the road and all the religious people just passing him by because to them he wasn’t important. God forgive us for our hardened hearts please give us hearts of the widow who gave out of her need! Lord help soften the hard hearts that give for the wrong reason and to the wrong causes! Love you Brother Todd, Brother Charles.” Charles Pray

“Amen brother. Keep doin what you’re doin. ?” Jeff Thomas

“Hey brother, I just want you to know, the things you are putting out there are very encouraging. I’m learning so much and taking lots of notes. I know a lot of people who believe in OSAS and now I’m able to go to them with scripture and confidence and present them the Truth. It’s stirring people’s hearts. The Lord is doing something great with you my friend and please don’t stop doing what the Lord has called you to do. Please. Whatever other things you may need, the Lord WILL PROVIDE … Even when you may think He’s 4 days late, He’s still in time. Love you bro. Be blessed. WE MARCH ON. You’re welcome. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Whether you see it or not, it’s doing something powerful. There are some that are grasping a hold of it and are coming out of this false doctrine (OSAS). I pray it goes forward like a domino effect. The Lord is going to bless you my friend. Looks like He has in a big way with just the knowledge toward Calvinism and OSAS. I’m praying the Lord will bless you financially and take care of all your needs. Keep staying the course like you are, because the devil hates it. I appreciate you and everything you do. We march on.” Jeff Thomas

“Wow Brother Todd does this throw a kink in Satan’s plan to deceive many Christians. Keep on keeping on for the sake of the Saints brother. I know many eyes are being opened including mine. It goes to show it does not matter how many years you have known the Lord, there is always room to learn more if you’re willing to hear what He has to say. Thank you brother. Through you God is changing me after all these years of being deceived. May God Bless you and your calling in Christ amen. Please send me more info on your ministry as I would like to support you in giving and praying for what you are doing for Gods Kingdom. Love Brother and Sister in the Lord.” Charles and Jean Pray.

“Great job for exposing these greedy wolves…. These false preachers must be exposed and not to cuddled with because they are leading millions of people in hell with their false doctrine… Our best life is not here but in the life to come, contrary to the teaching of these false preachers. Always remember that God’s will for John was to be exiled, Paul to be in jailed and Jesus to be executed, so why do we assume God’s will for us is to have a large bank account, to have a great job and huge house and expensive cars??” Eliset

“Before coming into contact with SafeGuardYourSoul, I was not so sharpened. It was by the leading of the Holy Spirit, based on the sharpness he has recently given me through our friendship. Please understand the depth of this. These are treasures storing up in heaven. My desire and understanding to be a walking Bride Of Christ has been sharpened through your obedience to God. Faith without works is dead. John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Be encouraged. ✝” Jessie P.

“Brother Todd stand up bold and firm and do what the Lord has called you to do, fear no evil the blood of Jesus didn’t pour out for nothing there on a calvary, spread the gospel until you are heard.” Anna Olivier

“Because you always shared the truth about God’s Word….I learn and grow everyday with you. God bless you abundantly! Praying for you always…” E.I.

Brother Todd Tomasella I would like to help out your ministry in some way for I know you preach the un-adulterated purified Word of God. Please place your link here in the comments so I can donate to your ministry. I don’t have much but I will help with what I can because I believe we are called to share in one another’s burdens as a Body of Christ. So that we all lack in nothing.” Ryan   Donate here

Check this out …. anyone wish to lift this dear sister in Africa up? She writes: “I am SO excited about your books and now I see the tracts! This is wonderful! Our ministry is mostly discipling pastors with the KJV Bible and they are so hungry for the true word of God and they really love tracts. Yours look so perfect for us here in the Kenyan interior! God bless you! I really desire to have the PDF for the tracts so that they can be given to the pastors’ and women’s ministries. We focus on discipleship and being ambassadors for Christ. I found your site quite by accident and I am sure it was the hand of God guiding me!! God bless you! Mama Jo – Joetta Smith, AFRICA

This ministry group now has the PDF of the Gospel tracts the ministry has produced.

“Praying!! God Bless you for working so hard in your Kingdom ministry. You are such a blessing to me on!!!” Waunda Ford Rice

“Thank you Lord for our brother and his obedience to do the will of the Father. Bless him as only you can Lord. We also pray that this precious young man (lost soul being reached) will believe and confess that Jesus is Lord … that he will be spiritually born again. In Jesus’ name amen.” Bennie Malan | Because You Care

“Thank for your ministry … I am learning a lot from it … please keep me in your prayers … learning a lot …. but i have a long way too go .. your video on the gifts was amazing.” Cassandra

“Thank you for the full truth! Blessings!” Joy

“Hi Todd….. Keep Preaching Brother. Great ministry!” Andrew Arbon

Yes, I have and thank God for men like you that offer the truth to the church body steeped in satan’s deception. All one can do is point people to the truth, the rest is up to them. God Bless You!!” Waunda Rice

“Todd love your books which cover these wolves. Keep on keeping on, very good article my friend!” Steven Sande

Great Commission / Evangelism Action!

“I wanted to say something about these false teachers before but held back, feeling that people I know who faithfully follow these teachers are new in Christ and I guess I didn’t want to scare them off by telling them not to follow after these false teachers. God please forgive me for not standing up for Your true Gospel. It is much too late to be following false teachers. Please let the Holy Spirit direct you to a true, solid believing church led by the Holy Spirit and not man in his flesh. Amen. Thank you Todd for your faithfulness to post this for all to see and come to the real Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,” Charles.

Amen such a contrite and humble heart. You are a good example of devotion to your Creator, Lord, Savior and Friend. God keeps you strong and he keeps us strong through your commitment to declaring his word! Thank you for being obedient!! I know my children and I have grown leaps and bounds in our knowledge of Scripture through your teachings! TGBTG!!!” Jessie P.

“Man, this is some good stuff. This has been on my heart for a couple months. Very dangerous doctrine OSAS is.” Jeff Thomas

Love your work and zeal for Christ…” Felicia D.

“Awesome! I love your website and Blog Radio. God bless you Todd.”

SafeGuardYourSoul is a sound blog… It exhorts us to “get your own selves studied to be approved before God” – this is such a LITMUS TEST for your pastor. – he should be requiring that his flock become well versed and Bible Bible Bible should be read from and dived into Sunday’s and on a weekly basis by the leaders. Any preacher who prefers his flock huddle under him instead of holding us EACH accountable for our own selves under CHRIST has mislead you and you will go down WITH his sinking ship!” J.P.

“You are in constant danger … As was Paul and the disciples. No need to fear. We fear God. But I commit to praying for you. For your increased wisdom and protection … And whatever else the Holy Spirit gives me to pray for you about. For your increased wisdom and protection … And whatever else the Holy Spirit gives me to pray for you about. I know God has grown me leaps and bounds since you and I connected.” Jessie

Amen and amen my brother and friend. I love Jesus in you. God has allowed you to be courageous, bold, diligent and steadfast. You are an example of how ppl should really be in this fallen world. This is not flattery but encouragement because God does it all in you and through you…Be encouraged and know that our King is coming soon and we will not be in this fallen generation anymore..Every time you are slandered, beat down, pressed down, perplexed, remember you are not destroyed. REJOICE for great is your reward in heaven. Have exceeding joy my friend because you are counted worthy to suffer with Christ in His afflictions… What an honor…Much love to you my beautiful friend and brother.” Cat J.

Wow .. what a great teaching … thank you for sharing the true gospel … everything you said is what I’ve been studying on for quite some time now …Thank you so very much .. Everything that had breath PRAISE YE THE LORD … all glory to our HEAVENLY FATHER .. you’re a true servant of God!” Cassandra

.. I have been praying for a few weeks and even had a conversation with Frank Telford about this topic right before you guys did the blogtalkradio on tithing (Exposing the 10% Tithe Myth). I don’t have a church home- I get super irritated with hypocrisy –and Gods gifting to me of discernment causes a disruption in me at most churches. Franks church is nice. Sound doctrine. But I asked you about a week ago how I could help you and I just feel like the Holy Spirit is leading me to give my tithe to the ministry God has you in. I believe it is sound and God has His hand on you. I know God will use my 10% effectively for the kingdom if I send it to you. I don’t make much and I’m a single mom but I’m sitting on $140 I need to give up for the month of February. Can I send it your ministry?? Address?”
The LORD is good and has been merciful those His children (Titus 3:5-6; 2 Cor. 12:9-10). The address and options to give online are all here.

Pimps, Prostitutes, and their Prey!

“I’ve added you and SafeGuard Your Soul to my prayer list recently, Todd and also my husband and I sent in our first time ministry support last month. I like to be part of real street ministries, prison ministries, crisis pregnancy, as well as some others I feel the Lord has called me to support by prayer and finances. Such a blessing!” Kathy M.

Amen Kathy …. it sure is our privilege (individual saints) to support our LORD Jesus’ Great Commission work by prayer and provisions that He grants us!!!! Well this outreach, as HE alone has enabled and brought about, is blessed to reach saints and lost souls daily by street and also prison ministry and much more, including tens of thousands who receive God’s Word via the online websites which are mega site platforms of His Word!!!! Thanks for sharing sister.  | Donate

“I like your site. It is refreshing as I know there are so many scams in the church.”

“My goodness you have some deep titles. Soon as I read this book Lie of the Ages.  I plan to download another one and another, etc.  Praise Jesus.  Your work is an answered prayer.  Father I want to say thank you for giving me the desire to know your truth, to understand your word.  Thank you so much, you know the many, many Pastors that I tried to get it from throughout my military career and they couldn’t get passed their arrogancy and pride.  I cried out to you and said Lord, Holy Spirit teach me and you open the windows of heaven just for me and I thank you.  I have grown so much from reading the deep nuggets of your word from people I don’t even know personally on Facebook.  People that love you and your word and don’t mind sharing it with others.  I am grateful and it is all because of you.  Thank you Lord for Todd, Frank, Larry and others that share your word and help others.  I thank you keep blessing them and their families and enemies Lord in your name I pray amen.”  Arthie

Listener Comment from SafeGuardYourSoul Radio on blogtalk: “I just finished listening and I am amazed….it was to prepare me. Yes, yes yes our warfare is within us. Bring our flesh into subjection and stuff. I thank God He draws me to His Word every morning before I start the day, Having a relationship prepares me everyday to walk in this world. Glory! I love this Blog Radio, I love the explanation from Frank of the disciples in the boat and How Jesus is with us…..I love it!! … I chuckle when Todd would say go head brother as to let you talk then he would start talking then you would be quiet then he did it again…I tell you both of you absolutely have a relationship with our God. It is impossible to get that kind of depth exegesis of the Scripture, without being at the feet of Jesus Christ. I love it. I want more.” Arthie Lee Perez …  Essential Truths of Spiritual Warfare with Todd Tomasella and Frank Telford

“I am reading Deceivers and False Prophets. …  Thank you for your books and all the Scripture you have in them. They have been a blessing. God Bless.” Maure D.

“I love you brother and your sharing of the gospel KEEPs me in line too!!! Thank you for all you do for HIS kingdom!” DT

Todd… Thank you for the truth you share. You just keep doing the will of Jesus because you are right where you are suppose to be! “Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let every word be established.” It’s sad to see how many believers are being deceived by these preachers who are preaching this new age Luciferian doctrine. Jesus said in the last days there will be a great “falling away” and it’s happening. Please keep on telling the truth here on Facebook!” Suzanne Carcabasis Ramos

—- “Thank you for sending this reminder about the radio show. This was really pertinent to what I am experiencing right now. I finally left the 501(c)(3) church system and have a daily devotional period at home. I was raised reading the KJV, and I could no longer tolerate hearing the NIV being read/preached in church. It also pained me to see how people were so misled and confused because they were reading the wrong text. Anyway, this show was another reminder that leaving was the right decision. Thank you for all that you do.” SafeGuardYourSoul on BlogTalk Radio

Today I had  a “sermon” of a friend who “loves” Joel Osteen and I had a post saying he is a false prophet. The “friend,” spent about half an hour saying I should never post anything again any pastor. I just listened and she even did not want to listen one I had to say about him. So it reminded me of you…..what sometimes you go through when you speak the truth. And she said that I do not need to study deeply the Bible….no need for this….so sad to hear this. Of course we need to study deeply the Bible. And I admire your work very much. Well, I see all the answers you give to people and you can be so sure that you are pleasing the Lord. Brother, when I say these things to you , I am being sincere and I say all of this as a Sister in Christ.” Elizabeth S.

 “I’m really reallllly grateful for the chance to be part of this Revolutionary Evangelism book “project” and look forward to the next one! It’s also been a treat for me to get to know you as a person. Real Christians are so hard to find these last days. You’re a breath of fresh air! And I so appreciate that you pray for me daily, I really do. That’s special to me in ways that I can’t really put into words….  Love in Christ, my dear brother!” Lisa

“Thank you Todd for all you do brother !” MM

“I Highly, HIGHLY recommend this book, “Lie of the Ages“. I refer back to it a lot. Very well written, complete and easy to follow.” Reggie D. Byrum

“Thanks to your ministry. Just want to receive your teachings on weekly or daily basis. Thanks and God bless” R.R.

“Many are so blessed with your ministry and I pray that God will continue to bless it.” E.

Awesome website. I have been exploring it for the last few days. So much to take in and meditate on.” Angelo Alagna

“I was scared when I read your articles on hell.” Rachel

“I just listened to Satanic Infiltrators: Beware! Todd Tomasella and C.K. Coy. Thank you. It is so refreshing to hear wholesome teaching. God bless you and your ministry and also brother C.K.” John

—- T’Was told by an attacker recently that the ministry here is only on the internet. Well, let’s just say he insinuated such in a condemning fashion. It seemed clear that Satan, the accuser of Christ’s brethren, was influencing this man. See what you think by looking at these pics on one of the ministry’s websites …. see if these lives were changed in person or on the internet …. and see if what this man insinuated is true or false …. of course ALL mediums of communication should be filled with the Gospel of Jesus, amen!? …. ….It’s quite amazing what unrepentant hearts will utter when there is hatred therein … feel free to share

God bless and protect you. Thank you so much for bringing truth, the only Truth, the unadulterated truth of God’s Word to a confusing, oppressed and lost apathetic church. I have benefited exceedingly personally.” Bennie Malan

I thank God for you brother… You are a rare; kindred spirit & a true fellow watchman of the truth & righteousness. May our Father bless you!” C.K. Coy

“You’re doing a great job getting God’s Word out. It’s almost time to go home. ?” KJ

“Todd, thanks for the following in high-lighting the need for Bible literacy so pointedly.” Paul Roberts

“Hey Todd you sent me some tracts and just asked for a love offering. I was unable to even cut loose $1, which would have been an insult anyway. I sent via email transfer $15 (QuickPay to the ministry chase back acct). I want you to know that I am so glad I found your ministry. It has lit a fire under me, I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can start using them.” Kevin Glines

“Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak to me. Great Word. Keep doing what you do all for the Glory and Honor of God.” Yolanda

“I needed this. The fear of GOD is gripping me — thank you so much for what you do” Valarie J.

“I love you guys. Keep up this essential end time ministry. All Glory to God.” Bennie M.

“Hello brother and sister, Greetings thank you for your teachings they are of great blessings and you are welcome to Kenya and we are on praying for you and your family.Thank you for the pictures. Thank you God bless you.” Pastor John Kamanda Matureti

“I just read Crumbing Christ – Excellent Excellent! We will be judged by God’s word and this is what He says in his word. Amen. The unsaved, the old nature, the rebellious, the pretenders of Christianity don’t like this it makes them angry – angry another sign it is their own fallen natures rebelling against God. Read the word of God this is the truth.” Sherry J.

“You know I am so pleased we are friends and delighted the LORD uses you in such a mighty way…..your writing and articles are such a blessing.” Laurellynne

“Thank you Todd to all your posts. …. I’m very encouraged. This lifts up my faith and helps me to more learn from the LORD’s Word. God bless you more. Thanks again and please continue to share about God. I like it so much and all your friends I know do also. Looking forward more of learning from your posts.?” VS

“That’s wonderful! Thank you for sending the pdfs of the books! I’m going to read and study them…it will be a big help to me and to reach and share with others…big thanks Todd! Bless you! Smile!” E., Philippines

“Thank you for being used by the Lord. You’ve made a mega difference in another believers life – me.” Sherry J.

By the working and grace of Jesus Christ …. There is fruit remaining or abiding in Him (John 15:16) ….

From a brother whom the LORD saved about a year ago: “I’m still reading God’s Word and keeping Him first just as we were! You’re always my friend and brother! Thank you!” Rafael J.

“Every time I go out to the store, etc., the Lord has divine appointments for me and lately I’ve been praying for people who need healing. Happened again today – prayed for a lady and her husband and daughter were there too. Gave her a Diary of a Dead Man tract and my phone number (she asked for it). She’s a sweet spirited Christian. Hopefully the Lord will use me to mentor her and her daughter.

I was a little leary when I first started giving out these tracts (Diary of a Dead Man) because to me they look scary. To my surprise people happily I mean HAPPILY take them and say thank you! I show them the back of the tract with the website address and tell them to visit it that its very interesting. Get these tracts to give out – it’s a great message and you’ll be glad you did – they’re also great for the halloween season!” Sherry J.

“I love the Lord and as what I’ve said I found His truth to be in you also…you’re a blessing to me and I thank God that we are friends… It’s also my one way of saying, ‘Thank you Lord’ and to you also.. smile.” Eliset

“I’ve got the total big picture after reading your facebook posts and website. I had many loose ends before and had trouble putting it altogether – got it now. Haven’t even heard of some of the false ones like Palmer. They’ll keep you writing, warning and watching till the Lord comes back! Thanks for your ministry brother it’s been such a phenomenal help to me.” Sherry J.

“I would like to get some tracts to hand out and start a conversation. I’d like to start with 50 of the Diary of a Dead Man. What would a good Donation be to cover the cost of those? Also, I would Like to see what the PDF looks like since I might be able to get my Pastor/ Mentor to print them off for me (I have no printer here). Thank you. Also thank you for your love of souls. You have a unique ministry that should be the norm here in America. I will do my part and I look forward to seeing lost souls safe and in the fold! All in the love and Name of Jesus!” Kevin Glines

“Keep doing what you are doing!” Alicia S.

“I’ve been handing out the Diary of a Dead Man tracts you sent me and a few days ago gave one to someone at Walmart he received the tract and was happy to get it. I prayed for him and he had such a sweet spirit – I could see the Holy Spirit all over him – it was awesome.” Sherry J.

“Hi Todd, good day! Just want you to know that I like all your posts … it speaks truth and it all rooted from the Word of God … keep preaching and sharing the truth about our Savior so everyone who read it will be blessed and set free from the snare of Satan … I like the way how you attack the enemy … keep up the good fight and keep reaching others as you have me. GOD BLESS! By the way, I’m from the Philippines not in Indonesia… Shalom. True…Amen! Praise the Lord! Keep serving Him and don’t let the enemy stop you from speaking the truth…God bless you my dear brother…Love, and Peace. You’re the only one I trust now in speaking the truth about God’s Word…so keep up the great work!” Eliset

“Bless you brother very good Moments and we should help all our brothers and sisters in Christ. I definitely believe we need to help start this outreach for sure!!!! Love you Brother in Jesus Name and I believe God truly uses you to reach much people.” David Pace

“I would love to be of help to your wonderful ministry.  I have no professional credentials regarding English grammar, but it has been a subject of interest and study for the last forty years as has been the Bible.  I learned English grammar from my mother who learned it from her grandmother who was an English teacher.  Volunteering to help you would be a great pleasure for me. Of course, you may wish to use someone more qualified than I. I would like to say two things in my favor.  1)  I have been seriously studying the Bible ever since being born again in 1967. 2)  I have read quite a lot of what you have written and listened to most of your messages on your website.  I have yet to find anything of significance with which I disagree. Thank you,” Gayle Patton

“Thank you so much for blessing me with those tracts. I received them and pray you are blessed.” Johnnye G.

“I picked up the Diary of a Dead Man tracts you sent today. They’re awesome I gave one to someone when I opened the package. I’m looking forward to giving them out and talking with people. Thank you so much brother! More later.” Sherry J.

“Amen, love how you focus on certain themes daily brother! Love your teaching and driven passion to serve God! God bless, and look up our redemption is nigh. Praying to be able to stand on the day of the lord!” Paul Perreault

People who are not part of the apostate church and don’t want it love what you say and want more Todd. I know I received alot of clarity from all you’ve said and still do. I x’d some preachers and their ministries when I learned who they really were.” Sherry J.

“I’ve been listening and your radio show is actually interesting and very helpful. Good job. I started listening to the older audios and have found that there are so many good subjects. Sure wish I had found you a long time ago. All is scriptural with scripture referencing – a real blessing, thanks.” Sherry J.

The ministry continues to receive correspondences from the “little flock” whose hearts cry out in a dry and thirsty land where the prophesied “famine” of a Word-less generation has set in (Amos 8:11; Luke 12:32).  Here’s yet another email from someone who is hungering and thirsting know better our LORD Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:6). The website phase of the ministry is reaching tens of thousands per month. As you will see, this sister is searching for fellowship with Jesus’ remnant.

“I would LOVE to receive ALL your teachings. You speak the truth. And I can’t find a church that does so. I’m sick of sugar lip preachers and teachers who don’t even know they God’s Word. They don’t want to offend their members. AND you TO brother. I love studying with you.” Renae

“Please add both my emails to your list to receive publications of your teachings. Todd it has been at least 4 years since we last spoke on the phone, and we made an $150.00 donation to you bother for the month. Just want to thank you bother for the donations of books that you supplied us with. Here’s my number … please call me when you have time. I know that you are very busy just as I am … reaching out to lost souls and reinforcing saved Christians of the Second Coming through faith and of Repentance into Grace of reconnection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. I will try to call you today, if time allows me bother. We would like to know how you are doing.” Chad S.

“I thank God for you…. May he bless you and cover you…….” Bernard

“Thanks so much for every single one one of your wonderful messages. I’m lifting you, your ministry, and those you touch up in prayer. I just know what you are doing is helping so many people. It certainly helps me!” Kimberley M.

“Love this website.” Yvonne B.

“I read and listen in on SafeGuardYourSoul. It is such a blessing and will encourage you and help you to keep standing strong.” SJ

“Hi Todd. How are you brother? What’s the update on your situation … Hoping you could come to UK to do some preaching one day. Are you receiving our donations? Carry on the great work you are doing God bless.” M and K

“Thank you for sending me this mail it’s so good and spiritually uplifting and encouraging. I would request that you send me more.”

“Please sign me up for your e-mail.  I have been struggling with this seeker friendly church movement for decades. And unfortunately there is no one in our current church that wants to sit down and reason together, unless it is to discuss their plans and view.   We are searching for a true Bible believing church but they are missing, here in the Bible Belt.  Few use the KJV of the Bible and most are teaching “Unconditional Eternal Security” or if not they are into the Charismatic hyper- faith , signs and wonders.  Your articles are extremely thought provoking and we need a wake-up call in these last days. God Bless.” Stan Byram

“Yes amen all about Jesus brother thank you bless you brother for your boldness. I can’t get enough of your studies brother God Bless You for standing on truth.” Eric F.

God used you, and others to help me see the light, for as you know I used to defend Joel (even against my higher judgement), and now I warn others too. Please pray for those still caught in the snare..and thanks for helping me to get free.” Victoria A.

“Amen, brother. “Rightly dividing the word of truth” is lost on deaf ears. False expectations taught by false ministers always have and always will destroy the souls of men, women, and children, because sin is always circumvented as the culprit for one’s eternal ruin. “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” Jer.5:31” Gary McAleer

“The Lord loveth a cheerful (hilarious) giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7 More About Supporting this Work Here


“Brother, I just wish you were not so mamby pamby, and would take a more rigid stand on what you truly believe. Get with it brother. LOL !” Brian Craig

“Amen. Preach it brother! God bless you.” Paul Cox

“Thanks brother Todd, for telling the truth and boldness of preaching of the Word of God…” Fernando David

Thank you Todd for exposing wolves in Sheep’s clothing and false teachings… From what I can tell and people I’ve talked … many do not want to hear about JESUS’ return and they sure don’t like it when you mention Hell and Sin from my experience. Yet, I’ll keep obeying GOD until HE takes me home or go up in the Rapture… Our blessed hope… Come quickly LORD JESUS…” Brenda B.


Amen keep up the GREAT work you’re doing. Many compromisers out there who need to hear TRUTH in a time when truth is not taught these days” Joey Basta

I value truth!! Keep on exposing and shout it from the roof tops!!! May God richly bless you!!” Sharon R.

Amen me going nowhere …here to stay and fellowship in the Truth Amen.” Antoinette V.

“Keep telling the whole complete truth; don’t worry about other fools who reject the truth; for they have itching ears and listen to fairy tales in a make believe world:.” Ernie Collins

“Amen.. .keep speaking the truth and exposing the lies.” Carrie W.

“I will. You have my support 100 %. … God bless you and your ministry too.” Frank D.

You rock!! Keep doing what you are doing!” Tammy L.

I appreciate your no fluff approach to the Word.” Drew M.

“I like your teachings a lot. I know it is because it’s not smooth and comfortable teaching but a sharp sword of the spirit to cut and separate the carnal from the spirit.” Steven H.

“I see the flak some folks give you. I appreciate you and the time you put into DOING what every professing Christian should be doing. Sharing, warning, not pulling out a verse here and there trying to twist the scriptures. The day will come when others will realize your only intention is to honor God – guide others to Him. You are truly a blessing to me.” Linda Gill

“‘Lie of the Ages‘… I want to spend a bit more time in it so I can write an intelligent review. I am HIGHLY impressed and rejoicing as a result of your work there! Blessings!” Aletha

“I want to thank you for being my friend. You have truly helped me more than you will ever know.” CJ

“Great newsletters with lots of interesting content, encouraging and challenging to grow more in a relationship with God and His Word. Thanks for sharing!” Markus | Sign Up to Receive Moments with My Master

“Hi there. Thank you for all the teachings which you share so freely with us and thank You Lord for using Todd as Your vessel Amen.” AV

“Hi brother Todd. Just want to know if you are doing okay? Over the last few days I have also experienced the Holy Spirit addressing the fact that we should be more focused on the things in God’s Kingdom which have value instead of being fazed by worldly stuff and the fleshly things, and need to be close to Him now more than ever before, and not spend more time on the Enemy than with God Himself in these testing times, because that is how the devil gets His way, in the Name of Christ Jesus I rebuke the devil, resist him and he will flee from us Amen.” Antoinette V.

“I have been listening to your teachings, right now I’m listening to Men of Corrupt Minds. Thanks,” Henry

“The Lord loveth a cheerful (hilarious) giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7 More About Supporting this Work Here

“I fail to understand why so, so many people put their total trust in ‘men’/’women’. Where is the discernment? Why is it so difficult for folks to go to their own Bible and learn from Father’s Word? I just don’t grasp why so many are relying on mere men to learn the Word!?! Or rather, I should say, not learn the Word-because false teachers do not teach truth.” Darlene

“These are messages that will truly bless and enlighten you. These are true servants of the living God that preach the whole counsel of God, rightly dividing the word of truth, out of the King James Version Holy Bible and they preach the pure, holy, unadulterated Word of God. I assure you that you will glean much and your eyes will truly be opened. I can send them to you if you would like me to. We are truly living in the final hour where the majority of the so-called churches and Christians are being seduced by another gospel. Paul said it would wax worse and worse prior to the catching away of the true bride of Christ. I’m making a shocking statement, but it’s a fact according to the written and spoken word of Almighty God. 85 to 90% of so-called Christians are not going to God’s heaven. That is Bible. Let me know if you would like to hear those messages. God bless you,” Connie.

“Thank you for your ministry, God has shown me so many things through your teachings, and will be contributing to the work you do by giving my tithes for the blessings received in Jesus Name Amen.” Antoinette V.

“Thanks Todd, for these updates and good words from God’s Word.  I find it amazing how the traditional concept of a “Church” robs legitimate God-called ministries of tithes and offerings due them.  Members of the body of Christ ought to pay tithes and give offerings to those who feed them but they don’t.  When I eat at a Chili’s restaurant I don’t go down the street to Applebee’s and pay them.  I pay Chili’s, which is where I was fed.  However, tradition has it that tithes should be brought into a physical storehouse with four walls, an organ, and a steeple organized under a particular State’s Articles of Incorporation, with a board of directors, and restricted by IRS rules governing a  501.C(3) non-profit corporation regardless of who feeds them.  God called ministers and ministries suffer lack if they don’t reside within these four walls.  What is overlooked by tradition is the purpose for bringing tithes into the storehouse and that is “SO THAT THERE WILL BE MEAT IN MINE HOUSE”.  That meat is the Word of God which is the will of God.  Jesus said, my meat is to do the will of Him that sent me.  The purpose of the tithe trumps that place where the tithe is to be brought.  Todd, you’re furnishing the meat whereas tradition is furnishing a place.   Since God no longer dwells in a temple made with hands you would think the tithes would gravitate to where the meat is. God bless,” Paul Roberts

“I PRAISE YESHUA for putting you and your ministry in my life.  Thank you brother for your service to our Savior and HIS Father!  And for sharing the wonderful Gospel.  Father YHWH bless you and your ministry.” DT

“Thank you for your boldness and willingness to serve the LORD and to share the Gospel to the hungry! I am praying for you and all the saved souls there and the ones to come! As you say often and it still rings in my ears – Preach, Warn, Teach! (PWT) The Bible is truth!” Cynthia M.

“Dear brothers and sisters at “Safeguard your soul”,  First and foremost I wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to read your articles and listen to your audios.  Today it is so rare to hear someone speak the truth with such love and passion and purpose.  I often feel like a woman alone in the world of false Christianity and since I was born again have gone against the grain of every so called believer in my life.  Try as I might to prove their false doctrines with scripture, I came to the conclusion we were reading different bibles , and lo and behold the Lord showed me we were. In Christ,” Lori

“Hello Bro. Tomasella. Praise God for your understanding of His heart and knowledge of the daily cross! May the LORD bless you in His riches for all He is doing in and through you. Thank you for your obedience/faithfulness as His child, in being a good watchman, and feeding the needs of His body through our Lord Jesus Christ. Both my brethren and my household have greatly benefited from the S.G.Y.S. website. Thank you for keeping to and communicating His Holy Word in Spirit and in Truth. Thank you for your sharing of His wisdom and revelation given you and in being transparent in servanthood. Godspeed!

Ps. #143; 2 Cor. #7; Rev. #19-22.

Thank you.” Sis. Tara V.

Love the testimonies Brother. Keep them coming and soon we will be posting testimonies also!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!” David Pace

“I got out of the money cometh church, Abundant Life Christian Center in Lamarque, Texas … when Duplantis came to Abundant Life, he pushed the hundred fold return. He said, ‘I know that scripture is not about money but I don’t see why you can’t use that principle for money.’ I have been listening to your videos. Thanks for your help.” Henry G.

“I totally agree with you. Keep preaching brother, people’s salvation is at stake. God bless you brother.” Tim B.

“I must say, that I had thrown out most of my ‘religious’ books from the past and have been reading only the Bible for about the last two years. I did this to un-doctrinate myself of all the garbage I had been ingesting from the prosperity and word of faith “gospel” for about the last 15 years. Through this, the Holy Spirit has opened up the truth of God’s Word to me in a wonderful life changing way. I didn’t think there were others out there that saw the truth the same way, until I discovered your website & moments with the master.   Thank you for your ministry and I look forward to reading my 1st book again, Raised Up.  In Christ,” Michael M.

“I receive your email devotional Moments With Our Master. I love it and have been sharing many truths from it with others.” Michael M. | Sign Up to Receive Moments with My Master

“I’m growing in the faith daily thank God for all his work and thanks be to God for your website it is filled with a lot of information. God bless you! Thank you brother for the ministry and fighting the good fight!”  -brother John

“I have known Todd Tomasella for about 14 years. He has enriched my family’s life with his fellowship and friendship. I recently became aware of a special need that he has and wanted to send an appeal to you. If you have a change bottle, piggy bank, or other container that holds spare change, would you consider donating it to The donations will help solidify new activity for this ministry to help others throughout the world. It only takes a few minutes to turn spare change into meaningful funds that will help make a difference.”  Scott Horwitz, Co-Founder 1st Class Kids, an educational non-profit

“Amen Brother! God Bless You For Boldly proclaiming the Truth Of God’s Word! It’s rare and hard to find today. Thank You!” Connie L.

“It is with gratitude that I write this to you brother, because You share HIS Word with the world so that they might know HIM.  Thank you—!  He is a MAGNIFICENT Father and HIS Son is my life! Without Them and the Holy Spirit I would not be able to get through one day.  I PRAISE HIM and LOVE HIM! In His service and love,” DT

“Keep up your fantastic work of exposing false doctrines and false teachers and false churches >>you are a wonderful Man Of God my brother”——— Amen.” Martin Beattie

“I’m reading your book I Die Daily and it is helping me to understand this better. Thank you. Sometimes it looks confusing when they use different words. I am sticking with the KJV. I see so much I missed from the days of reading other versions. God is so good. I’m praying He gives me an understanding of this beautiful book. Love you my brother. Your sister,” Cat J.

“Brother Todd, I thank you very much for your articles on the safeguardyoursoul website. They have been a blessing to me in my walk with Christ and as a pastor and teacher.  God Bless,” Pastor Adam DeSimone

“Hello there …thank you brother in Jesus….I just love what the Lord is doing through you.” A. V.

“Yeshua, Himself is the best example of generosity – He gave His life for our sin and spiritual freedom! I praise Him!!! Thank you for all you do in sharing the Gospel brother, you are truly a shier of men!” Darlene T.

“Oh thank you so much (for sending resources to help her to grow in Christ). I could just cry. You are just so kind. Thank you Jesus. God bless you abundantly my brother. I’m so excited to read these. Praise Jesus! I see Jesus in you my brother and that is so rare these days.  I’m just sitting here thanking Jesus with tears in my eyes. I desire truth in my inmost being. I do realize I have so much to relearn. But I’m willing and open. I love Jesus in you. God bless you. Much love through Christ,” Your sister, Cat

“Praise God!!! I managed to find your notes!!! And what a blessing!!! Praise His awesome name. This is life changing!! I will keep reading and I know the Holy Spirit will give me a total understanding. God bless u and your ministry.” Laetitia

“Dear brother Todd, Greetings in the supreme Name of our Lord Christ Jesus! I thank you for the SafeGuardYourSoul Moments with My Master email which I receive regularly and also am ever grateful for your anointed teaching about sanctification, true holiness and warning about the many false teachers in this last day apostasy in Christendom. No other material takes me to such new heights of biblical understanding and gives me such practical insights into true Christian living and a more timely focus on to spread the Gospel of Christ.  I would highly appreciate if you kindly continue to forward your uncompromised, precious materials. I pray God’s choicest blessings be upon you and those who serve in your ministry. In Christ Holy Name,” David Danala | Sign Up to Receive Moments with My Master

“Dear Todd, Please sign me up. I have never seen or heard so much specious sophistry as I have in the church today. Pastors leave out crucial passages to proof text. They make their mission God’s mission instead of God’s Mission their mission. Ministers say things in the pulpit that should never be uttered. They make jokes about the Bible and the Saints of old. Much of the music does not covey the Holiness of God or the Gospel Message. These individuals have become so sanctimonious that they no longer serve Christ, but the flesh because it pleases them. Jonathan Edwards would have admonished them severely. When the Holy Spirit in me radiates against that which I see and hear, I know that it is incorrect. If an individual did not know Scripture or had little Spiritual Discernment, he would be led astray easily. I am still praying for you all when the Holy Spirit brings you all to mind. Love in Christ, Coach Joe. PS I wish to thank you all for the website since there is no dearth of scriptural truth.” Joe Clenney

“My beautiful brother you’re so kind in sending me that book. My heart is overwhelmed at the love of Christ you’ve shown me. May our Lord and Savior continue to bless you richly. May He strengthen you through all persecutions and resistance giving you joy in knowing you’re blessed to suffer for His Name sake. My brother one more favor if I may, please pray for my Pastor. … Please pray for him. Please don’t give up I know that Jesus can help him return to the truth. If he ever had the full truth. I love you sincerely my brother and my heart cannot express the words from my mouth the gratitude I have for sending me your book. The road is truly narrow. I’ll give up anything in this world to find it, stay on it and finish the race fighting the good fight of the true faith. Much love.” Cat J.

“Thank you Todd for your commitment to TRUTH. and righteousness. He is LORD forever!!” Sandra Russell

“Thank you for the warning about Beth Moore. I live in SE Alaska and our town is having a women’s retreat based around her. I am a new Christian and I already have been questioning the spirit of the churches here. Plus, our town is heavily into the agenda 21 and the whole ideology is about self-esteem and exalting our bodies. So in other words, medical or ‘temple’ idolatry. My heart is sad to see it this way.” Amanda

“Hi. I’d like to sign up for your email devotional, Moments with My Master. Thank you and God Bless you for your Ministry and sharing the Truth!” Michael

“Hey Todd, It’s Great hearing from your Ministry again. I really enjoy SGYS Daily Posts! Love, Your Friend in Christ.”  Robert A. Carlson

“Hello Brother Todd. Keep those Moments with Our Master coming…I love them!  You had sent a message not too long ago if I’d be interested in your e-books.  I’m not sure how that works.   But yes, I am interested. In His love,” Dar Troxler | Sign up here to receive the Moments with My Master email.

Email Received:

Please send me your devotionals. God Bless you and your ministry. I cannot even find a church in my area that teaches the word, line upon line, chapter by chapter. It’s mostly man’s opinion. which doesn’t line up to Gods Word.


Hi Renae. Thanks for emailing sister. Your situation is so very similar to so many of us across the nation … and that’s a blessing because we’re being blessed to learn to walk with Christ in a way we have never experienced. We are His Church – called out ones – and have the privilege of walking with Him “daily.” (Lk. 9:23-24) Welcome! Hope you’ll avail yourself to the many resources on

“Oh! I’m excited Todd! Do you have a publisher? You are a great writer and you should be a philanthropist by now!” Sherry M.

“Good stuff Todd and thanks. You know I love your books bro! Love your stuff so keep it coming. I am no longer with Department of Corrections but when I was the literature you sent was loved by all.” Steven Sande

“Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how grateful I am for your encouraging posts every day. You are such a blessing to the Body of Christ! May your Light continue to shine brightly in this dark (and getting darker) world! Glory to God! Thanks again brother! Shine on!” Alicia

“Hi. Thank you for these moments with your master. I was reading on giving  and was blessed by the instructions on giving. We can’t afford not to give to the work of our Lord and Savior. He gave to us the most valuable thing to possess – His very life. It’s a gift because He is a God of love and when we give we give because of the love for our  Father. We need to give, firstly our lives and then all else will be His. Putting God first in your life isn’t popular, but it’s biblical. It isn’t easy, but the benefits are many. It takes discipline and endurance. But “we love hIm, because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). As we contemplate God’s great love for us, we should start to take practical steps that will make Him the number-one priority in our life. The Lord showed me in the past that I was to take out – off the top of what I earned – for His kingdom work. That is, to put Him first and to trust Him for the rest and that He would meet all my needs. There is no fear of letting go of what God owned anyway. It was His money for me to steward. There is no fear in love. The Word says that perfect love cast out fear (1 John 4:18).  The perfect love of God working in the believer should be a joy to be able to meet a need (1 Timothy 6:10). The  Lord  loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). It is God’s principle to give.  If we truly love Him then there won’t be any hesitation because that means we love Him more than we love ourselves. Great messages! Continue in the Lord’s work, to be that faithful servant to His body. God Bless.” Carol. B.

From Paul Roberts:

“Brother, this ministry of SafeGuardYourSoul evidences such the holy fear of God in this late hour.  Your teaching, your Books, and your information on the internet are all going against the tidal wave of deception from ungodly teachers and preachers whose ungodliness has polluted the Church right here in this Country and limited the Holy One of Israel from healing our land.  Listen to the words of Hosea the prophet in a paraphrased version of the Bible as to whom God holds accountable for the decline of this heretofore once great nation under God:

Hosea 4
“Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. 2  By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. 3  Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. 4  Yet let no man strive, nor reprove another (don’t point the finger at someone else but rather yourselves): for thy people are as they that strive with the priest. 5  Therefore shalt thou fall in the day, and the prophet also shall fall with thee in the night, and I will destroy thy mother. 6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. 7  As they were increased (financially and materially), so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame. 8  They eat up the sin of my people, and they set their heart on their iniquity. 9  And there shall be, like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings. 10  For they shall eat, and not have enough: they shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase: because they have left off to take heed to the LORD. 11  Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart.”

I believe God-called men (men the LORD calls out to serve Him) will become bolder and bolder in confronting those false pastors and teachers who are described by Hosea and throughout Scripture.” Paul Roberts

“Glad to be on your mailing list. Thank you.” Randy O. | Sign up to receive the Moments with My Master email.

“I sincerely appreciate the very rare writing style that you have – to provide the reader with more Scripture, than your own words.  I have said many times, that ideally – the Christian author does his best, when he uses the minimum amount of words, to smoothly connect one scripture with the next – to fully make His point.” Chris Sitter

“I have two of your books. A friend sent them to me! Keep up the good work! Truth be told from a biblical standpoint! Thank you.” Frances P. | See BOOKS button at top of page

“Good Stuff Todd! Keep pouring it out brother!!!!”  David Pace

Message Received:
“Hello Brother Todd. How are you? I hope you are well. I haven’t seen any posts from you (until recently). Is everything okay? I certainly hope so! I wanted to also thank you for the prayers when I asked you. God is so amazing, and answered promptly. I was able to bring my son to Vancouver to a great dentist covered by insurance. So thankful! Okay my brother, Have a good weekend! How can I order some tracts please? I don’t have a lot but I am happy to give what I can because I know the work you are doing is important and helpful to many! Thanks for the work that you do!” Melanie

Hi Melanie. You are most welcome sister. Concerning my lack of posting over the last months – I’ve been out of pocket per se’ based on lack of support and that’s why we have no ability to print any new batch of Gospel tracts. Please pray that those who call themselves by Christ’s name will truly lay down their lives and when they do – they will support HIS work.

It’s $875 to have 10,000 of the Gospel tracts produced. View them HERE.  There are 4 titles. Feel free to suggest which title you which to sponsor. All gifts to this ministry are fully tax deductible. If you wish to support the work, go here – Love Offerings Via PayPal

“Grateful for the truth you proclaim. I’m hoping to support you for handing out the Gospel tracts. Keep spreading the word of Truth!  God Bless,” Shannon

Message Received:
“Hello Brother Todd. How are you? I hope you are well. I haven’t seen any posts from you (until recently). Is everything okay? I certainly hope so! I wanted to also thank you for the prayers when I asked you. God is so amazing, and answered promptly. I was able to bring my son to Vancouver to a great dentist covered by insurance. So thankful! Okay my brother, Have a good weekend! How can I order some tracts please? I don’t have a lot but I am happy to give what I can because I know the work you are doing is important and helpful to many! Thanks for the work that you do!” Melanie

Hi Melanie. You are most welcome sister. Concerning my lack of posting over the last months – I’ve been out of pocket per se’ based on lack of support and that’s why we have no ability to print any new batch of Gospel tracts. Please pray that those who call themselves by Christ’s name will truly lay down their lives and when they do – they will support HIS work.

It’s $650 to have 10,000 of the Gospel tracts produced. View them HERE.  There are 4 titles. Feel free to suggest which title you which to sponsor. All gifts to this ministry are fully tax deductible. If you wish to support the work, go here – Love Offerings Via PayPal

“Brother, We praise God for you. We are praying for you and will share love offerings with you ASAP!  He SHALL provide for you, brother!!! In Christ,” Mark Case

“Thanks. Very good newsletters. I am rejoicing for those that got saved. God is on the move!  69 news souls saved Wow !! That’s fabulous! I’m spending quiet time with God. He is really beginning to shine light on dark places in my heart. He is opening up my heart and mind in His Word.  My first Scripture that He gave me this morning was  Hebrews 4:16 – “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain  mercy, and find grace  to help in time of need.” This is a word for me for sure, just as you brought out in the story of Esther – that if we (me) corporately and individually do not walk in obedience to His Word or His command that He will raise up another person or group to replace us. Esther, the woman, is a type of the last day church. He will raise up another people to usher in spiritual Israel (His workings to save men from sin and hell). You are right, “God has no favorites ” (1 Samuel 15:22) ‘To obey is better than sacrifice,’ so let us come boldly before the throne of grace and  obtain mercy and grace. I believe in the biblical instruction of fasting and also that  for us to mortify the flesh, be filled with His Holy Spirit and divine favor, we will have to fast and pray like Esther did.  Lord help us to be obedient to Your Word.  Thank You for this timely word. Esther went on a three day fast. Jonah was in the whale’s belly for three days. Let’s not be like Jonah in his disobedience and get spewed out. Amen.”  Carol B. God Bless !! Selah!!” Sign up to receive the Moments with My Master email.

“Hi. My name is Harry Lopez and just wanted to tell you how ‘RIGHT ON’ you are in your book, ‘Predators in our Pulpits‘. I am 70 years young and met my Savior and Heavenly Father in the 1970’s. My first prayer was, ‘Father show me what really goes on” and HE did. Because in my life I have worked with every dysfunctional population from gang kids to dysfunctional families and the most dysfunctional population, ‘Church People’ ;-}.  I can speak with some authority on the subjects you so well covered in your book. You are too nice though, what they are is ‘WHORES THAT SELL THEMSELVES FOR THE LOVE OF SELF AND MONEY’.  I wrote a booklet called the ‘Grand Illusion’ and a book called ‘Through a Child’s Eyes’ (not published) and my new offering I am going to call; ‘THE BIG B.S. STORY, Organized Religion in America’ ;-]. No, I don’t want you to publish me, I just wanted to convey my deep contempt for these HOUNDS FROM HELL. Continue to do what you do because, (thrown in Charismatic term) u got the ‘Anointing’ and you scare  the hell out of them;-]. I ask OUR FATHER to give you what you need to carry on in JESUS’ NAME. Thanks for listening,” Harry

P.S. AWESOME website- one of the best I’ve seen so keep up the good work :)” Anonymous

“Dear Brother Todd; Pray you find this useful in your priceless ministry, as the Holy Ghost led me hard to it last night, to use in my ministry.  You are being kept in prayer as I promised! Blessings;” Mark J.

“Keep the truth coming brother. John Calvin was an unrepentant, mass murderer who believed like the other demon, Augustine, who believed that you can torture ‘heretics’ and unbelievers. He and Islam have a lot in common. He was a so-called ‘Christian’ Taliban. I pray all is well with you, very busy in the Lord always. God bless. PS, I have received more hate mail from Calvinist than from Satanists. Many have the same violent spirit behind them, not all, but many. That is just my view here on that. Anyway take care.” Pastor Frank Scavarda | The Idiocy of Calvinism

“Many thanks to replying to my e mail on divorce and remarriage. I took a lot of heart and encouragement from your reply and am glad that your ministry takes a good biblical stance on many issues that seem rampant in the church today. With the Lord’s help I will rebuild my life and just grow in Him everyday . I wish you and your ministry every blessing as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord at this special time of the year. Peace be with you.” Michael, Hertfordshire, UK | Divorce and Remarriage


“I believe your ministry is helping spread the True Gospel of Jesus Christ……God has used you many times to speak to me.” Linda G.

“Please add me. Your website is superb!”  Gavin P.

“I just received the Born Again books. They are amazing and have a lot of good information in them. I will be putting them to good use. Thanks!” Nicole A. | Born Again Soul Winning Book!

Glad we could help – a little. Thanks for pushing thru all the intense trials and struggles, and doing what you can to get the Word out. Strength and help and health and Truth and clear guidance and abundant provision and Love and forgiveness and mercy to you my friend, In Jesus name.” Chris S.

“I’m appreciative from your postings of awareness and exposing the false/lies in the church….” Juanita L.

“This is the best BOOK on being born again I have seen! I have been blessed to give two people this book so far, starting with my family members and Praise God, I also got to share 6 of your soul winning Gospel tracts with a ladies group. In that group are Catholics and go out to a small lunch at Wendy’s. We are getting to know one another which leaves it open to share with them since. I am an Ex -Catholic and they loved the tracts! God is working! We just need to avail ourselves in the serving of our Lord. God is good and will make a way when there seems to be no way! Sinners need Him. And the Lord will lead us to the right people at the right time.” Carol Burke | Born Again Book – Small, Soul Winning Booklet

“The Three books you sent me are very deep and encouraging. Amen brother, I’m still feeding on your books that you sent me. My love and appreciation.” Steven H.

“I am so happy to hear about your book. I just saw it … Predators in Our Pulpits … I heard the brief audio. God bless you brother. I’m just learning how to be an evangelist.  Thank you LORD FOR MY BROTHER AND HIS DESIRE TO PLEASE YOU!” Joe and Belinda S.

“I looove this Predators book! I have been laid up for over a  week, reading, studying, spending time with God. Love you! Keep it up!” Malinda | Predators in Our Pulpits

“You are a blessing to the body of Christ. It will not go unrewarded – God is with you (Deut. 8:18). Remember the LORD!” Carol B.

“I was only able to listen. What I heard was awesome. God bless both of you guys, as always you’re edifying to my soul.” Abigail

“ is a ministry website. It is an excellent resource and very biblically sound.  I highly recommend it, and the books that are available for purchase on that site as well.” Derrick A. | Store

“Hi, Please could you add this brother to your list of contacts and send him your newsletters. He is also seeking the truth and would like to learn more. I believe he would benefit greatly from your ministry. Here is his email address …..  Thank you and God Bless you.” Chad C. | Sign up to receive the Moments with My Master email.

I have been so confused most of my Christian life which I am starting to understand was all the witchcraft I was under in church… I feel like I am starting to come out of this cloud and see the Truth more and more everyday… I am thankful for people like you who preach the actual truth so thank you… God bless you brother…” Kim H.

“Safe Guard Your Soul, YOUR Messages were in my email this morning. Praise OUR Almighty Father God !!! IN Jesus Name!” Louise S. | Sign up to receive the Moments with My Master email.

“Hi! Thank you so much for writing the article you did about The Idiocy of Calvinism. I read more than half of it to my family last night and we had a wonderful time in study, prayer, and discovery. It opened my eyes very much, as I previously didn’t understand what exactly was wrong the evil TULIP conception. Thank you very much for writing this article and I hope that it helps others as well. God Bless you brother!” Abigail S.

I Die Daily is an awesome book. Too bad I did not have it in 1979 when I got saved. The message of this book would have brought more understanding on how to die to the flesh. But being under apostolic teaching is bringing more. Epinosis – Experiencing the cross in my daily life.  Yield. Submit. Surrendering. And obedience to God. … being processed with life experiences, purging, and allowing God to direct my life. There’s much, much more and I thank God for your book on I Die Daily, but it (the cross) must be applied to our life daily.” Brenda C.

“Dear Servant of God. Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I am pastor ALEX. I pastor Bethel Christian Centre in Africa Kenya in western part of the country. I have come to know you through your blessing website. I have really been touched with your powerful work you do for Christ. God bless you for accepting to be used by Him in a such way. Please I am really touched with your message and I am writing to thank you for what you are doing. You are really a vessel the Lord is using to bring the truth to the Nations and in the lives of people. Please could you pray with us about coming to speak in our church conference in 2013 if the Lord allows you? I promise to work out a successful meeting for you here.  Please also if you have teaching materials I request that you send to our church this will also help us much. I Look forward to hearing  from you.  Blessings,” Pastor ALEX AND FELISTUS W., -Kenya

I want you to know that I support no other because I am being richly fed by your ministry. You have been a blessing in my life.” Carol B.

“I have read ‘Soul Damning Sins’ twice thus far.  I keep that little treasure in my pocketbook-reading it when I am in the car while husband is driving or sitting in a doctors office waiting to be seen-any time I am just sitting with nothing to do while out and about.  I am reminded of how sensitive our Lord is to the way we live and this book refreshes the mind to remember to stay on the right path to pleasing our God!  Thank you!” Darlene T. | Soul Damning Sins

“Hi! It was so nice to see an e-mail for you. Thank you for your prayers! I’ve been praying for you daily as well, May God bless you for the work you do in his Kingdom.” A.S.


“Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how grateful I am for your encouraging posts every day. You are such a blessing to the Body of Christ! May your Light continue to shine brightly in this dark (and getting darker) world! Glory to God! Thanks again brother! Shine on!” Alicia

Sign up here to receive the Moments with My Master e-mail sent out to edify and teach the body of Christ.

“Yeshua, Himself is the best example of generosity – He gave His life for our sin and spiritual freedom! I praise Him!!! Thank you for all you do in sharing the Gospel brother, you are truly a shier of men!” Darlene T.

Brother Todd,

I thank you very much for your articles on the safeguardyoursoul website. They have been a blessing to me in my walk with Christ and as a pastor and teacher. I had a few things that I would like to talk to you about, and email is always such a laborious way to do so. I am sure you are a very busy man but I would like to speak to you about 2 main topics:

Bible Translations


This would not be a debate or anything because I agree with what you have written on both topics I just had a few more questions.

I can understand you not wanting to give your phone number out, but here is my cell: 222-222-2222. If you want to respond to this email to set up a time to call, that might be best because I want to make sure I am free of distractions if you called.

If you are too busy, no hard feelings brother, I understand.

God Bless,


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