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Colossians Questions [podcast]



  1. Have you read Colossians several times thus far? …to grasp the divine transmission and gain a knowledge of this letter from the Holy Spirit through Paul to the church?
  2. What Bible verses from the book of Colossians are becoming strong components of the foundation of God in your personal life?
  3. Of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, what is becoming more cemented in your heart via the book of Colossians?
  4. How has your knowledge of Christ (Christology) grown by a closer look at Colossians chapter 1?
  5. Are you being quickened to be more careful concerning them that would entice you away from Christ? In this regard, what verses in Colossians 2 stand out to you?
  6. What is being quickened in you concerning discerning false teachers, false philosophies, and the traditions of men? 2:8
  7. How has the truth of being grounded increasingly deeper in your knowledge of and personal relationship with Jesus been impacted? 2:6-7

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