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“Take heed that no man deceive you.
For many will come in my name, saying, I am Christ, deceiving many.” 
Matthew 24:4-5

1-Grace and law are opposites.
2-Grace is one-sided and unfair.
3- Christianity is effortless
4-Asking forgiveness for sin is unnecessary for “believers”
5-Moses and Jesus taught opposite doctrineS,
6-The law brings condemnation therefore Jesus removed it
7-Preaching the law makes people sin more,
8-The gift of righteousness means we are righteous even if we are not.
9-Unconditional forgiveness
10-God was perpetually angry in the Old Testament.
11-God does not judge nations for wickedness
12-If God judges people today, then He should apologize to Jesus for the cross,
13-Believers aren’t punished for sin
14-We never truly stop sinning but God’s ok with that
15-We will not face punishment if we don’t obey the truth.
16-The Word of God doesn’t produce faith, only the Word of Christ
17-The Word of God and the word of Christ don’t agree some things
18-Christian’s cannot commit the unpardonable sin
19-Once a person is saved they can never be lost
20-Part of Jesus’ teaching is not applicable because it’s “Old Testament”
21-We can’t take doctrine from the gospels because Jesus had not yet risen.
22-Paul’s the lead authority on doctrine because he addressed the church
23-Confession of sins is not about repentance because we are forgiven.
24-I John is only for Gnostics; not the church.
25-Confession of sin is unnecessary,
26-Paul didn’t teach confession of sins
27-Christ died to save us from the Old Testament covenant
28-We not teach “the law” from the pulpit.
29-Condemnation is the deepest root of all our problems.
30-An evil conscience is one that convicts you of sin and failure.
31-The Holy Spirit does not convict us of sin or of judgment
32-The Holy Spirit only convicts us of righteousness.
33-Satan likes the Ten Commandments
34-The law caused Paul to be deceived in sin
35-Paul continued in sin but realized he was not condemned anyway
36-The prodigal son didn’t really repent, he was just conning his father for food
37-We shouldn’t talk about sin, repentance or judgment from the pulpit.
38-Jesus frequently broke the law of Moses to help sinners.
39-God didn’t unconditionally protect rebellious sinners in the Old.
40-God had Israel hide” the law under the mercy seat
41-Abraham had a covenant of grace, but Moses’ had an inferior covenant.
42. The Holy Spirit does not convict us of sin or of judgment!”
43-The doctrine of repentance from sin is not for believers
44-Grace is a teacher so we don’t need the law
45-Grace-preaching is the only means of effective evangelism’
46-Paul “winked” at the sins of Corinth because they were under grace.
47-“Falling from grace” doesn’t mean sinning, it means reverting to the law.”
48-If you teach the law you are a “man-pleaser”
49-Fasting is unnecessary.
50-Satan tempted Jesus to get nourishment from the law!”

False Teacher Joseph Prince

Wolf Expose’

Joseph Prince Exposed

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