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THE GRAVE DANGER OF SEMINARIES AND SEMINARIANS: Protestant seminaries were hi-jacked by the Jesuits in the 50's and 60's. Upon entering seminaries today, Bible truth must be checked at the door! It's an unspoken rule. Biblical truth must be sacrificed on the altar of the whims of mere sinful men and their false doctrines and traditions. God's written Word is final authority must give way to convenience. Seminaries today are apostate and are going to cherry pick what seems to prove their doctrines while intentionally ignoring and defying the whole counsel of Scripture. Satan is slick as are his modern seminarian snakes. WHAT people do not understand is that the vast majority of men who are seminarian trained entered that campus with the completely false notion that the seminary was some bastion of great professors who possessed super pedigree and that the institution was a landmark source of great preachers. Someone has to sell the gullible enrollees on these lies. Nonsense! It's a business folks, let's wake up. You see, those attending seminaries enter with the idea that God's Word is not final authority but rather what the commentaries and professors tell them God's Word means. It's a bastion of doctrinal conditioning - false, man-made, satanic doctrines. During their time at seminary, the willingly prey are taught to set aside the clear, self-interpretive meaning of God's Word for the doctrines of sinful men (Mark 7:6-9). Should I go to seminary? Considering seminary? Why seminary? What is the seminary? How long does it take to go to seminary school?

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