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Pennsylvania Ministry Update

From Tom and Karen Cochran

We wanted to update you on the ministry going on in our little town.

The other day 5 from the elderly home received Jesus. Hallelujah! They all have King James Bibles are beginning to read them.

And yesterday our sweet friend, who is 90 received Jesus! His name is Bill. (I sent a picture of him). We gave him a Born again book a few months ago. We met him a few years ago. And we instantly became friends. What a blessing when he received Jesus.

He comes from a mason and Shriner background! So needs prayer to be free from all the programming and Satanic rituals he has participated in.We are buying him a KJB.

There are 1403 people in this little town. So far we have distributed over 100 BA (Born Again) books and now have 40 more. Thanks to be to you Todd and your friend Tim. | See more on the Born Again books here.

So only got 1263 more and everyone in this town has received a BA born! That is the goal of our Lord. (2 Peter 3:9).

All praise to Jesus! We are all labourers together building His kingdom. 1 Corinthians 3:9. And it’s only by His power and grace that we can continue to be used by Him.

In Christ,

Tom and Karen

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