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Call to Anguish David Wilkerson [video]

Heart | Prayer | Discipleship | Ready for Christ’s Return | LORD, Change Me

What a powerful word that has penetrated my very being. Such truths I haven’t heard in a very long time. This man of God has just spoken more truth in one message than ALL the false preachers and teachers in their entire time on this earth. David Wilkerson has spoken more prophetic words of truth since his going to be with the Lord than every false teacher and preacher that are deceiving the Church body today! I remember those times when I would shake in Holy fear of my soul and it’s wretched state it was in which caused me to fall on my knees in repentance to God. I pray this new year finds me more on my knees than in my flesh seeking my pleasures in my life. God wash me and cleanse me from ALL of my unrightiousness. Forgive me Lord for all my sins I comit against you and make me a pure heart after you alone Lord. Lord there can not be a true revival until there is a total surrender of our flesh to your Holy Spirit in our lives. Amen!” Charles Pray
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