The Blessings of Bible Reading

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”Revelation 1:3

The quickest and surest way to get blessed is to simply read God’s Word. This is so simple that most miss it.

  • Bible reading is the key to learning the things of God (Prov. 22:17-22).
  • Bible Study is paramount to spiritual growth (1 Pet. 2:2).
  •  Reading God’s Word etches the image of Christ upon the canvas of the heart (Lk 24:27; Jn 5:39, 46).
  •  Bible reading instills the fear of the LORD (Deut. 4:10, 17:19).
  •  Bible reading & obedience guarantee answered prayers (John 15:7).
  •  The Word gives us God’s direction (Ps 119:105).
  •  Bible learning comforts the soul (Rom. 15:4).
  •  Reading the Bible enhances one’s intelligence and mind (Ps 119:99-100).
  •  Bible reading wards off the enemy (Ps 17:4).
  •  Reading the Bible dispels darkness (Ps 119:130).
  •  Bible Study clears and cleans the mind and heart (Jn. 15:3).
  •  Studying God’s Oracles equips for battle (Eph. 6:17).
  •  Bible reading washes the religion out of us (Matt. 15:6,9, 22:29; Eph. 5:26).
  •  Studying the Word corrects our faulty thinking (2 Tim. 3:16).
  •  Bible reading imparts divine wisdom (2 Tim. 3:15).
  •  Poring over God’s Truth fully equips us to minister divine truth in love (2 Tim. 3:17).
  •  Bible reading fills the heart with joy (Jer. 15:16).
  •  Reading the Bible increases discernment (Ps 17:4; Heb. 5:11-14).
  •  Bible study increases our spiritual strength (Prov. 24:5).
  •  Bible study excites and energizes prayer (John 15:7).
  •  Bible reading causes a spiritual fire inside the heart of the believer (Jer. 20:9).
  •  Bible reading increases faith (Rom. 10:17).
  •  Reading the Bible stirs evangelism (Rom. 10:13-17).
  •  Bible reading makes one sure of His salvation and more confident in the LORD (Jn 20:31; 1 Jn 5:11-13).
  •  Bible reading comforts the heart in times of trouble (Ps 119:50,76,171).
  •  Bible learning imparts wisdom to the believer (Ps 19:7).
  •  Studying God’s Word builds up the disciple in the faith of Christ (Acts 20:32).
  •  Bible reading sanctifies the Christian (Jn 17:17; Eph. 5:26).
  •  Bible study reveals Christ to the heart of the believing reader (John 5:39).

God blesses those who read His Word.

“Blessed is he that readeth” Revelation 1:3

“Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read.” Isaiah 34:16

Whatever you do, get a King James Bible.

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