Translation Vs. Transliteration


——- FROM A.B.: “From time to time I will post comparisons in Scripture between the KJV and other versions currently being used. This brings the NIV defenders out in droves.
Let me explain a few things that appear unclear to some.
This page supports, reads, and studies from the Authorized King James Bible.
The KJB is a transliteration (LITERAL Translation), not a translation as are the others. A transliteration is different from a translation. A transliteration is a conversion in the script (without the tainting of men). The KJB was transliterated by some of the wisest, God fearing men and were led by the Holy Spirit while doing so. (The new versions are translations which means mere sinful men inserted their beliefs and removed divine truth in violation of Revelation 22:18-19).
It was not written by King James himself, it was not written to support an agenda as many claim. There is no great mystery behind how this came to be.
A translation translates text from one language to another. In order to have a newer bible written, a translation has to occur, scripture has to be re-written or omitted all together for the book to be published without fear of having copyright violations.
The KJV is not hard to read or understand. I personally read and study from the real old English one of 1611 and have no qualms understanding the message. I pair this with tools found on which help me convert the scripture to Hebrew so I can learn the root of the Word and have a better understanding.
The KJV is on a 5th grade reading level. Many complain about the ‘Old English’ yet have no concerns or issues with Shakespeare and his works are on a high school level and have never been re-written.
If you are seeking to learn the Word and truth, pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and much will be revealed to you.
The post I made awhile back was just one of many differences between the KJV and one other book, the NIV.
The NIV was co-written and published by an admitted lesbian and abortion supporter. Two things that go against the Word of God. How then can this book be spiritually in line with Him?
new age bible versionsAnother thing I noticed is with these NIV supporters, unclean spirits enter. Spirits of anger, ridicule, mocking, belittlement, to name a few. No matter which Bible you study or read from, if you have an unclean spirit attached to you, you’re not walking in a way pleasing to God and need to step back, re-evaluate yourself, and pray to have it removed.” A.B.
Yes, and, reading from the new versions which have their origins in Satan himself and sinful men, you have invited evil spirits into your life.

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