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Missionary Madness?

Concerning false leaders, Jeremiah pens these words: “they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none doth return from his wickedness: they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah.” God counts our sin of spiritual “adultery” as that of “Sodom” and “Gomorrah.” Do we not betray the Most High whom we claim to know and love when we “strengthen also the hands of evildoers?” Aligning with someone or organization that is in error will strengthen their evil cause and the LORD will turn His hand of blessing away from us (2 Chron. 18-19).

Recently I listened to a missionary to Mexico tell about his work down there. Unfortunately, he spoke more than once of Rick Warren (who is in deep deception and was trained under deceiver Robert Schuller) and yet not once did he declare or mention the name of Jesus Christ nor did he speak of the Gospel – death, burial and resurrection of the Son of God (1 Cor. 15:1-4). So, what is this man doing in Mexico? What are we supporting/furthering? Didn’t Paul say “God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our LORD Jesus Christ”? (Gal. 6:14) And, that he “determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” (1 Cor. 2:2) There is “none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

Not one Scripture was quoted or even referred to by this missionary during his hour talk about his family’s work in Mexico. What does this tell us about his work among those people? What is this man importing to Mexico if it’s not the true Gospel?

Important Biblical Discernment Truth: Jesus said that “ye shall know (discern) them by their fruits”and “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” (Matt. 7:16; 12:34). So, by what men say and don’t say, we know (discern) who they really areReal simple isn’t it?

I hope you know that I am speaking from a place of zeal for the LORD and earnestly contending for the Gospel faith once delivered to His saints (Jude 3-4).

What are we supporting here by sending a man who doesn’t even speak the Words of the LORD? Whose cause is he promoting? How could and why would the living God empower a man who doesn’t honor Him and His Word? Where are we putting God’s resources (money)? Will there be any rebuke to this man? Will anyone seek to disciple him? If not, then are we not enabling such dissimulation and promoting “another gospel”? I wonder today how much “missionary” work has to do with the biblical model of making disciples, but is rather establishing the thoughts, philosophies, and curriculums of mere men and teaching people to go through these psycho-babblish programs and learn everything but the pure divine Word (1 Pet. 2:2). When people/victims come out of these programmed classes, one thing is certain – they don’t know the Word of God, so it’s ALL in vain. After all, it seems like the writings of mere men have taken precedence over God’s holy and precious Word in the apostate organized modern church world.

What did the first missionaries do/preach?

“And they, when they had testified and preached the word of the Lord, returned to Jerusalem, and preached the gospel in many villages of the Samaritans.” (Acts 8:25; 13:5; 14:25; 15:36; Mk. 2:2)

Those who know Christ and are prepared for ministry preach His Word. If they preach ANY ANY “ANY other gospel”, they are “accursed” and to be treated as such by God’s people (Gal. 1:6-9) There is NO light in them (Is. 8:20).

According to the law of Genesis 1, we can only produce after what we ARE, not what we say or convince others into believing we are. Genesis 1:11 says “the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seedis in itself.” So, whoever I am here, I am in China or Russia or Mexico.

Beloved, what is important is the quality of the seed and the richness of the soil. The Gospel is the richness of God’s love in Jesus Christ, of which Paul was not ashamed because it was the power of God unto salvation unto those who were given it and believed (Rom. 1:16). Where the Gospel is honored fully, the soil is rich. If a person has not been faithful here in his nation in the true Gospel of Jesus, he is not fit to win the lost in another country and should never be sent. If this missionary was not soundly grounded in God’s Word before he left to go to Mexico, then why did God’s people ever send him? Does a person become a missionary when his feet hit foreign soil? Of course not. And, remember, Jesus loves and seeks to save the people on American soil as much as He loves people on Indian, Africa, Mexican, and Chinese soil. In light of this, I don’t think we should entertain the idea that when we give to foreign missions, there is any difference than giving to Gospel workers here in America.

So, when we fund missionaries who do not possess the Word, or the Word doesn’t possess them, we are funding the spread of a false gospel (2 Cor. 11:1-4; Gal. 1:6-9). “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly (abundantly).” (Col. 3:16)

In the midst of citing the evil of the false shepherds of Israel, Jeremiah the prophet introduces a rhetorical question which is actually an identifier of true and false servants:

“For who hath stood in the counsel of the LORD, and hath perceived and heard his word? who hath marked his word, and heard it?” Jeremiah 23:18

Those who stand in the counsel of the LORD (not men) and perceive and hear His Word, marking it and hearing it again and again, are true. All others are false and will inevitably peddle a false message.

When speaking of leadership in the body of Christ, the Scriptures instruct us to “know them which labour among you.” (1 Thess. 5:21) Concerning the ordaining of men into ministry, the LORD tells us“Lay hands (ordain into ministry) suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.” (1 Tim. 5:22) When we ordain or set forth and condone any man before we really know his life and doctrine, we will inevitably “be partaker of other men’s sin.” In other words, we will be equally to blame for the sin and error that man promotes and for all the people he misleads. We are mandated to “keep thyself pure” of this wickedness. This is a very serious issue. The support, promotion, condoning, or aligning with any person in ministry that is preaching “another gospel” brings a curse upon ourselves as we enjoin him in sin against God and the spreading of a false gospel (Is. 5:20-24; Gal. 1:6-9; 2 Chron. 19:2). We are commanded to withhold blessing from him lest we become “partaker of his evil deeds.”

“If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” 2 John 10-11

Bidding “God speed” is pronouncing an approval blessing upon a person or ministry. If such is done to any person who is not communicating the original gospel, it is “another gospel” and it is a deadly sin to condone –bid him God speed.” Any person who does such “is partaker of his evil deeds.” This means that those who support in any way any person or ministry organization that does not definitively and forthrightly declare the original Gospel, are counted just as guilty as the peddler himself. Anyone who does not bring the biblical doctrine of Jesus Christ who is divine and came in the flesh, is “a deceiver and an antichrist.” (2 Jn. 7) All such counterfeit ministers are false and to be shunned and not blessed or promoted or esteemed among God’s people – “Keep thyself pure.” (1 Tim. 5:22) Anyone among God’s people who helps the person not bringing the true Gospel – bids them God speed – and is “partaker of his evil deeds.” In other words, he will reap the same punishment as the man peddling another gospel other than that which Christ and His apostles gave us in the New Testament record.

We will be held responsible for supporting any person who is spreading lies and weakening the people through falsehoods and promoting false prophets. When we financially or otherwise support a ministry which is not according the New Testament record, we become “partaker of other men’s sins.” (1 Tim. 5:22)

When we set forth any person who is not called, anointed by the Holy Spirit, and prepared in the Word and the crucified life, we launch evil upon everyone that “novice” influences. We also harm the unprepared man greatly and most importantly, we bring disdain to the name of Jesus Christ. God grant us wisdom from His Word and forgive our sins! Concerning the launching of people into ministry, the Holy Spirit directs: “Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.” (1 Tim. 3:6)

Don’t you know that the enemy laughs all the way to the bank when God’s true people cast their revenues into the coffers of those who are not preaching the true Gospel? Do we want to fund wolves in sheep’s clothing? Who shall we fear? See Galatians 1:6-10


“But thou hast fully known my doctrinemanner of lifepurposefaithlongsufferingcharity,patiencePersecutionsafflictions…” 2 Timothy 3:10-11

God’s Fruit according to 2 Timothy 3:10: Here are 9 earmarks of an authentic servant of Christ who would be prepared to serve in ministry:

manner of life

Beloved, the fruit identifies the root (Jn. 15; Rom. 11:16). When a man is relationally and biblically rooted in and abiding in Jesus Christ, his fruit will among other things be that of truth, love, joy, peace, longsuffering (patience), evangelism, charitable deeds, the care of souls, and the love of children. If a man’s life is not pure and he is not seeking the LORD diligently and daily in repentance and brokenness, he simply does not yet have the fruit of one who is to be set forth into ministry. Let’s walk in God’s written wisdom (His Word) and cease to enable any ministry that is not soundly rooted and grounded in God’s Word and love and purposes as revealed clearly in the Holy Scriptures.

Thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.” Psalms 138:2

Have we magnified His Word above all else? Or something else above His Word? Have we magnified HIS Word above the names of all sinful men and their inferior writings? Or, are we despising the Almighty LORD Jesus Christ by elevating the words of mere men?

“I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.” Psalms 138:2

Do we search out and find His Words and eat/devour them like a hungry man who hasn’t eaten in days?

“Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.” Jeremiah 15:16

Do we rejoice at men’s words or at God’s Word?

“I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.” Psalms 119:62

Are we daily eating and allowing His Word to be our life?

“It is written, That man shall not live (have God’s life) by bread alone, but by every word of God.” Luke 4:4

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