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We are the Reason

Try if you may not to cry ….. WHAT LOVE is THIS! .. “On a dark and cloudy day a Man hung dying in the rain” … That was the very and only begotten Son of God who was dying for our sins …. JESUS TOLD US that our Father in Heaven has a “mansion” with your very name on it …. The very Son of God from Heaven came to bleed, be buried, and raised again in order to give you that very place in the Father’s eternal kingdom and that knowing, loving, worshiping, obeying Him is that “way” to it …. otherwise, horrific, unending torment will be the eternal lot for all who refuse this “so great salvation” (John 14:1-6; Hebrews 2:3) … May the LORD Jesus cause you to be refreshed when you listen to this beautiful song about how much He loves you … please share to encourage Jesus’ body

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