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International Criminal Roundup Underway: Arrests of Sealed Indictment Criminals

apparently …160,000 criminal arrests in 90 days in full swing, largest ever, International. Bill Gates, George Soros, Tom Hanks, Barak obama, the clintons, oprah winfrey, and many, many more….some are said to be already detained or on house arrest. Do your own research and please cease listening to cia project mockingbird’s fake new media which has just one goal – to mislead and deceive the american people.

BREAKING: This confirms exactly with other high level sources in the military. Saints, let’s keep praying for the people of our nation to be brought to true repentance and salvation from sin and hell found in Christ alone! | Making Peace with God – Now, Before it’s too Late

FATHER, in the name of Jesus, may the light of truth and justice come immediately upon anyone hurting any child, your children – both in the womb and out of the womb, IN JESUS’ NAME, amen! Let the millstone of your justice come swiftly upon them, in the name of jesus christ, amen LORD.

Please do your own research. Draw your own conclusions AFTER you’ve done diligent, deep, honest, research. There are 2 or more lines of info out there. I am near the middle. Some take a very fatalistic approach which I believe to be erroneous. USE TWITTER: Search “children rescued from tunnels”, search “Tunnel warfare”, “military training for underground tunnel warfare”, “pedophiles arrested”, etc.

It is a FACT that over 800,000 children are kidnapped yearly in America. WHERE did they go? WHY is our military being trained to fight underground if there’s no battle to wage underground? FACT: The army alone was given over $800 billion to learn tunnel warfare. WHY is this money being spent and training undertaken if there were no one to rescue, no warfare to be done there? Why should all this pedophilia and the rescue of the victims be surprising due to the FACT that Trump has been on an all-out campaign and has caught and jailed more pedophiles than any other admin already? I’ve seen many video testimonies of people rescued from underground and how the CIA is purely satanic and has has underground cities for evil practices for many years. I’ve also been told that the earthquakes we’re witnessing happen are the Trump patriots destroying those now empty cities, tunnels. Some non-military people can’t quite grasp that a full-scale military operation is apparently underway because they don’t see much physically manifestation of such. They don’t see bombs expoding on the horizon. Yet this is a different war, a non-conventional war. Nontheless, there’s much proof that it’s underway.

The white hats and Patriots have now taken over Google… you can now search anything regarding Trump, Maga, adrenochrome, deep state satanism, things that Google and the media have hidden for years… now that the white hats and Patriots have taken over Google as of yesterday, you can find this stuff. I just had a minister friend send this to me… get ready to find out who drinks adrenochrome, has harmed many children, and has sold their soul to satan… Here’s what he sent….

“I just got off the phone with my friend, a retired Marine Special Forces Lieutenant who was just briefed for over an hour by a 3-Star General. What my friend was told by the general is that the coronavirus was a Globalist ploy that failed and has been hijacked by the Trump Administration to be used as cover to keep people inside and to prevent collateral damage during a military op of mass arrests. Some targets are very violent and they will fight back. For your safety, it’s best to stay inside.

The operation is live. Arrests are happening in Southern California now. It’s being overseen by NAVSPEC. They will arrest 160,000 people in 90 days, including members of the mainstream media and Barry Soetoro.

They’re starting now by taking down Antifa, MS-13, the mafia, drug gangs, and other mercenaries hired by Soros and used by the Dems/Deep State.

These mercenaries were going to conduct mass riots and mayhem after the election but this is being stopped. There will soon be Martial Law, maybe as soon as this Monday.

Thousands have been arrested in Italy already.

The situation is “fluid” but it’s more or less like this:

You may have noticed that during President Trump’s daily coronavirus updates that, starting around the 14th or the 15th, the Presidential Seal was removed from the podium. That seal represents the U.S. Corporation, of which Donald Trump was elected the President, and for which he was drafted as a corporate raider to take it over and to restore the Republic.

There will be a financial reset — the end of the dollar/petrodollar. The assets of criminal banksters, the Rothschilds, The Committee, etc., who’ve been stealing from us for decades, are being seized.

 We will be repaid. The IRS and the Fed will be abolished, and after all of this shakes out, we will only pay consumption taxes of between 7 – 15%.

Everyone will be financially better off when all is said and done. We will be informed of a lot of things that have been kept secret: medical br……”

Dear friend, Christ is conducting the ultimate roundup with eternal consequences. “Come unto me” says the Savior to you (Matthew 11:28-30) Eternity lies ahead of each of us and God does not want you in hell (2 Peter 3:9). He wants to forgive all your sins as He wants you with Him for all eternity. He sent His only begotten Son to die for your sins but you must repent and receive Jesus as the LORD of your own life to secure the blessings of divine salvation, to be completely washed of all of your sins, and spend eternity in glory instead of the fiery pit of hell and the lake of fire. As you sincerely approach Him from the depths of your heart, the LORD your God is going to hear and answer. This is your day to do business with God. He’s going to hear your prayer and save you. You may never get another chance. Go here and make things right with God now – before it’s too late. PEACE WITH GOD

The prayers of God’s people could not be more needed as they are now (1 Timothy 2:1-3). 2 Chronicles 7:14-15 <<<< Obviously, God desires to heal our land, otherwise He would not have said what He did in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Let us offer supplication, humble requests to the Father in the name above all names, the name of the One whose blood speaks in Heaven for us! Jesus Christ reigns forever! | Answered Prayer? WHY? 

MASS ARRESTS, SEALED INDICTMENTS: America in the Balance [podcast] | Corona Virus from a Christian Perspective 

Children being Rescued in Tunnels: Happening Now

 For several years, we’ve been led to pray according to Jesus’ revelation recorded in Matt 10:26.


“Illuminati and more organizations are in full blast on their secrets God are exposing more n more.”

Let’s pray afresh saints, that Jesus will bring all this darkness, and dark evil workers to the light and to justice.

Making Peace with God – Now, Before it’s too LateJesus is the Light

WHERE is our trust?
Read Psalms.
Get your popcorn out.
Sit back.
Walk humbly with thy God (Micah 6:8).
GOD is in control of all things.
Even though we, as mere men, cannot possible figure things out.
We don’t know what’s true or false.
Isn’t that how it must have been with Daniel and 3 Hebrew children? Think that’s how they felt?
They simply trusted and continually sought the LORD, who brought them through the fire and the lion’s den!
Be encouraged in the LORD today saints and please share this one to encourage others.

The Bible says that “The Most High Ruleth in the Kingdom of Men.” (Daniel 4:32)

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