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“If Ye Endure Chastening”

by Tim Winkley

IF ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?” Hebrews 12:7

“For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.” Hebrews 12:10

“Our earthly parents chastened us for their own pleasure. Sometimes they did it to gratify their passion rather than to reform our manners. This is a weakness the fathers of our flesh are subject to, and this they should carefully watch against; for hereby they dishonor that parental authority which God has put upon them and very much hinder the efficacy of their chastisements. But the Father of our spirits never grieves willingly, nor afflicts the children of men, much less his own children. It is always for our profit and the advantage he intends us thereby is no less than our being partakers of his holiness, it is to correct and cure those sinful disorders which make us unlike to God, and to improve and to increase those graces which are the image of God in us, that we may be and act more like our heavenly Father. God loves his children so that he would have them to be as like himself as can be, and for this end he chastises them when they need it.” Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Hebrews 12

An important part of our Creator’s choice to love is the placement of His Law in this earth. There are unchangeable principles and processes built into His governing of this earth, and His children. The consequences for violation of His instructions serve to help us feel the pain of the wrong choice or choices. Likewise, there are rewards for following His instructions and remaining under the shadow of His protection and blessings. We wander, He gives us a little room. If we wander too far, we experience some sort of pain to varying degrees.

The purpose of the pain and the blessings is to enlighten us and guide us along our path.  By staying on our path, we become a useful member of His community. We must learn to trust His sovereign guidance over our lives. While there may have been times our earthly fathers violated our trust, He does not. This is a vital understanding in our perception of His interaction with us. By trusting fully, we learn to surrender. Over time we see the beauty of a life that unfolds behind us with clarity and purpose. We are guided by faith in what lies ahead. The overall goal is the separation of our affections for things seen from those things that are unseen. We learn to determine and appreciate His economy rather than that of the animalistic survival instinct of fallen man. Alleluia

Comments on yesterday’s Musing from my beloved: Moreover, if we had a Father of our flesh who disciplined us, and we respected him, how much more should we submit to Him, the Father of our spirit, and have life?” The apostle shows us that even our natural father chastens us, and we respect him, because we think that our parents’ chastening is right, and we should accept it. How much more should we live in obedience to our God, who is the Father of all spirits?

You yourselves should know what kind of people we are before God. Many times, our nature is rebellious and stubborn. We are like a naughty child who never wants to be obedient unless the father holds the stick in his hand. We all do. Some sons must be scolded, some sons must be beaten.

Our biological father and our God have something in common, the discipline of us is out of their sincere love; gold needs to be refined by fire, beautiful jade needs to be carved. We grow up safely under the discipline, and eventually become a pleasing person to parents, become a pleasing child of God.

Dear Lord, our Father who art in heaven, we thank and praise you that today is Saturday, time flies, and tomorrow is the day of Sunday service.

Dear Lord, we have been through a lot this week, and we thank you we are finding peace in our daily prayers, asking for promise in our prayers, thanking you for the reward that comes after setbacks, the joy that comes from hope. I and my loved ones are filled with gratitude in your wonderful blessings every day, dear Lord, and I feel your grace as more beautiful than ever.

Lord, I speak to You of our hope, asking that you continue to bless us, that we give thanks to you forever in faith, and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ’s victory. Amen.

One commentary notes:

“• (1.) The best of God’s children need chastisement. They have their faults and follies, which need to be corrected.
• (2.) Though God may let others alone in their sins, he will correct sin in his own children; they are of his family, and shall not escape his rebukes when they want them.
• (3.) In this he acts as becomes a father, and treats them like children; no wise and good father will wink at faults in his own children as he would in others; his relation and his affections oblige him to take more notice of the faults of his own children than those of others.
• (4.) To be suffered to go on in sin without a rebuke is a sad sign of alienation from God; such are bastards, not sons. They may call him Father, because born in the pale of the church; but they are the spurious offspring of another father, not of God.” Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Hebrews 12

In my life, in my walk with God, I have been a wayward son (at times). There were times when I was addicted to substances. In my late 40’s, I was thrown by one of our horses, my body was broken somewhat. My doctor prescribed a very strong schedule two narcotic called Demerol. Between him and my dentist, who knew me as a good Christian member of our small local community, they prescribed these strong narcotics based on my request. They trusted me. I began to lie to them to obtain the drugs. I violated their trust. I damaged my witness. I knew I was in sin, I asked the LORD in prayer, ‘Shouldn’t I be being chastised right now?’ I was indeed chastised, for eight long years. That chastisement, though seemingly severe, served to correct my walk with Him. I thank my God that He didn’t leave me in my addicted state. I thank my God, He loved me enough to correct me.

In retrospect, I find great comfort that my Father in Heaven loved me enough, to correct me so severely. My heart has been captured, my temptation to wander away in that area has been dealt with. I have found freedom for many years. Alelujah!

Read Hebrews 12:5-12 concerning the bless-ed chastening of the LORD.

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