Women Professing Godliness Audio Series

Women Professing GodlinessThis 10-part audio series addresses the original purpose and blessing of the female. This is a refreshing and yet resolute exploration and declaration of God-fearing womanhood that has and is transforming lives.

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I just finished listening to your audio on women who fear God. Amazing! How the devil keeps women in bondage to the lie that he tells us! So glad I listened again. This is so helpful and freeing. Keep standing your ground. God is in this mightily.” Carol B.

“This series was a real blessing. It was an excellent teaching. Honestly, it changed my life and my marriage. Now I realize many of the problems in my marriage were actually being caused by my not being fully submitted to God’s Word in this area. I have always sought to please the Lord, but we are unable to do that unless we are willing to deny ourselves and heed the full counsel of God’s Word and sound instruction. After completing this series on the family, Jezebel was broken in me! I wept for days in repentance and sorrow for my sin. I had a renewed sense of purpose and regained the joy of my calling to being a godly wife, a mother and a keeper of the home. Praise God!!!! Our mother’s sold us into the slavery of feminism and the lie of seeking self-esteem instead of the Savior and we as women who fear God are having to break free from these false gods of self. The Lord is able to deliver if we will simply humble ourselves, listen, and obey.” S.T.

“This is a needed message and right on the mark. Listening was time very well spent. Thanks.” Chris S.

“It’s wonderful.” Gayle

“You have just freed me of my role in the woman’s place in the Church.” Carol B.

“Very good teaching!!” Stephanie P.

“It was such a blessing to listen through – Very good study! Fresh inspiration and encouragement! It made me very happy to hear the truth of the Word and also God’s heart behind it being expressed! (Oh how that can drastically change the view when that is understood!) I also appreciated the balance of the message. It reveals the wicked woman’s ways. It causes God fearing men and women alike to tremble at the thought of ever being ensnared by the likes or ever becoming like her! To my joy and inspiration, you were very expressive of God’s heart about godly women also! How encouraging it was to hear the godly woman spoken of so lovingly and her nature and works so esteemed, making obvious that she was considered as equally valuable and loved. Yet, not changing her role to try to prove it.” Michelle M.

“People don’t know what “shamefacedness” is anymore. I had to look it up, myself (in summa theologica). But it’s really based on fear of God; fear of disappointing Him by allowing immoral thoughts or deeds (or perhaps the perception of them, of being identified with them) in our lives. The ability to blush. An innocence of heart that wants no part with evil.” Jane Clark

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