The Truth About the Marriage License

Government minions, working for Satan, want you to believe you need their approval or "license" to do something that is a God-given union. Man only inserts himself in order to control and greedily steal from those they hoodwink into such an agreement.


WHO OWNS YOUR CHILDREN? WHO ARE YOU MARRIED UNDER? THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART: SATAN EXPOSED! CPS, the marriage license, child support, etc exposed! Please share. Let’s shine the light on this darkness saints! (Matthew 10:26-28)

God Almighty – the highest Authority – ordained marriage and so any insertion of man is a poisonous, treasonous invasion and violation!

(There is no intention in this post to incite rebellion unnecessarily but rather to sort through entanglements which draw our allegiances from the LORD and place us in danger of losing our children, etc. Also, those who obtained a marriage license are still married. This is food for thought that goes deeper than the marriage license and perhaps quickens us to beware of those who would enslave the people.)

Appropriating your God-given rights, honored in Constitutional law, is not rebellion against government. No, in fact, if the courts are running according to “rules and procedures” that have replaced the real law given us to protect the people, this proves those in black robes are tyrants. Remember this: You can find remedy for any tyranny perpetrated upon you in this country. Search it out.

“We innocently forfeit our legal and parental rights when we purchase a marriage license.” Henry Makow

“God instituted the first marriage in the Garden not the court or government. When God ordained marriage, He offered us a remarkable relationship. It’s not a marriage certificate that makes two people yoked together but God! We believe that two people who are tied and joined together by God in marriage can be bonded to each other and could be considered yoked even though they don’t have a marriage certificate or license.” Rich Brown

WHO Alone joins man and woman together in holy matrimony? Does the state or does God Himself join a man and woman together in marriage? Jesus says:

“Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore GOD hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Matthew 19:6

Like it or not … Long before you were born, the enemy of your soul, Satan, had your slavery in mind and has used human emissaries to bring you into bondage in more ways than we yet realize.

Jesus says that only GOD can join a man and woman together (Matthew 19:6). WHO will we obey and pledge our allegiance to is the big question.

DID YOU KNOW: When you get a “marriage license”, something you don’t need the state to approve because it’s a gift of GOD, you hand your children over to the state. You are named as the “custodial” parent on your children’s birth certificate. In other words, the state now owns your child and are allowing you to keep and provide for the child. Unreal. Look this up on Google and YouTube for more information.

“Marriage is a union made by God! Not men of this world! Ministers should go back to the scriptural approach of marrying folks regardless of whether the ‘state’ granted them a license to be married or not! People need no such license according to scripture. They need God to unite them as one flesh. And that is all that is required!” Paul Gary Paradise

NOTE: The marriage license and original application for it can be revoked/rescinded by sending in a notarized affidavit to the issuing county office.

One source notes:

“YOU are the one who gave Child Protective Services permission to steal your children. Since the State can regulate that which it licenses, Child Protective Services has blossomed into a money making machine by snatching kids and receiving millions of federal dollars for them. In most cases, Child Protective Services has no interest in reuniting families because by keeping the family unit off balance, under constant worry and financial drain, the people of a state are more easily controlled, taxed and herded like sheep by the governmental power. A State which has strong, responsible families with good morals, an understanding of right and wrong, and the time to focus on solutions to state abuses would never be able to get away with the massive confiscatory taxation and licensing schemes the government, as well as all states, enjoy perpetrating against its citizenry today. Child Protective Services receives its authority to kidnap children from the child’s parents the moment a marriage license was applied for and granted. The child is placed in a guardian/ward relationship with the state where the parents function merely as “custodians.” That custodial relationship may be terminated by the authorizing state agency whenever it declares the child is not being raised according to the standards established by the State, yes State!

Marriage License – The Institution of CPS (Child Protective Services)

So the States can sue the parents on behalf of the child, based on the State’s Rule of Civil Procedures, such as the one for the State of Maine, which states – “An executor, administrator, guardian, bailee, trustee of an express trust, a party with whom or in whose name a contract has been made for the benefit of another, or a party authorized by statute may sue in that person’s own name without joining the party for whose benefit the action is brought.” So, Maine can sue on behalf of the child without using the child’s name because you, the parents, gave the state guardianship over your child with the marriage license making the State a “trustee of an express trust”. America never had a Child Protective Services protecting our Children for at least the first 140 years of her existence, because assault on a child was already illegal and dealt with by the County Sheriff. If a child needed to be removed to a safer environment, he was brought to one of many privately funded homes which had to compete for money from the private sector. This competition forced the homes to maintain extremely high standards and, due to the limitation of funds, resolving family problems and reuniting the child with his family was of primary importance – unlike today’s State-administered system of bureaucratic red tape, and drugging programs that will damage a child for the rest of his or her life and ultimately alienate him from his family.

Marriage License – Conclusion

The phrase the government uses, “In God We Trust”, is a bold faced lie, because the government is against everything the Most High stands for. So your trust and hope must be in the Most High and his laws and statutes and commandments, rather than in some governmental body. So when the standards and procedures of the United States of America are not in compliance with those of the Most High, then as followers of the Most High this is what you must do.

Acts 5:29 – Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

FYI: You ought to obey the Most High rather than the government! So when it comes to marriages in the United States of America, it is commanded by the government that those intending upon marrying, must have a marriage license, so if you are following and believe in the Most High, then you must not yield yourself servants toward the government’s unrighteousness. Shalom!

See man knows what the Word of the Most High says, so he incorporates a little of it into his own agenda and personal desire, to give his method of marriage some credibility. It is a known fact that there was no requirement to obtain a marriage license in colonial America, nor in the Bible. When you read the laws of the colonies and then the states, you see only two requirements for marriage, with the first being that, you had to obtain your parents permission to marry, and second, you had to post public notice of the marriage 5-15 days before the ceremony. In the Bible, the man had to obtain the father’s permission, abide with the father and do some work as payment for marrying his daughter, leave his father in law’s house and prepare a place for his soon to be wife to live, and after a year, he would return and take unto him his wife, marriages were also put on public notice in advance. You won’t find anywhere in the Bible where a man ever decided to take a wife, and had to go buy an engagement ring or wedding ring, nor will you find where a man had to acquire a marriage license, nor will you find where a man had to go before a preacher, or county clerk or sheriff or county judge just to be married, this Pagan doctrine was instituted by man, to replace the parental right of the Father, with the philosophy of man. Why do you think the man is sought after for child support and spouse support? The government knows how to break down a man, and replace him with Welfare and child support as being his children’s father, they do as Satan did with Eve and put the woman over the man, therefore crippling him not only financially, but spiritually, by putting him in a position as the weaker vessel and subject to the authority of his wife, that’s totally against the order of the Most High.”

 It doesn’t matter if every state “requires” a marriage license. The state is not God and the state cannot marry anyone – they are just capitalizing on what God does. Jesus says that only “God” can join a man and woman together in marriage. The state’s requirement is that you won’t receive a few “benefits” if you don’t agree to waive your rights to your own children by getting a marriage license. Bait and switch. People are living together everywhere without a marriage license and so we know it’s not required other than to receive certain benefits and yet they’ve hidden what it really cost you – your children, etc. Some who live together are married in God’s eyes and most aren’t (they are fornicating). Being married in God’s eyes has nothing at all to do with the state inserting itself in the equation as they coerce you to get their marriage license package. The state cannot marry anyone. Read Matthew 19:6 again and see whom Jesus says joins a man and woman together in marriage. Obeying God does not include moving your honor from Him to the state. That is actually rebellion in the name or guise of submission.

When Jesus quoted Moses in speaking of getting a “bill of divorcement” to divorce your spouse, there was no state government intrusion as we have today. So, a bill of divorcement was most likely done through the people of God, not the state.

As with the birth certificate (do your research on YouTube), the government/state opted/looped us all in at birth, before we could decide for ourselves. The same is true with the SSN (social security number). Oh and child support is a state scam also, linked to the marriage license (see ex-cop Rick W. on YouTube for more information on this).

Marriage, God’s Way  | Is a Christian required to register his marriage with the state?



“Perhaps, however we are to submit to every ordinance of man. 1 Pet.2:13.”


Acts 5:29 says we are to submit first and foremost and supremely to God. The ordinances of men are not to be submitted to when they subvert Him. This seems clearly to be a situation where God was ousted by the spirit of antichrist – removing and/or demoting Him from marriage, something He sanctioned and ordained. “We ought to obey God rather than man.” (Acts 5:29) “Every ordinance of man” as in those which do not violate Him and His truth.


“You should have your babies at home instead of the Satan run hospital system and they don’t get a birth certificate. And where they are pumped full of mercury, disease, formaldehyde, aluminum, aborted fetal cells, etc., etc., “for the best start in life”.


The hospital is where they brand them with the SSN and birth certificate, opting them into slavery, right?


“You are 100% correct on this one .. I’ve been married with the license & divorced & been through childbirth & through CPS .. and every word you spoke was the true biblical gospel.. but thanks be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in times of ignorance he forgives.. but now calls all to repentance.. this subject is not for the faint at heart for sure ! Thank you for sharing this truth indeed.. it’s the only thing that will set us free ! Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins ! This scripture comes to mind on this one! It’s a shame so called Churches don’t teach this ! Only few will get these biblical gospel truths ! When you receive a revelation on things like this it sure is freeing! Thank you for sharing the true biblical gospel” CS

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