The Psychology of Eternal Security Book

"I LOVE it! What a monumental task to describe and explain with such passion, and so thoroughly, the believer's Scriptural responsibility in this walk with God on earth. Wonderfully written! Great job!" D.L.


What’s Behind this Popular Belief?


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Grace Perverting Wolves and the People They Deceive Exposed

An epidemic of grace-perverting wolves have hi-jacked the modern church world and are leading millions to damnation, all while fully believing that they are unconditionally eternally secure. We can easily observe a cross-less generation of professing Christians who claim to be saved and hide behind this damning heresy in fulfillment of the Holy Spirit’s severe warning of a people who “heaped to themselves” false teachers who despise truth and tickle their ears (1 Timothy 4:1; 2 Timothy 3:1-7; 4:2-4).

Saving grace does not grant the recipient a license to sin but to ‘live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world’ (Titus 2:11-12).

What is the profile of those who buy this flesh-flattering package of falsehoods which contradict the clear teachings of Christ and His holy apostles? What was Jude’s warning about these corrupted false teachers who pervert the saving grace of God for their own self-serving purposes and whom we are mandated to “earnestly contend” against? (Jude 3-4)

Why do pastors espouse and teach this doctrine? Find out in the enlightening volume.


Chapter One: The Psychology of Eternal Security

Chapter Two: The Reason People Believe OSAS

Chapter Three: OSAS and the Dupes Who Defend It

Chapter Four: Sweet Jesus, the Eternal Security Savior?

Chapter Five: Biblical Proof of Being Backslidden

Chapter Six: The Spirit of Antichrist Underlies OSAS

Chapter Seven: How are Jesus’ People Identified?

Chapter Eight: Honest, Prosperous Hearts

Chapter Nine: Will Everyone Jesus has Saved be in Heaven?

Chapter Ten: Unconditional LOVE Examined

Chapter Eleven: Salvation is Not a One-Time Experience but a Lifelong Walk

Chapter Twelve: What is the Root Cause of Believing OSAS?

Chapter Thirteen: Calling Out all Evangelical Pastors on Their So-Called “Doctrines of Grace”

Chapter Fourteen: Calvinism is a Fraud

Chapter Fifteen: Calvinism: The Curse and Apostasy of America’s Evangelical Churches

Chapter Sixteen: The Initial and Perpetual Condition of Salvation

Addendum: Making Peace with God.


AMAZON REVIEW: 5 STARS: “Latest book is a beautiful read: Buckle Up reader! This book is going to rock your world and empower you even greater to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and share it effectively. Don’t look for a read that is going to tickle your ears (we have enough of that within the Christian book world today) but look to be enlightened as Todd continues in The Psychology of Eternal Security to expose a not-so-subtle wave that has taken hold of the Church today. God’s Word stands strong and true and stands the test of time. However, knowingly or even unknowingly, the gospel in many fellowships has been seemingly hijacked and replaced with heretical teachings. The “tell me what my itching ears want to hear” teachings. Once again, Todd uses an incredible amount of scripture as he helps unfold what transpires in us when we become truly saved. For me, the underlying theme of his message in this latest book is to maintain a close relationship with God, thereby being strengthened and empowered to endure life’s trials in an imperfect world while being a light to the lost. This book is beautifully written in the no holds barred but lovingly delivered style that is Todd Tomasella. I am glad to add this latest volume to my library and know that, like his other books I’ve read, will return to its pages again and again.”

5 Star Review on Amazon: The Psychology of Eternal Security: “CAUTION: This book is not for those who want to be comforted in a lie! This book is filled with scripture and the message is one that needs desperately to be heard today! This will likely not be a popular book because many do not want the truth, however if you’re tired of having your ears scratched get this book read it. I believe many…if they would search the scriptures would be surprised that they have been misled in this vital Church doctrine! If you want the truth God will open your eyes, if you don’t God will allow you to keep them closed to the truth. Jesus said: “Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.”

“What a great book! Get all your questions answered—and more—about what takes place in our souls when we first get saved. I asked that question many years ago and couldn’t find anyone who could give me a biblical answer. This book clearly brings home the fact that as born-again believers, we have the responsibility to keep our garments clean by abiding in Christ and following His commandment to die to ourselves and take up the cross and follow Him. If we sin, we need to ‘confess our sins’ and God ‘is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ This abiding in Christ is first and foremost a relationship, out of which our love for God grows, and that love for Christ, fed and empowered by His grace, brings forth “good fruit”—the keeping of His commandments. This book is so loaded with Scripture that you won’t be the same after reading it. You will be equipped to minister to others of God’s saving grace—and what our part is as we abide in Christ, and empowered by His grace “endure to the end” to be received joyfully in Heaven to spend a glorious eternity with our loving Lord who “loved us and gave Himself for us!” Debbie Lord

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ALL of Todd’s books on Amazon in both print and kindle versions


By Frank Telford

The truth in the chapters you are about to read is the difference between life and death. It is that important. What this author has written about is so vital to the church today that it should be read by everyone.

Paul gave a stern warning to Timothy that in the last days believers would be swept away by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Think about that for a moment. What this author is saying is that the origin of some teachings from the pulpit do not come from the Holy Spirit. They come from Satan and his demons to seduce believers into a state of ineffective lukewarmness, or even worse, to get them to depart from their faith in Christ completely. We have to ask ourselves how the devil is successful in this mission when believers are armed with the Word of God.

This book will give you a unique insight into two different paradigms. On one side, we have church members who are not really interested in serving God but they want a ticket to heaven. On the other side, we have false teachers who fill their churches by preaching a message of comfort, regardless if its members are spiritually dead. They have enriched themselves by telling their members what they want to hear and not the full truth of the Gospel. Their incomplete message gives those who want to hear it an excuse to live however they please with the comfort that if they profess their belief in Jesus one time, they will be saved for eternity, regardless of their actions.

Consider the deadly ramifications when someone believes “once saved always saved” is true. A person can get saved, walk several years with the Lord, then turn away from Christ and become a homosexual, and believe that he will face no eternal consequences like the rest of the world will. A believer, when faced with the choice to take the mark of the beast, would then be  comforted (falsely) by thinking that he can take the mark and still be saved for an eternity in Heaven.

This book is of vital importance because it is shining a light on this doctrine of devils that has true eternal consequences.




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