The Cross of Christ in Hosea


Redemptive Withdrawal in the book of Hosea

  1. Withdrawal: 5:6;
  2. Redemptive: 5:15-6:3;
  3. God suffers with them in their affliction: 6:2, an exact foreshadowing prophesy of the cross of Christ; 11:8-9;
  4. Aikido-like self-destruction of evil: 6:2 is a prophetic foreshadowing of the cross which reveals that the evil lions (types of Satan and his minions, 1 Pet 5:8) by attacking Israel have brought about their own defeat and restoration of Israel just as they did at Calvary; 5:14; 7:9; 13:7-9; Heb 2:14; 1 Cor 2:6-8.

Hosea reveals that regardless of how adulterous His wife Israel is, God still desires that she would return to Him.  He will always take her back.


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