Signs of the Cross

The Key to Unlocking the Mystery Principle of the Universe


by Travis Bryan III

The death, burial and resurrection of Christ is the key to unlocking the mystery principle of the universe.  It is the key to the knowledge of:

  1. God;
  2. Satan;
  3. Your own heart;
  4. The hearts of others;
  5. Why bad things happen to good people;
  6. Why good things happen to bad people;
  7. The love of God;
  8. The rhythm and flow of life;
  9. The Spirit of God;
  10. Forgiveness;
  11. Salvation;
  12. Sanctification;
  13. Glorification;
  14. The new creation;
  15. The old creation;
  16. The hidden identity of the real killer and destroyer;
  17. The human body: cell replacement, absorption/elimination;
  18. Sleep/waking up;
  19. Winter/Spring;
  20. Laminin, the glue that holds the body together, which actually looks like a cross in a high powered microscope;
  21. The benefits of suffering;
  22. The defeat of sin;
  23. Being removed from under the tyranny and imprisonment of Moses’ Law;
  24. The portal of entry into the Kingdom of God.

The Jews always asked Jesus for a sign.  They wanted to witness Him perform an attesting miracle.  He gave them many signs including “the sign of Jonah” and the sign of the destruction and resurrection of the temple.  All the signs He gave signified His death and resurrection:

  1. Matt 12:40, the sign of Jonah; see also Jonah 1 and 2;
  1. John 2:18-22, the sign of the destruction and resurrection of the temple;
  2. John 2:1-11, changing the water into wine (signifying His changing death into life);
  3. John 5, changing sickness (dying) into health (rising);
  4. John 9, changing blindness (death) into sight (resurrection revelation);
  5. John 8:1-11, two stoopings down (dyings) into two liftings of Himself up (resurrections);
  6. John 11, physical death and resurrection of Lazarus;
  7. And many other signs which He did.  John 20:30-31.

The cross is the absolute key to the wisdom and understanding of God, humanity and the universe.

But the cross and its principles are absolute foolishness to the world.  1 Cor 1:17-2:16.

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