Satan’s Tree with Todd Tomasella and Travis Bryan III

How Does the Temptation Toward the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Affect Us Today?


by Travis Bryan III

Two Systems Competing for Superiority:  Tree of Life vs Tree of Good and Evil (Law)

God’s tree is the Tree of Life (Christ).  John 1:4.

Satan’s tree is the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Law. 

The Tree of Life, Christ, governs through unconditional agape love.  The Tree of Good and Evil governs through law which means reward and punishment. 

A person must have life to live for God.  The tree of law, good and evil, results in death.   2 Cor 3.6.

i-die-daily-cover-upright-large-jpgJesus died to get us out from under slavery to the tree of good and evil, law and death.

Strangely, the tree of law causes sins to increase.  Rom 5:20; 7:5; 1 Cor 15:56.  Only the tree of life, love, can reduce and defeat sin.

Jesus was killed by the law in order to remove us from the tree of good and evil.  We died with Christ to the law.  Gal 2:19.  He took upon Himself all of the  punishment originally due us under the tree of law.  There is no more legal punishment for believers because we have been delivered thru the death of Jesus from the tree of good and evil (reward and punishment).  All punishment for the believer is only restorative, never again retributive as law requires.

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