Predators in Our Pulpits

Invasion of the
End Time Wolves

320 pages

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All of Todd’s Books on Amazon: Buy E-Book Version on Amazon/KindleMOST of the men we call pastor are nothing more than the very devouring wolves Christ and His apostles so often warned us to “beware of.” (Matthew 7:15; 24:11, 24; Acts 20:27-32; 1 John 4:1, etc.). Feel free to read the reviews below and see the chapter titles, etc.

The prophesied great falling away is upon us – in our very midst in “Christian” pulpits, books, websites, and church programs. As promised by our LORD and His apostles, a conspiracy of “evil men and seducers” are waxing “worse and worse” in this late hour before our Savior’s return (2 Tim. 3:13). Posing as ministers of righteousness, ravenous wolves have crept into the church world and are sowing doctrinal poisons into the hearts of the people. These viperous beguilers are tickling the ears of their hearers with “doctrines of devils” and soul-damning heresies (1 Tim. 4:1-3; 2 Peter 2:1-3). Millions of souls are becoming eternal casualties in the war these wolves are waging against the God of truth, as they feverishly prey upon the unlearned and unstable while feigning to represent Christ. These are the very wolves Christ warned us about when He said “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” and, “many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” (Matthew 7:15; 24:11)

PredatorsBookshelfWhat should the God-fearing do in response to this epidemic of evil that has invaded the modern church? How can we discern who and what teachings are true or false? Discover these answers and much more in this timely, epic volume permeated with rarely revealed truth sure to nourish and sharpen any heart and mind that hungers for more of Christ and His righteousness.

What should the God-fearing do in response to this epidemic of evil that has invaded the modern church? How can we discern who and what teachings are true or false? Discover these answers and much more in this timely, epic volume permeated with rarely revealed truth sure to nourish and sharpen any heart and mind that hungers for more of Christ and His righteousness.

This book will arm the reader with a wealth of critical Scriptural knowledge rarely dealt with in the church world, as it identifies the evils transpiring in the modern church world and offers the divine solution for protection and preparation for the soon return of our LORD and Savior. | Confessions of a False Teacher – My Testimony (brief audio) Confessions of a False Teacher

Table of Contents

1. History and Purpose of the Pulpit
2. Satan’s Fire in the Sanctuary
3. What’s Wrong with the Modern Church World
4. “Fables”
5. Savior-Centered Servants
6. Seminary or the Savior?
7. Forever Relevant
8. Confessions of a False Teacher Part 1
9. Confessions of a False Teacher Part 2
10. Confessions of a False Teacher Part 3
11. Marks of a True Apostle or Prophet Part 1
12. Marks of a True Apostle or Prophet Part 2
13. Satanic Cessationists
14. The Anatomy of Apostasy
15. Intriguing Dialogues Part 1
16. Intriguing Dialogues Part 2
17. Perfecting the Saints
18. Excuse Me Miss Jezebel!
19. In Good Company
20. Healing the Beguiled
21. Covetous Reciprocation

14.95 Print Version

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Confessions of a False Teacher (audio)


This book will open the eyes of those whom have been blinded by the devil and help them see the truth that’s in the true Gospel of peace. I pray that all that read this book will come into the full understanding of God’s real love and grace for His people. That they see the truth is in the full counsel of the Lord. May the power of Satan be broken off those whom have been blinded by Satan’s ministers in Jesus’ mighty and powerful Name, Amen. God bless you and continue to grant you the boldness and utterance to be able to break off the lies from those whom Satan has blinded with that unholy gospel that’s really no gospel at all.  My brother I love the work that Jesus has done in you and through you for the lost. Your work is appreciated and never overlooked…be encouraged keep striving for you will receive a crown on the last day. Your rewards will be great in heaven my brother…truly I’m praying for you always….” Cat J

From Marty N.: “I read ‘Soul Damning Sins‘ last night and really wish that I had bought more than 2 copies … so I could give them out … Such a needed message in this time of the great falling away from TRUTH.  I started, ‘Predators in Our Pulpits‘ ….  also a much needed message for this hour.  I look forward to reading more today…” copies also available on (print and kindle)

“I looove this Predators book! I have been laid up for over a  week, reading, studying, spending time with God. Love you! Keep it up!” Malinda

Blank white book w/path

“Love this book! It’s my treasure of Scriptures! Thank you! A must read an Awesome book loaded with great scripture references and a rellly good understanding of the last day deceptions an false teachers and false prophets . Thank you brother  for your labor of love and time to bring this valuable information to the Church today. I have one and love to go over the Scriptures every day part of my daily reading and quiet time. We all need to know all about this and be aware. We are in some serious times Amen!!” Carol B.

“Hi. My name is Harry Lopez and just wanted to tell you how ‘RIGHT ON’ you are in your book, ‘Predators in our Pulpits.’ I am 70 years young and met my Savior and Heavenly Father in the Charismatic Renewal of the 70′s. To make a long story short: My first prayer was, ‘Father show me what really goes on,’ and HE did because in my life I have worked with every dysfunctional population from gang kids to dysfunctional families and the most dysfunctional population, ‘Church People’ ;-}.  I can speak with some authority on the subjects you so well covered in your book. You are too nice, what they are ‘WHORES THAT SELL THEMSELVES FOR THE LOVE OF SELF AND MONEY.’  I wrote a booklet called the ‘Grand Illusion’ and a book called ‘Through a Child’s Eyes’ (not published) and my new offering I am going to call; “THE BIG B.S. STORY, Organized Religion in America” ;-]. No, I don’t want you to publish me, I just wanted to convey my deep contempt for these HOUNDS FROM HELL. Continue to do what you do because, (thrown in Charismatic term) you’ve got the ‘Anointing’ and you scare the hell out of them;-]. I ask OUR FATHER to give u what u need to carry on in JESUS NAME. Thanks for listening,” Harry Lopez

“If you are beginning to wake up to the fact that all is not quite right within our various churches, you will want to read this book. It is not merely another expose’ of the usual false teachers, false doctrines, false prophets, false everything that is out there today and was clearly predicted in God’s Word. As Bible believing Christians, we should actually not be surprised to see such evil creeping into the church. Jesus clearly told us what we could expect in the “latter days” and it has been happening for quite some time now. At first it is easy to miss. It has been gradual. However, now, it’s not so gradual anymore. It has become blatantly obvious to those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.” Deception is the name of the game – Satan’s game that is.

I first came across this author, Todd Tomasella, when I read one of his other books, “Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us.” What so impressed me about that book was how scripturally based it is. Every single thing he says is backed up by scripture and he quotes it for you so you don’t have to sit there with your Bible in your lap to look up everything as you go along unless you want to that is. The same is true of Predators. Totally scripturally based. This is an excellent book and one that I would highly recommend all Christians read. We must “be on our toes” at all times and learn with the Holy Spirit’s help how to discern the truth from a lie. So much of what is out there now in the world of “churchianity” is not based on God’s Word at all. It is not based on the Truth. In fact, much of it is pure deception. Spiritual discernment is so important and that comes from reading and studying God’s Word and lots of prayer. Know His Word first and foremost. Read it for yourself. Study it, learn it, memorize it. Don’t just automatically believe even what your pastor preaches or teaches. Check it out for yourself and compare it with the Word of God.

What I appreciate the most about this author’s work is that everything he writes is backed up by scripture. I mean everything. Predators and the other book, Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us, are both excellent books to help you in your search for the Truth and in your development of discernment. I highly recommend both books and, in fact, I would suggest giving them as gifts to other loved ones as well. They are both great learning tools and excellent reference books in fact on this topic.” Luanne H.

“Thank you for the Moments with My Master newsletters. They are very good!  Predators in Our Pulpits is unbeatable. A best seller. I still go back and read it as a reference book. You have built a strong foundation in the Word on this subject and I feel blessed to own  a copy of this book.” Carol B. | Sign up here to receive Moments with My Master.

“I must commend you for your book PREDATORS IN OUR PULPITS. Kindest regards in Christ,” James Sundquist, Rock Salt Publishing, http:/

“I’m half way through Predators in Our Pulpits. What an eye opening experience! I know many people who need to read it in this hour we live in. May the LORD give us discernment for the days we live in. The wolves are everywhere!” Darrell H.

“I just finished reading Predators in Our Pulpits. This is an awesome book, filled with Scripture, full of truth! I would highly recommend this book to every one to read.  I will also be ordering soon your book I Die Daily. I just finished listening to the new videos in the Moments with My Masters email (Sign Up Here). These messages are so right on time for me.  The Cross message is the way to victory in this life. Holiness is required to walk this walk. A lot of dying to self is required by the Lord. Lord, help us. Please give us strength for the journey. Thank you. God Bless you.” Carol B.

“An awesome and eye-opening book! I high recommend everyone to read!” Toni S.

“This book is a must for those who are earnestly seeking the truth about the most important questions of life that one may ask. That is, what is “Salvation”, and what is the definition of saving faith? Can we be sure of our eternal destiny? What does God require of us in this short life? Is it possible to be deceived and make fatal mistakes regarding our future, mistakes that will cost us our very souls? How do we recognize truth from error when confronted by so many conflicting opinions from numerous so-called “Christian” leaders? What is the most precious possession we have and can it be stolen from us unawares? Are there dangerous enemies out there, posing as friends, who will lead us into the fire? One day, will it be too late?

This book is a warning. It is written from the heart of one who is a watchman for the truth. It will truly bless those who read it and heed the message it contains. The author does what the majority of false teachers do not do in this late hour. He uses the written word of God to point the reader to the truth and he exposes the deception that is rampant in our society concerning Christianity.

If, in your heart, you sense that all is not right in these turbulent days, and that something is missing, then read this book. If you are concerned about others being deceived, get this book into their hands. All Christian teachers should consider this book a must read.

My prayer is that God will open the eyes of your heart while there is still time. Do not wait. There are no guarantees that any of us will be here tomorrow.”

Jesus is the only way

Stephen M.

“Taking my time reading this book (Predators in Our Pulpits). It is power packed with the right kind of divine food. This is the best ever! Everyone needs to get this book. It is showing me things that I would have never seen if I didn’t read it for myself. Todd this is great. Thank you. This book is ‘food from heaven’ and I am loving it and am being richly fed. God Bless you.”  Carol. B.

“We received the book ‘Predators in Our Pulpits’ and I think it is absolutely God-given. I have been given this same truth from the written oracles of God! It is a gift to me that someone else has also! I thank God for my connection with you in Christ!! I received a kindle for Christmas from my Husband. He helped me download ‘Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us’ and then we will get ‘Lie of the Ages.’” Dee. M.

“Paul’s command to ‘Preach the word!’ is certainly not the rule of thumb for preachers in our day – nor has it been for recent generations.  As a result, Christianity’s ‘whole head is sick and the heart is faint.’ Predators in Our Pulpits is an excellent antidote for healing this disease.  It is a carefully written, scriptural observation that strikes the heart of the matter, and shows what God expects.  It possesses great potential for bringing even the hardest hearts to repentance; and is so revealing that unless the reader honestly pursues accuracy in the pulpit, he will stop up his ears!  Every man behind the pulpit should not only read this book but make it his handbook for pure biblical preaching.

Help restore accuracy to our Lord’s name and message by providing a copy to every pastor / preacher you can.  I even recommend sending copies anonymously to pastors you don’t know!  It is sure to make a difference in anyone’s preaching; and for those who have conviction to speak the truth with pure motives but who cower down due to the fear of man, it may be exactly what they are crying out for to set them free!”  Mark S. Case, The Fathers Field Ministries,

“I am glad you received the love offering. I just today started reading the book Predators in the Pulpit and it is very confirming to me that this is the meat of the Word. This is a really valuable book! God Bless.” Carol. B.

“I just finished this book.  This is of a truth a very excellent and timely work.  There are a lot of people who sense something wrong in their fellowships but are afraid to admit to the boredom they are experiencing which comes from the shallow teaching they receive year after year after year from self-serving men who are more interested in building the physical campus of the Church rather than the spiritual house of God.  So, these people stay spiritual midgets situated in the deadness of their pews, paralyzed by established traditions which are lifeless, and unable to muster the courage to break away from tradition and, heaven forbid, leave their current pastor/teacher.

This Book actually gives voice to what they sense but can’t articulate and the supporting scriptures you’ve cited provide a basis for legitimate rebellion against the lifeless traditions of their current fellowships such that those hungering for God would be able to muster up the faith and spiritual courage necessary to leave their current Nico-laitane led fellowship and seek like-minded brethren who desire to go on into the deep things of God in order to have a closer walk with the Master.  These people  have failed to see that they are not called to build up the pastor.  Rather, the pastor is called to build them up (Ephesians 4:11-13 KJV).

I pray that the this book will  spread and those who read it will verbalize it to others.  Please send me two more copies of the Book along with a billing assuming the price per copy has not changed from the one I recently bought.”  Thanks, Paul Roberts

“This morning, I mailed a copy of Predators in Our Pulpits to three former pastors of mine:

One of them adheres to the Calvinistic doctrine in the Westminster Baptist Confession of Faith circa 1688. The second pastors a Nondenominational church preaching pabulum with roots in Church of Christ. The third does very dangerous prosperity gospel preaching and is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who targets younger believers and endorses other wolves like Mike Murdock and Benny Hinn.

I am praying and believing that fruit will be born from this effort according to our Father’s will. Thank you brother, for contending as you do. Even if they throw the book away, my conscience is clear.” Steve Michels

“The first thing I would like to acknowledge about this book Predators in Our Pulpits, is the numerous amount of scriptures given to help the reader to see what the LORD says concerning this very important and neglected subject. It is clear that the foundation of this important book is the WORD of God and not the opinions of mere men. We live in a time when there is a severe famine of the WORD of God, but what a blessing to see in this volume no fear or shortage of  laying out the unadulterated WORD of TRUTH for the edifying of the remnant Church.

As I ventured through the book I found the order of the chapter’s to be set in an order that was of great help and tantalizing at the same time, quickening me to continue plowing along. The three chapters on the confessions of a false teacher, which are the author’s own testimonies, were very eye-opening to the dangers of so many false teachings, and how easy it is to get sucked in to them. The author honestly tells on himself and how to get free from this. He shows how to stay clear of all false movements and false teaching. The fact that this author’s life gives testimony to the goodness of God by setting him free sends a message of hope. Praise the LORD! All who will seek the LORD can be set free to serve HIM in the life of HIS SPIRIT and not mere men!

A word to all who have enough wisdom to purchase a copy and read it from front to back: Be willing to renew your mind, and when necessary read it on your knees.

I give this book a 10 and I HIGHLY recommend it to all!

Godspeed this new book!” James Sisneros

“I wanted to thank you for sending me the book Predators in Our Pulpits. It really rings loud and true as I read chapter by chapter. So many people are being deceived by their pastors. If they would only search the Scriptures for themselves and ask the Lord to open their understanding of His Word. I believe if we are truly born again, we will desire to know and obey the whole counsel of God. It should be our heart’s cry to know Him more and more intimately. As we allow ourselves to decrease and Jesus Christ to increase in our lives, His marvelous light will expose every bit of darkness. This book needs to be in the hands of every person who calls themselves a Christian, who are being led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing. I see this as a greater danger than for those who know they are living in condemnation. At least they are in a place to receive salvation, whereas the religious crowd thinks they’re free from condemnation, when the reality is that they are headed for eternal damnation. Oh that they would allow the Word of God to manifest in their lives!

I sincerely appreciate the work the Lord has called you to do, in warning and sounding the alarm to the sleeping church. May God richly bless you in all your labors for His Name’s sake.” Adam Miller

Message from Stephen Michels, editor of Predators in Our Pulpits:

“Over the last few years, the words of John the Baptist have echoed in my ears. ‘He must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3:30) Laying down my dreams, desires, and plans at the feet of Jesus was the most heart-wrenching series of decisions I have ever made. But they were the right decisions. One by one, I offered up my pet idols on the altar and sacrificed them to the Most High. Turning away from the world with all its’ vanity, and putting down my flesh with all its’ temptations, I chose to present my body a living sacrifice to the only one who is worthy, who loves me with His whole heart, and who promises me that He will never let me go or forsake me if I will trust in Him, and only Him.  I am learning day by day to abide in Him and, in doing so, my will is becoming His will. His will is that we love one another deeply, from the heart. By His grace, I am gaining virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity. In this I know that we must love each other as He has loved us. We are His friends, we know His voice, and we need each other. Here. Now. In this late hour. As we abide in Him, we won’t be deceived by false teachers or the demonic doctrines they try to poison us with. Let us shine together as bright lights with rivers of living water flowing out from us to thirsty souls in a lost, corrupt world. Brothers and sisters, if we die to ourselves, we will live most abundantly with Him. He will bring us together here in this world as one body of true believers who are united in Him, and after, we will dwell in the high and holy place with the high and lofty One that inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy.”

“This book provides clear teaching in the King James Version that will ‘brighten the lamp’ under the feet of God’s sheep, helping them to escape the deadly jaws of the ‘ravening wolves’ that would lead them into false confidence, and drain their finances – as they bring a curse on themselves for financially sowing into their false ministries, becoming partakers of their evil deeds. As a fellow canoer traveling down the river of life and seeing the treacherous waterfall just ahead, Todd Tomasella has labored in the Word, to trumpet this clear warning to God’s people, helping them escape the lies and ultimate end of these deceivers, and paddle to the calm waters of God’s true favor and rest, as they turn from the fables of the modern gospel to seek and follow the Lord Jesus Christ with all of their hearts.

This book provides clear teaching that will ‘brighten the lamp’ for the feet of God’s sheep, helping to direct them down the narrow road that leads to life. Few teachers today have this man’s boldness to expose these modern day liars, loving the saints enough to dedicate his life to provide the clear and biblical teaching that will help steer them away from the deadly doctrinal snares and false teachings that are so commonly accepted today.

This book will help provide the reader with the revelation and inspiration to ever deepen their roots in the King of righteousness who is coming with healing in His wings.” Chris Sitter

14.95 Print Version



Testimony of reaching a misled pastor from Stephen Michels:

“I just a received a phone call from the pastor of a church that I had resigned from.  I had mailed him a copy of Predators in Our Pulpits and he called me to ask if I was the one who sent it. After learning that it was me, we had a discussion regarding the reasons I left that church.  I stated very clearly that the teaching of un-conditional eternal security was grossly in error, and that the false doctrine of the murderer Calvin was nothing more than a license to sin, and is leading many souls to hell.  I told him that most of the institutional churches are not teaching the full counsel of God and that without the fear of God and knowledge of the consequences of disobedience, there is no restraint to sin.  I told him that the last sermon I heard from one of his elders (while the pastor was out of town), concluded with the idea that we can never lose our salvation.  I told him that if I were a visitor just coming in off the street and heard that message, I would think that all I had to do was make a decision for Jesus. My salvation would be secure. I mentioned a number of Scriptures, including this one:

“Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.” Romans 11:22 

I told him that the Word of God is very clear and leaves no room for misunderstanding. I told him that most ‘Christians’ have no idea what God requires of them and cannot articulate the definition of saving faith. I told him that any teacher of God’s word will have to account for all souls under his care at the judgment. I told him that anyone who reads the Bible will learn the unmistakable truth that we have a role in our salvation, and that role is to obey God.

He asked if we could meet for breakfast next week to talk further.  He asked me how I felt about his preaching. He said he always appreciated my fellowship.  I said I would meet with him and asked him to read the book (Predators) as it would help him to understand my position further.  I also directed him to the SafeGuardYourSoul website and discussed how we are in agreement in teaching the full-counsel of Holy Scripture, the complete gospel of God.

Please pray for God to speak to his heart brother.  Many souls are at stake.

Peace be with you in Christ,”


14.95 Print Version



Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us

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Hi. My name is Harry Lopez and just wanted to tell you how ‘RIGHT ON’ you are in your book, ‘Predators in our Pulpits.’ I am 70 years young and met my Savior and Heavenly Father in the Charismatic Renewal of the 70’s. To make a long story short(we OG’s like to carryon) . My first prayer was, “Father show me what really goes on” and HE did. Because in my life I have worked with every dysfunctional population from gang kids to dysfunctional families and the most dysfunctional population, ‘Church People’ ;-}.  I can speak with some authority on the subjects you so well covered in your book. You are too nice, what they are are, ‘WHORES THAT SELL THEMSELVES FOR THE LOVE OF SELF AND MONEY.’  I wrote a booklet called the ‘Grand Ilusiion’ and a book called ‘Through a Child’s Eyes’ (not published) and my new offering I am going to call; ” THE BIG B.S. STORY, Organized Religion in America” ;-]. No, I don’t want u to publish me, i just wanted to convey my deep contempt for these HOUNDS FROM HELL. Continue to do what u do because,(thrown in Charismatic term) u got the ‘Anointing’ and u scare  the hell out of them;-].

I ask OUR FATHER to give u what u need to carry on in JESUS NAME.

Thanks for listening,

Harry ( The OG)