Nightfall the Book

NightFall: Soul Harvest ... End Time Victory! YOU want to remain "ready" for Jesus' soon return? This Scripture-rich resource will greatly aid and encourage you is such. How can a price be placed on such an eternally important resource?


nightfall cover uprightNightFall
Soul Harvest

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230 pages

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Nightfall is an apocalyptic warning and victorious survival guide, a real page-turner. We are living in the frightening era of world history divinely foretold and anticipated by God’s people for centuries. Transpiring calamities in current world events read like a prophecy documentary, almost to the point of science fiction. Inestimable horror lies just ahead. Countless watchmen today warn that the end of the world as we know it is rapidly upon us. The strategic, solution-based biblical wisdom in this volume will motivate the reader to procure essential spiritual protections during these perplexing times.


“Praise the Lord… Brother thank you for the Nightfall book. It’s a true eye opener! Very blessed to have received this wonderful gift…” Cat Jewell

“I love this book!!  Truly, a great book! Since this is one of my favorite authors already, I’m not surprised at all that the Holy Spirit’s direction and work in Nightfall is so outstanding. Superb is the correct word to describe this book! Actually, this book just gets better and better as you read it! What you have written in Nightfall on these all-important biblical topics and truths is better said than by any other author I have ever read! Really thought provoking and truly superb! The information provided in Nightfall is what the Christian disciple needs to best prepare for his ‘sprint to the finish’ as the author puts it! What these pages contain is head and shoulders above most other publications that are attempting to prepare a Christian for Jesus’ soon return. So much misinformation and wishful thinking is being fed to the unprotected and gullible sheep. Much needed truth and unadulterated words are found here in Nightfall and will truly nourish and guide the sheep so that they will not be deceived in these last days. I’m greatly invigorated in this race due to this book! Much thanks to the LORD and this author!” Gayle Patton

“Awesome WORD! as usual. So much truth it isn’t even funny! The hairs on my arms are standing straight up as I read this. This author has been blessed by the Father to write books, there is no doubt! The Word of God does not lie and this author knows how to share the truths therein.” Darlene Troxler

“Wow, I am really feeling blessed to be part of this Nightfall project! Thank You LORD Jesus from the depths!” Lisa Seiler

“This book is even better than I expected! With the focus on preparing our hearts for end times more than just stashing rice in the pantry, every believer should read this! I couldn’t recommend it enough.” Amazon Purchaser

“From cover to the last chapter, this book rocks.” BW

“My friend thank you for the Nightfall book. I have praise report. I sent that prayer from the Nightfall book to a brother in Florida and he sent to someone who needed that at that very moment. The fruit you a bearing is 100 fold my brother. To God be the glory!” Cat Jewell

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
“Gross Darkness … Shall Cover the Earth”

Chapter 2
“A Time of Trouble”                    

Chapter 3
Revelation Bombshell!

Chapter 4
Planted in the House of the LORD       

Chapter 5
Christ’s Light is Shining Bright!           

Chapter 6
Ready or Not – Jesus is Coming! 

Chapter 7
Get Ready for Warfare                           

Chapter 8
Mary Moments in a Martha World

Chapter 9
“Narrow is the Way”           

Chapter 10
What to do if You Sin          

Chapter 11
Treasures in Heaven  

Chapter 12
“Be Thou Faithful unto Death” Revelation 2:10 

Chapter 13
Don’t Miss this Divine Prescription for Blessing

Making Peace with God

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