Modern Bible Translations and the Spirit of Antichrist

SO you like the filthy, demon-corrupted NASB and NIV, etc? These are grossly corrupted. The New King James NKJV is too. No man of God should offer any admiration to these works of Satan. WHERE O WHERE did the blood of Jesus go in Col. 1:14? WHERE did Matt. 17:21 go? Where did the second half of Rom. 8:1 go?


by Mike Hoggard (pastor)

kjv039482SO, the very BLOOD of Jesus is removed from Colossians 1:14 in the new per-versions and you think God is alright with that? Delusional.

More on the Bible Version Issue and Scam Bible Versions.

This isss truly amazing, and since I have been comparing all these I have found the only Truth and Richness of God’s Word in the KJV and as people said the others are easy to read …they are easy but not Rich and God has spoken to me soooooooooooooo richly in KJV Amen Thank You Lord for opening my eyes cause I see You clearly Amen.”Antoinette V.

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