Message of the Cross: Travis Bryan III Interview


by Travis Bryan III

Back to Basics Part 1

  1. The Apostle Paul personifies Sin and also Death.  Sin leads to Death.  Sin is a supernatural demonic spirit that was injected into mankind through Adam in the garden of Eden.  Sin is an unholy spirit that can lord it over, reign over and deceive people.  Rom 5:12; 5:21; 6:12; 6:14; 7:11.
  2. Man cannot overcome Sin by self or human effort.  Man cannot dedicate himself to keep the law and overcome this power of Sin.  The only way Sin can be defeated is through the cross.  A person must die to Sin.  Romans 6.  This death to Sin is accomplished by the person’s faith participation with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.  Rom 6:1-14.
  3. Moses’ law is very counter-productive to to the defeat of Sin in the life of a believer.  The law arouses sinful passions and has the power to cause a baptized person to come back under bondage to the power of Sin.  The Law is a ministry of condemnation and death.  2 Cor 3.  The Christian must personally realize his death to the law, his freedom from the law just as much as he must experience his death to Sin.  Romans 5:20; Rom 7; Rom 8:1-4.
  4. After initial baptism the person must take up the cross and die daily.  This is the same as what Romans 12:1 means when Paul wrote to “present our bodies a living sacrifice.”  To present yourself as a living sacrifice means to walk out into the world and, in faith, present your body to the inevitable Job-like experiences that the devil will bring your way as he did with Job.  Rom 12:1-2 is the key to transformation.

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