Lie of the Ages

History’s Fatal Falsehood

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Satan Seals Off the Truth from those who Embrace His Original Lie. Just what was that lie that Satan told in the Garden, is presently preached far and wide, believed, and still destroying souls today?

Do you have questions about eternal security, assurance, or Calvinism? If so, this volume will answer them all with Holy Scripture and establish divine truth in your heart and mind that will eradicate all confusion.

Lie of the Ages is a 730 page must-read volume that dismantles and demolishes the doctrines of Calvinism and unconditional eternal security (OSAS) and establishes biblical doctrinal truth so true believers can grow in the true grace of God and be saved out of the diabolical myths propagated in the false system of calvinistic thought (2 Peter 1:2; 3:18; Jude 3-4).

God’s Word warns us to “earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints” against “ungodly men” who are “turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness (license for sin), and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Jude 3-4)

The book Lie of the Ages thoroughly addresses the teachings of Calvinism and the OSAS (once saved always saved) eternal security teaching. This is done from a purely biblical perspective via a comprehensive look at the preponderance of God’s Word in immediate and overall context. A sound understanding of the very heart of God and salvation will arise in the hearts of those who read this book, partly because it features so many Scriptures most people had no idea existed. Millions have been misled by false teachings and have drawn conclusion based on the spin of mere human leaders, while never having personally conducted an exhaustive study of what the Holy Scripture reveals concerning this important topic. Many rest their conclusion on just a few verses to the exclusion of the whole counsel of Holy Writ and have thereby been deceived concerning this matter.

Could there possibly exist a deadly doctrine so widespread in Christendom that those who don’t teach it are actually considered by many to be “unorthodox”? Are some so apostate in this late hour that they call this brazen false teaching “orthodox Christianity?” Not only did Christ nor His apostles not teach such a doctrine (Lie of the Ages), they actually identified this exact teaching as heretical and warned that those who teach it are “ungodly men…denying the only LORD God, and our LORD Jesus Christ.”

Could the Holy Spirit have been warning the Church here through Jude of the severe danger of believing the first lie ever told to mankind and the prevalent nature and impending danger of this Lie of the Ages?

lie-10aWould it intrigue you to discover the original lie told by the sworn enemy of all souls whom the Son of God stated is the father of all lies? (John 8:44)

Here are some of the questions that will be irrefutably answered with biblical clarity in this landmark volume:

  • Exactly what lie is this Lie of the Ages and what damage has it caused and is it causing?
  • Are millions of people within Christendom being taught this same deadly lie and told it is biblical?
  • Is this lie endangering the eternal souls of those who have embraced it? Are you living the Lie of the Ages?
  • How secure is the born again believer in Christ?
  • Are many of our leaders changing the truth of God into a lie while turning the grace of God into a license to sin?
  • Is the authentic believer unconditionally eternally secure and certain for Heaven, even if he lives in sin and open rebellion after being saved?
  • What does God require of men to be saved from eternal damnation and secure for eternal glory?
  • What did the prophets, Christ, and His apostles say concerning this teaching?
  • Are those who have been born again and are now backslidden promised eternal life (Heaven) even if they do not repent before dying?
  • Can the true disciple possess deep assurance and be safe, sound, & secure in the Savior of Scripture?

Discover the answers to these and many more intriguing questions in this bold and enlightening look into one of history’s most impassioned controversies.

The book Lie of the Ages has been written and has compiled an unprecedented mountain of Holy Scripture that thoroughly, forthrightly, and forcefully exposes and dismantles Satan’s lies among those who claim to be serving Christ and representing Him. This resource is arming saints worldwide with divine truth, making them a powerful weapon in the hands of a mighty LORD and Savior! In this blockbuster volume, even mature Christians and ministers are being introduced to Scripture they’d never really seen or grasped. It’s available on Amazon (print and kindle) and also on here on this site (print and pdf).


18.85 Print Version (730 pages)


7.50 E-BOOK Version (PDF)

Book Reviews:


SDS front back mediumAmazing book. I absolutely love this book (Lie of the Ages). So much good scripture concerning OSAS.” Jeff Thomas

“I have read Todd’s books, “Lie of the Ages” and “Soul Damning Sins”, and have followed his teachings on social media. I can, without reservation, tell you that Todd places the Word of God as first and foremost authority in all of his teachings. His books are filled with scripture references and he does not handle the Word of God deceitfully, but carefully and skillfully remaining true to the context of the verses chosen.” Reggie Byrum

“I was raised Baptist, OSAS, of course. God changed my mind with the Word, esp Hebrews 6 and 2 Peter 2:20-21, and that particular topic is a passion of mine, collecting verses as I go. Your book ‘Lie of the Ages’ is an awesome collection and resource. I despise Calvanism as one of the greatest deceptions ever created by Satan. OSAS is just the same old lie he told Eve in the Garden ‘ye shall NOT surely die’, but repackaged in religious garb and fancy sounding theology. grrr.” Aletha Swanson

“I own 4 of your books, and they are all wonderful, and I’ve learned a lot reading them, but this is the one (Lie of the Ages) I find myself going back to. It has so much great information in it.” Cody Johanneck McCaughey

Lie of the Ages (the book) – took the plunge and began reading it. It’s even better than I had imagined! Am hooked. Reading a chapter a day. What a truly amazing work this book is. Betcha some have been given PhDs for less. Hmmm. Lie of the Ages is a gold mine and is so well written. You’ve taken such care to develop each point with Scripture. I used to look at the book and because of the size of it thought it must be very technical, complicated and difficult to understand (and waaaay over my head). But as I am reading it, I’m finding that just the opposite is true. There is a logical progression that actually clarifies the meaning of the Scriptures instead of leaving my head spinning. Great job!” Debbie Lord

“I Highly, HIGHLY recommend this book, “Lie of the Ages“. I refer back to it a lot. Very well written, complete and easy to follow.” Reggie D. Byrum

“***** Five Star reading for every believer !!! Eye-opening and soul convicting classic! This book “LIE OF THE AGES–History’s Fatal Falsehood” by Todd Tomasella is the single greatest book on the subject of exposing OSAS that I know of!! I treasure my copy of it. It is like an entire biblical encyclopedia on this subject that you will use as a life time reference book. You must have this for your library, and have it ready as a sharp instrument in your tool kit for these end time delusions. I promise you that it will equip you with the Scriptural truths that you seldom hear today, but they are presented in a very readable and comprehensive way.” —Pastor Randy Orris

“This book is amazing. Good stuff. It’s full of scripture too. That’s the part I like.” Jeff Thomas

“The power of this book is in the multitude of Scriptures amassed by Todd Tomasella concerning the devil’s first and ongoing lie: unconditional eternal security, aka ‘once saved always saved.’

The author thoroughly refutes that doctrine of devils piece by piece. He includes quotes from popular “once saved always saved” teachers, and shows with Scripture where their teachings contradict God’s Word. He also easily refutes all 5 points of Calvinism with God’s Word. This author explains what true biblical grace is, and how the Bible specifically warns us that false teachers will twist and distort grace into something it isn’t, thus leading many people into the disobedient living that brings the wrath of God upon them.

There are many, many other aspects of “the lie of the ages” which Todd covers in his book, a full 700 pages long. Todd obviously has the heart of a true shepherd, in that he is one of the few who is unafraid to warn the sheep about the wolves that seek to destroy them with false teachings that rob from them the fear of the Lord.

Speaking the truth in love, this volume offers Scripture after Scripture to fortify you against the lies of the enemy – and in particular, the greatest lie satan ever told – once saved always saved.”

—–  5.0 out of 5 stars … on the book Lie of the Ages … “Absolutely the best book on this all important subject that I have …By Gayle Patton November 12, 2015 … Amazon Kindle Edition … “Absolutely the best book on this all important subject that I have ever read. I plan to keep a couple handy for when I speak to friends who are starting to listen to the truth. If you are truly interested in and willing to know the truth, this book will change your life. This subject really separates the ‘men from the boys’. Time for all serious Christians to learn and teach the truth about what the Bible actually says so that you won’t cause God’s “little ones” to go astray. There are a lot of abominable doctrines being taught these days, but this is the worst. You need to get it right because God won’t give you a wink and a pass on it. Propagating and believing this particular lie will affect your eternal destination. Time to wake up!” Gayle Patton

“I often speak of and recommend your books on this site!! There are many who buy into the “Fatal Falsehood” OSAS. I am on your email list. Yours is a much needed ministry! I’ve got your book LIE OF THE AGES, SOUL DAMNING SINS, and RAISED UP. I so appreciate you and your book LIE OF THE AGES has been especially helpful to me. Cleared up so much confusion! Thank you :)” Annie

I have this in Kindle and I love it! A good read, a ‘must read’ for many considering the question of ‘OSAS’ and ‘eternal security’. I highly recommend this book.” Reggie D. Byrum

“‘Lie of the Ages‘… I want to spend a bit more time in it so I can write an intelligent review. I am HIGHLY impressed and rejoicing as a result of your work there! Blessings!” Aletha

“Reading the Kindle version of Lie of the Ages. Love it!” Reggie D. Byrum | Buy The Kindle version Now.

“Every single scripture you need is right there.” L. Hisle

“I’ve bought every single book published by Todd Tomasella, and I believe that his book is 100% backed up by scripture.” LP

“This book is excellent in terms of clarifying the misinterpretation of scripture as it relates to the issue of eternal security. The author very thoroughly provides a detailed study of salvation. This is such an important issue to discuss, yet few are willing to tackle such a topic. Kudos!!!!” Vickie

“This is an incredible book filled with Scriptural and irrefutable truth. I am grateful to have a copy of it, and consult it often.” Randy Orris

Lie of the Ages is the greatest book ever written next to the Bible.” Mark Owen  

“So good to hear from you Brother! On the front lines like yourself, with a lot on my mind. Your book Lie of the Ages is a God-send! It took me almost a lifetime to find someone who really understands the “old paths”. Problem with that is, most no one in America wants to hear it anymore! God still has a Remnant, but in America, that is about as rare as a needle in ten haystacks. Would like to order more books from you in the near future, so expect a phone call from me soon:) Would just love to go Q & A with you over the phone, as typing is so slow. At any rate, I consider you to be a priceless friend, via God-send! Blessings!” Mark O.

“Keep preaching the truth. You’re a gift to the body of Christ. Studying your awesome book.” AL

“Your book LIE OF THE AGES arrived this week. I am immersing myself in it! What an incredible book, packed with scriptural truth that the whole Body of Christ desperately needs to hear. In the Lamb’s love,” Randy (retired pastor)

“WOW!!! You are so BLESSED WITH THE UNDERSTANDING OF GOD’S HOLY WORD that I cannot get enough of your Teaching. I’m Reading Lie of the Ages Right Now Today. Thank you for SPEAKING GOD’S HOLY TRUTH!” Kathy D.

“I started reading Lie Of The Ages yesterday. It is very enlightening & most importantly, true about pastors & the church today. Everything makes sense now…, why I’ve felt so uncomfortable with contemporary churches today, why I’ve left services feeling largely spiritually unfed. If you don’t read scripture yourself, it becomes easy to be deceived & misled. I know that I don’t study the Word like I should and this convicts me to spend more time studying scripture, meditating & reflecting on the message it conveys for my life and executing His commands as an obedient servant should. I also need to spend more personal time with the Master in prayer.  I am going to purchase a copy of the book for my mom. She knows scripture like the back of her hand. She studies daily & has done so since she was a little girl. I know she will appreciate this book and I’m excited to hear what she thinks after she reads it. Thank you Todd. I hope all is well with you! I will continue to keep you lifted up in prayer.” Renee

“I love your book ‘Lie of the Ages.’  It puts all these verses into context and helped me understand that what I was believing before by the teaching of pastors in MOST churches was wrong. Thanks for pointing me back to Scripture! You have no idea how ETERNALLY grateful I am!” Lorraine Reimann

“This book is excellent! I am reading it with great pleasure.” Cees, The Netherlands

“This is an excellent book and hard to put down. Very descriptive and revealing what has taken the church world by trickery. A MUST READ.”  Tim W.

“Lie of the Ages is an excellent book! I’ve read through it a couple of times and I use it as a reference source. I highly recommend it. You can download the Kindle version also on Amazon.” Reggie B. Amazon (print and kindle) and also on here on this site (print and pdf).

“I wholeheartedly recommend the book ‘Lie of the Ages.’ I use to believe in ‘Once saved always saved’ (OSAS). However, during a difficult period of my life, I willfully sinned for many years. Because of the OSAS doctrine, I use to think I can do (whatever sin) since I’m already saved, and just ask God for forgiveness and I will still go to heaven. How deceived I was. First, true repentance is acknowledging that sin is wrong, and turning from it. Secondly, we are not saved by works, but without holiness one will not see God. There are several places on the internet that teach OSAS. I even had a minister tell me that if anyone believes that he/she can lose their salvation, they aren’t saved because they are believing a works gospel. ‘Lie of the Ages’ refutes all the OSAS arguments. Read the Bible, and prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit for discernment concerning the truth.” Lemuel

“A few months back I sent you a letter by mail asking questions about various verses in Hebrews…What an eye-opening book!…I am finding my answers!” Donna M.

“Todd, thank you, Brother. About 5 years ago I began to understand the daily cross working in me thru the Spirit (not done by human ability or effort). I totally agree also with your book on “eternal security.” I would like about ten copies to read and give away. For 40 years I was drugged and stupified by the lie of the ages…” Travis Bryan III (Judge and Attorney)

“I got the Lie of the Ages book and I keep seeing things I honestly did not see before.  I asked the Holy Spirit to open my eyes and help me to learn the truth about everything really, because even though I can quote many of these scriptures, I have been in an OSAS church for a long time.  … I have been trying to go very slow and am looking up most of the scriptures you cite and really READ them.  I have done a lot of repenting and a lot of confessing  of sins I hadn’t thought about in years.  It is humbling, but I am profoundly grateful to be able to get my head on straight and my heart right.

God is holy and good and awesome and deserves everything.  I want to live my life for Him that way.

Thank you for writing the book. I think I’m in chapter 11.  I asked my pastor of the church I am attending now if he believes in OSAS, and he told me that was not biblical and gave some of the same scriptures and reasoning you did.  I was so relieved.  Last Sunday, he preached on holiness and the judgment of God.  I don’t think it was a coincidence, God was trying to help me understand.

I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing.  I will read every one of your books eventually and I am very motivated to love God and obey His Word, not placing a pastor or a ministry first, but putting God first, as He should be. Very Sincerely,”  Dawn W.

“I have finished reading Lie of the Ages – I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for writing it. I hope to purchase one for every believer I know.” L. S.

“I have been reading your book Lie of the Ages. What a wonderful and powerful book. I am only about 150 pages into it and my eyes have been
opened.” Darren S., Australia

“This author’s writings are centered on and driven by Scripture, with an end to save souls. In light of the author’s character and commitment to the truth wherever it leads him, I commend this book to you. I pray that God’s hand will guide the reader into all truth, and that the fruit of this work will find widespread circulation to the glory of the Lord.” Jeff P., ID

“I ordered the books, Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us and Lie of the Ages, by Todd Tomasella. I have read the first book but am just getting started on the second. I find them very compelling, truthful and filled with biblical truth. I think the reason I was so drawn to Todd’s writings was the fact that he supports everything with Scripture. He does not speak his own ideas or the traditions of man…I applaud Todd wholeheartedly for his truthful and biblically based writings. May the Lord’s blessings be rich in his life as he stands against deception. Keep on writing those wonderful books because deception is all around us and many are blinded by the god of this world.” Marlin Y.

“Millions HAVE been searching and yearning for the truth, and some don’t even realize it but WILL when God puts this book in their hands! Reading just the Scripture alone in this book will enrich your walk with Jesus. This book has CREATED a fear of God in me!”  TX

“I just finished another chapter of Lie of the Ages this morning. I am in awe over all of this. I was reading on the OSAS (once saved always saved) and Charles Stanley etc…this is out of this world. I can tell this is going to be a remarkable book and will touch lots of lives. I reflect back on past sermons I have heard from my previous church and how he (the pastor) would refer back to the guys you have talked about (leaders) in this book so far. I never knew the deception that was going on. Thank you so much…I know God is a big God and can do mighty things and will do mighty things in our lives. I was so Blessed by the chapter in this book titled ‘Lordship Salvation?’ I read that and had to get on my face at work and repent for lots of junk. Thank you so much for this awesome book, it is really life changing and directing my thinking into a better path.” B. I., AR

“Thank you exposing the truth about this subject.” WY

“Thank you so much, Todd. I’ve read your book, Deceivers & False Prophets Among Us which blessed me beyond words. I am now reading Lie of the Ages (I’m on chapter 12). I’m just so grateful to have found your website and books – and I thank you for teaching God’s pure truth. It’s so critical to be in God’s Word for ourselves and to test everything. What better way to truly know our God! OSAS is truly the lie of the ages. I pray the veil will be lifted for many as we speak the truth in love. God bless you immensely for your work!” Laurie

“I have been reading Lie of the Ages and it is an eye-opener. The truth in this book has helped change my perspective and opened the scriptures that were always glossed over.” Nancy

“In this 700-page book, Todd Tomasella carefully explains his position that “once saved, always saved” is false by using the authority of the Bible. He does so with a humble heart and comes across as someone that is doing so because he deeply cares for those that could be misled about the concept that the grace of God somehow gives us a license to sin and that there are no consequences.

Todd is careful to defend those that speak out against it and is NOT claiming that works, being perfect, or anything short of the sacrifice Christ made on the cross is the way to heaven. He points out that we must have that first and foremost, but then scripture explains we should not willfully and continually sin.

An increase in apostasy is foretold to happen in 2 Timothy 4:3-4: “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” I believe Todd does a great job of digging into what is likely one of the biggest, yet most subtle, apostate doctrines being taught and accepted today (and because it appeals to “itching ears”, it is very widespread and deeply rooted in Christian circles that otherwise have very sound doctrine).

I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to do more research on the topic, as it is a great resource for doing so.” JC


18.85 Print Version (730 pages)


7.50 E-BOOK Version (PDF)

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

Lie of the Ages

The Great Dragon

The Intruders – The Restoration

Peddlers of the Lie

Trojan Horse Heretics and Heresies

“The Evil Shall Not Overtake Nor Prevent Us” Amos 9:10

“The Goodness and Severity of God”

Quotes from OSAS Teachers

Proof Texts and Scripture Twisting

More Proof Texts and Scripture Twisting

“Peace, Peace; when there is no Peace” Jeremiah 6:14

Is Your Sin Really Worth Going to Hell For?

Soul-Damning Sins

Artificial Assurance

What About Judas?

Justified and Crucified

Calvinists are “Deceiving the Hearts of the Simple”

Did Jesus Die for All Men or Just Some Men?

“Don’t You Dare Disturb My Little Eternal Security Party!”

God Is Holy and to be Feared

“Doctrine of Balaam”

License for Sin

Ezekiel 33

The Book of Hebrews

Grace and Faith

God’s Grace “In This Present World” Titus 2:12

Doctrine of Grace

“The Manifold Grace of God” 1 Peter 4:10

Can a Believer Stop Believing?

“The Exceeding Riches of His Grace” Ephesians 2:7

“Holding Faith” 1 Timothy 1:19

Can a True Believer Depart from God?

Falling From Grace: Is It Possible?

Latter End Worse

Are the Believer’s Present and Future Sins Automatically Forgiven?

Is Repentance Necessary for Believers?

Lordship Salvation?

Rejoicing Firm Unto the End

“IF” and “AGAIN”

Penknife Sacrilege

Are Christians to Fear God?

“Escape for Thy Life” Genesis 19:17

The Message of Christ, His Apostles, and the Early Church

“Speak unto us Smooth Things”

Jesus is Knocking

“My Doctrine Shall Drop as the Rain” Deuteronomy 32:2

Doctrine: A Matter of the Heart

“Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth” 2 Timothy 2:15

Refuting the Lie of the Ages

Coming to the Light

What Early Disciples Said Concerning Eternal Security

The “Security” Idol

Church Discipline

Victorious Fruit Bearing

Apostasy in the Church World

“The Spirit of Holiness”

The Laid Down Life

OSAS eternal security exposed lie from hell