Let America Pray Again

The Privilege that Made and Makes America Great!


A landmark volume that is a balanced, thorough kingdom perspective of the role of government and our participation! 


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The Privilege that Made and Makes America Great!

Balanced in a Biblical Kingdom Perspective!

Full of Great Quotes and Inspiration!

This book will give the reader an exponentially multiplied sense of the providence of God along with the mandate He’s given His people to be His salt and light and correct the evil that has transpired!

The obedience and prayer of God’s people not only made America great, it’s exactly what God will use to make America to fulfill His will/destiny.

lapa5In response to the prayers of His people, the LORD, who is “strong and mighty” has given us leadership that is clearly an improvement from the previous as well as the recently defeated opponent (Psalms 24:8). We now have men and women who desire to do what is right and yet, much more important than political positions are the people of this great land. What will they do? What will we, the people of the Most High, do in this critical juncture of history?

The body of Christ in America now stands at the precipice of present and future history. Will His people pray and seek His face, turn from their wicked ways, and obey His Great Commission command? The stakes are high and this author is confident that the true remnant body of Jesus Christ will shine His light in this late hour leading up to the soon return of Heaven’s King!


Chapter One
Origins of America’s Greatness

Chapter Two
On this Precipice of History

Chapter Three
End Times Indicators

Chapter Four
Divinely Providential Leaders

Chapter Five
Where is America as a Nation?

Chapter Six
What to Pray for America

Chapter Seven
The Divine Purpose for Governmental Authorities

Chapter Eight
Does 2 Chronicles 7:14 Apply Today?

Chapter Nine
A Great Nation is One that Glorifies God by Raising Children in His Holy Fear

Chapter Ten
Praying that the Father Sends Forth Laborers

Chapter Eleven
Answered Prayer

Chapter Twelve
Let America Fast Again

Chapter Thirteen
History-Altering Prayers

Chapter Fourteen
Shutting Satan Out!

Making Peace with God


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“It is hard to read this book calmly. I just want to shout out a hallelujah!” BJ Sullivan

“Your logical style and substantive and encouraging content is excellent.” Debbie Lord

5 Stars! Awesome and timely! If there was ever a timely word for such a time as this you’ll find it in the pages of “Let America Pray Again:It’s What Made America.” The author does an excellent job at giving the reader sound biblical doctrine based on biblical truth through scripture about who America is and the practical application of how each American should be living to play our part in these stunning times. I feel as if the sun just broke though the clouds and this book gives an excellent reason why people are saying let’s make America great again. It’s all for the glory of God!” Frank Telford

Excellent, Important Book
This book is so timely and a stern warning to the church to wake up and pray before it is too late. It is well written and includes many quotes from Christians in government and other places of authority that are indicative of how greatly our country needs to turn back to God. The book also includes many Scriptures that show God’s view on this subject and how desperately He wants us to return to Him. It is time to stop talking about it, and do it.” BJ Sullivan

5 STARS: “Great read!!!! This book definitely has enhanced my prayer life and my outlook on it all. This author is anointed and speaks truth in all of his books backed by scriptures facts. True man of God he is!!!” Brian Ivey

“Wow!!! Excellent and well-written book. This is a much-needed book for our time. The author has produced a shining work that lights and bring hope to our deteriorating nation…. A handbook of prayer, wisdom, and truth. Thank you for this wonderful book. You are an amazing Author, gifted with great wisdom and talent. To my friends, please get a copy of this book. Pray for America and for the New President Donald Trump… God bless! ” Eliset Igat

5 Star: WOW, I love this book! This is a blockbuster book that really helped me learn SOOO many great Scriptures I didn’t previously know and with keen application and insight. This volume will richly bless your walk with Jesus! The Bible quotes and those of others is worth this whole book.” Sherry Manspeaker

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