“I’m Tired of Satan Laughing at Me!”

"I turned myself in to jail..."


Madison contacted me today! wow wow…. a young man named Madison (21 years old) who was led to Jesus 3 years ago with some discipleship added in there too…. he’s been struggling the whole time based on his previous life….Now he’s up and running the race as you will see below! Saints, please lift Madison in prayer please…. more coming on this.

Jesus speaks of Fruit that Remains John 15:16. God is good!

Here it is. This will give prayer insight. Please know the ministry can only reach out and support people like Madison with your help. Emptying the ministry account today on this. Opportunity is available.

MADISON:  Hey how are you doing?

TODD: real good and yourself?

MADISON:  Doing good. I turned myself in to jail to get off drugs and moved away from all my old friends. I live in Dallas now. You never stopped praying for me did you?

TODD: No I didn’t friend. God has a plan Madison…. for your life.

MADISON: well your perseverance is paying off. I’m still on milk but our relationship is growing stronger everyday.

TODD:  amen brother amen amen amen…. we met by no accident…. i knew it was God soon as we met

MADISON:   I’m looking for good church homes to fill my time while i can get out

TODD:  Yes hopefully you can find a small one that is Christ and Bible centered

MADISON:  You planted this seed in me 3 years ago when i met you. I want to thank you for that. Thank God as well.

TODD: You are most welcome brother. I love you brother.

MADISON: I love you too brother.

TODD: I am going to ask a saintly sister to pray for you and she sure will….. God is moving in your life beloved….. it’s a great thing to say to Jesus this morning “LORD Jesus, I love You. Thank You for finding and saving and forgiving my wretch soul.”

MADISON: I read this novel by frank e peretti called this present darkness and its based on Ephesians 6:12 that’s helped me see the differance in the works of satan and god. so i know what to stay back from cause its still hard for me to tell good from bad. Jeremiah 17:9-10 I keep a piece of paper I’ve written some verses on i carry with me everywhere!!

TODD:  yes nice…..amen Madison….. do you have a King James Bible brother?

MADISON: new King James study Bible from the living waters project

TODD:  yes nice…..amen Madison….. do you have a King James Bible brother?

MADISON: new King James study Bible from the living waters project. yeah if you want and any Bible study guides for the Old Testament as well as the new and some daily devotionals. its hard for me to pick a spot in the OT. And yeah that book sounds awesome. I’m still struggling with giving god complete control over the little things throughout the day.

TODD: What is your mailing address?

MADISON: … Dallas, TX 75241 … I live in a halfway house for parolees and idk how the mail works i should be able to get it cause i don’t think that they open our mail so pray for that as well cause I want to fulfill gods plans more than anything I’m tired of satan laughing at me. I know God’s good I’ve seen and heard his works to much to deny them

TODD:  amen: Jesus is in the business of changing lives

MADISON: i know and i love it i want to as much as i can to help

TODD:  yes…. what has helped me beyond words is using index cards and writing down Scripture and meditating on them and memorizing

“Let thine heart retain my words” Proverbs 4:4

MADISON:  yes i have a piece of paper I’ve folded into booklet size i keep in my pocket and i focus on the ones he speaks to me through the most for that day. whenever i get some free time. I’ve had it since i started my walk.that was the first thing he told me to do!! Amen. I still read a proverbs everyday like you taught me to.

TODD: going to send you supplies and praying daily for you Madison. You are greatly loved by Jesus and His people!

MADISON: thanks a lot brother

TODD: my pleasure…. many in Christ’s body are lifting you up brother. You are God’s child and He’s watching over you, continuing to do that good work He began in your life. Philippians 1:6

MADISON: thanks brother i needed this conversation. love you too

TODD: yes it was very very refreshing to my soul also brother.

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