HELL Awaits!

The Damning Myth of Un-Conditional Eternal Security!



hell-fear-of-god-choose-choice-prov-1-29IMAGINE THE TRUTH FOR JUST A MOMENT …..

The bowels of eternal damnation – hell – is chock full of eternally vanquished – irrevocably departed – consciously and forever suffering souls who once had the same opportunity you now temporarily have. There is no and will be never be a release date from the incarceration of this righteous justice of the Almighty. Yet, even though many of those who now occupy hell got initially saved, they chose to deny Christ instead of self in their daily lives. They therefore ran out of fuel and like the 5 foolish virgins, had the door into the bridal chamber with Christ (the Bridegroom) shut on them! Read Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:1-13.

LIE-medium14“Study to shew thyself (YOURSELF) approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

They chose to think about and coddle the false god of self …. Upon awaking in their mornings, they freely chose to read the paper, check Facebook, watched the news, etc.  …. They freely chose not to fill their vessels with God’s Word ….. and they will never cease to suffer consciously for it….. the lake of fire lies ahead and so it’s just going to get worst! Revelation 20:11-15 … When a billion years of earth’s time have passed, not even 1 second will have expired from eternity’s time clock!!

nightfall cover table lo resIs it really worth it?

YOU are going to choose!

No one else can choose for you!

May the LORD Almighty figuratively dip your soul in the bowels of hell. May He shake you to the core of your being … before it’s too late!

RUN for your life from every so-called preacher who refuses to preach on hell.

“I have not yet figured out how anyone can preach the true Gospel without including the fact of hell that we are saved to escape! In this positive think world, hell has become a `negative` and thus avoided. But it is still a fact that has to be preached, to warn others not to go there.” Shirley Moose Filer

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