“Hallowed Be Thy Name”


by Debbie Lord

“Hallowed Be Thy Name”

That which is sacrosanct is doubly sacred: the two Latin components underlying the word, “sacro” and “sanctus,” were combined long ago to form a phrase meaning “hallowed by a sacred rite.”


so important that there cannot be any change or question: 

sacrosanct Synonyms

hallowed, holy, inviolable, sacred, unassailable, untouchable

Definition of sacrosanct 

  1. 1 :  most sacred or holy :  inviolable

This research on “Hallowed” be Thy Name, has begun to open up the infinitely indescribable nature of God’s Name! And, what a humble, miraculous and over-the-top gracious act it was for Jesus to come to Earth to die for us so we could be with Him!!! This is a most holy, sacred privilege we have to say “YES!” to Him, and to do ONLY His bidding — His Holy Will — in our life, here on Earth. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.”  We are, and can be, a part of that taking place!

HE (this indescribably Hallowed One DESIRES US! — to be with Him, to respond to His PERFECT LOVE, to know Him, to be washed, taught, disciplined, nurtured — LOVED by HIM!!!

O Lord, help me to know You, Your love for me, so much that I will always desire to draw nigh to You and You to me. Help me to constantly, continually long to be with You to be loved by You. May Your love (and the knowledge of it) totally overtake me and fill me so much that You will continually abide in me, and I in You. May the crooked places in me be made straight because of Your love abiding in me. May the fruit of Your Spirit be borne in me. May I embrace Your Joy in the trials and tribulations, because Your love is making me fit for an eternity with You. May I have the privilege of being Your humble servant, delighting in every moment of service only and purely because Your Delight and Joy are FULL in me. I love You, Lord, and ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Note from Debbie Lord: this has mostly been in “my head” (intellectual knowledge) before. And I’m excited because I believe this prayer is finally beginning to come alive and real in my heart–really with-IN me. You know — experientially…”

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