1. 1-Time Gift – Here. Takes seconds.

2. Recurring (auto-debit) option:

PayPal Tech Support: 888-221-1161 In case needed.


3. MAILING ADDRESS: Todd Tomasella | 9201 Warren Pkwy Ste. 200 | Frisco, TX 75035

4. Revenues can be sent directly using PayPal. All that is needed is the ministry email address which is No paypal account needed.

**Keep in mind that all you need is the ministry’s email address to donate via paypal:

BY MAIL: MAIL Love Offerings Here: | 9201 Warren Pkwy Ste. 200 | Frisco, Texas 75035

Questions?  EMAIL Todd HERE.

What Does My Giving Fund/Support?

Current Giving Opportunity

For your prayerful consideration, here are the ministry’s current needs:

$2,400 in recurring monthly support. At about $1,200 now.

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collage homeless smallerBetween 2013 and now more than 150 precious lost souls have been gloriously saved into Christ’s kingdom by our LORD! … more here on the Because You Gave/Give ….. page.



MAILING ADDRESS: | 9201 Warren Pkwy Ste. 200 | Frisco, TX 75035


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