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“Hinn had a healing service, such as it was, but he also continued to harp on his excuses throughout the entire program to the very end.  But beyond this, Hinn has consistently lied in the past without repentance.  Let me remind you of just a few of his false prophecies.  He prophesied that Castro would be dead in the 1990’s, that all homosexuals would be wiped off the earth no later than 1995, and that Jesus Christ was going to show up bodily in his crusades in 2000.  He has taught many false doctrines such as Jesus Christ having to be born again in hell, that Christians are little gods, and that the Holy Spirit is a force transferable by the human will.”

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Benny Hinn, pastor of Orlando Christian Center in Orlando, Florida, is one of the most prolific voices in the Christian media today. His book, Good Morning, Holy Spirit, has remained on the bestseller list since its release in October, 1990, having sold approximately one-quarter million copies within the first few months. As of this writing (May 1992), it is still number one among paperback books according to Christian Reading, one of the major trade publications for Christian bookstores, distributors, and publishers. Due to some rather startling statements in the original edition of Good Morning, Holy Spirit, Hinn came under fire from a few organizations that perceived serious doctrinal discrepancies in Hinn’s theology.

Benny Hinn’s Biography

Benny Hinn was born Toufik Benedictus Hinn in the coastal city of Jaffa in Israel in 1952. He was one of eight children born to an Armenian mother and a Greek father. The family was Greek Orthodox. In 1968, they emigrated to Canada settling in Toronto and Benny, who by this time was a young teenager, began attending Georges Vanier High school, north of Toronto.

While at school, Benny befriended a group of religious students who introduced him to prayer meetings and teaching of the Gospel. Benny eventually became a Born Again Christian, despite concerns and initial opposition of his family. When he was 21, he attended a healing service in Pittsburgh headlined by evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman. She would become a major influence on his life, so much so, that he emulates her style to this day.

Benny Hinn began his healing ministry in Toronto by hosting his own evangelical program on local television. His success in Canada inspired him to travel with his healing missions. In Orlando, Florida he met and married Suzanne, the daughter of a local pastor and it was there that Benny Hinn began to build his evangelical empire.

Today he is known as Pastor Benny . Without doubt he is one of the best known and possibly richest televangelists in the world. Each year he travels the world conducting so-called miracle healing crusades that are very closely patterned to a rock concert tour.

deceiverssmallHe produces a daily television show called “This is Your Day” from his studios based in California and has written several books about his life and ministry, which he markets and sells, along with video tapes of his crusades, music CDs and bibles.

Benny Hinn is also a proponent of the Prosperity Gospel or the Word of Faith movement. As is implied by the name “Prosperity Gospel” the supporters believe that faith works as a mighty power or force. That it is through their faith that they can obtain anything they want – such as health, wealth, or any form of personal success. However, this force is only released through their faith. According to Pastor Benny if a person expresses their faith by sowing a sufficient monetary seed into his ministry – that person will be granted divine physical healing.

Some Christian groups have been critical of Benny Hinn for preaching the Prosperity Gospel and for misinterpreting scriptures on a number of occasions. Read more on the Apologetics Index , an online resource on religions

He has also been criticized by a number of Christian watchdog groups for not joining the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability . The Council is the leading accreditation agency that helps Christian ministries earn the public’s trust through adherence to seven standards of accountability. It has over 1,100 members, including Pat Robertson and Billy Graham. Benny Hinn refuses to join.

The most public criticism of Hinn’s teachings came from the Christian Research Institute which took Hinn and his publisher, Thomas Nelson Company, to task for what CRI perceived as heretical statements. This resulted in Nelson revising the questionable material in its later releases and Hinn apologizing and promising not to promote in the future the teachings under question. However, Thomas Nelson Company spokesman Bruce Barbour (publisher) and Bill Watkins (senior editor) as well as Hinn, say that the theology expressed in the original edition has not been changed but merely “clarified.”

Yet Hinn does claim to have changed his mind about other teachings not dealt with in Good Morning, Holy Spirit, most notably the “Jesus-died-spiritually” heresy that has characterized the theology of word-faith teachers from E. W. Kenyon through Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland,and others. In spite of these developments, many Christians are still questioning where Benny Hinn is coming from. And in view of his continued popularity within the Christian marketplace, we felt that an analysis of Hinn’s teachings is in order.

Excerpt From: “The West Australian, 4 February 1998.”
Evangelist Benny Hinn “‘Healer’ reaps benefits of faith, hope and charity.”

“The sick and dying hoped for a miracle. They also paid for it. They were among the more than 50,000 believers who flocked to see US evangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn at his Melbourne and Brisbane crusades. Organisers estimated donations during the crusades would pay the $750,000.00 tour costs, plus produce a $400,000.00 profit. Mr. Hinn, pastor and founder of the World Outreach Centre in Orlando, Florida, promised none of the money would leave Australia…. Mr. Hinn, now 45, established his church 15 years ago and it now has an annual turnover of about $60 million. He has also accumulated personal wealth, with a $1 million Florida mansion with its own golf course and an $80,000.00 BMW.

During his Australian crusades, the congregation was asked for cash, cheque or credit card donations as buckets and small white envelopes were handed around. And his ministry website includes a personal appeal for donations to enable completion of the $6.5 million Benny Hinn World Media Centre in Aliso Viejo, California. ‘You may feel led to give a gift of $1,500.00 or more: perhaps $5,000.00, $10,000.00 or even more. Simply respond as the Spirit leads you,’ he writes. The call for money is far more blatant than more traditional Christian churches which pass around the collection plate.

But the fundamental difference is that Mr. Hinn claims to have the power to heal the sick and dying. The ministry has been investigated for fraud – for making unsubstantiated claims – but so far no charges have been laid….

In a rare interview, Mr. Hinn told the Sun Herald newspaper he had never cured anyone, although thousands of people had been cured by God at his meetings. He denied money was the reason for his performance. ‘I don’t push for money,’ he said. ‘I tell people what the word of God has to say and then they give.’ ‘You are always going to have people thinking they are paying for a miracle, you can’t stop it, but we emphasise that Jesus is the healer – I have nothing to do with it.’ And his followers agree.

But one man, who flew with his family from New Zealand for the Melbourne show, was disappointed. Feta Tautasi reportedly hoped his father-in-law would recover from a stroke. ‘We watched Benny Hinn on the TV and we expected our dad to stand up out of his wheelchair and walk, but he didn’t,’ Mr.Tautasi said…. Mr. Hinn, a self-styled miracle worker, recently announced plans to bring his crusades to Australia via a pay-TV channel. But critics have branded the move as another way to take advantage of sick and dying people. Mr. Hinn will return to Australia in May for a crusade in Sydney…”

Praying at Kuhlman’s grave

The secret to Hinn’s power is his peculiar anointing, which he connects with Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee McPherson, founder of the Foursquare Gospel Church. He first felt the “full power of the Holy Spirit” on him at a Kuhlman healing service in 1973 — and her mantle has presumably fallen upon Hinn. He conducts his meetings almost exactly like hers — though it takes Hinn much longer to get his audience into the expectant mood that seems to generate psychosomatic “miracles. ” In an April 7, 1991 sermon, Hinn revealed that he periodically visits Kuhiman’s grave and that he is one of the few with a key to gain access to it. He also visits Aimee’s grave, where he says: “I felt a terrific anointing … I was shaking all over … trembling under the power of God … ‘Dear God,’ I said, ‘I feel the anointing.’ … I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee’s body.”

Blowing people down with the “spirit”

The anointing or power plays a major role at Benny Hinn’s “miracle services.” He uses it to “slay in the spirit” as Kuhlman did 30 years ago. She has been imitated by charismatic evangelist/healers ever since. But Hinn has a new flare. Yes, like Kuhlman, he touches people on the forehead or neck to make them fall over. But he also blows or throws the “anointing” and “slays” people from a distance. As Mike Thomas reported in Florida Magazine, Nov. 24, 1991)

Winded catchers try to keep up with the toppling bodies. He rears back and with a pitching motion slays the entire choir with one toss. “That’s power,” yells Benny.” “POWER!” … Hinn takes off his custom tailored jacket and rubs it briskly on his body. He is rubbing the Power into the jacket. Then he starts swinging it wildly, like the biblical David swinging his sling. He decks his followers left and right. Bam! Bam! Bam! The stage vibrates with their landings. Then he throws it [the “anointed” jacket]. Another bam. As a catcher moves to pick up a woman, Hinn slays him … then he slays the catcher who caught the catcher. When Benny Hinn is moved, nobody is safe from the Power … [H]e blows loudly into the microphone … Hundreds fall backward … a woman collapses in the aisle and begins to babble. And then, suddenly, Benny is gone. The power vanishes from the room, and the people stare in stunned silence.

This aspect alone of Hinn’s meetings is enough to condemn him. He capriciously throws the “Holy Spirit” around in most irreverent fashion, using the third Person of the Trinity as his servant to attract attention to himself Hinn acts as though the “anointing” is some metaphysical power at his disposal, to be rubbed off onto objects. It looks impressive, works largely by the power of suggestion, but has no purpose except to make people stand in awe of Hinn. “It’s scary,” says Bill James, a former church member. “The people are mesmerized. …When he comes out, he’s like God.”

Benny Hinn has publicly been quoted as stating that he has…. Got to have gold now! heaven could not wait.

Benny’s office at his church contains pictures of himself with George Bush and John Paul II. It was Hinn who arranged for Paul and Jan Crouch to meet with the Pope.

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